Green Lantern In Brightest day.. The Official Hal Jordan Thread


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Feb 20, 2012
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Welcome to the official Hal Jordan casting thread. Yeah I know I put Kyle Rayner too. I'm 90% Hal will be the first GL in this DCCU but if he isn't I think they can go with Kyle with the personality of Hal. We'll see. But IMO from one of those names is hidden the first GL. Johns presence in the DCCU is what highlight for me that Hal will be there.

And as for the casting... I'm shocked with this guy...
for either Hal or Kyle

Jake Gyllenhaal

What's your opinion and your casting?
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Gyllenhaal would be solid. Fantastic actor and one of my favorites.

My personal pick for Hal is Garrett Hedlund.
Gyllenhaal for Hal is perfect!

I'd introduce Hal first, then Guy, then John, then Kyle, just like the comics
Gyllenhaal would be a great Hal, imo. Dude's a heavily dedicated actor. Him or McConaughey would be great.
Based Hal is based

all hail the soon to be most popular character in the DCCU
I think...if a second string John Stewart can get his own thread, then the two guys who actually carried the franchise should get their own separate threads as well.
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Gyllenhaal for Hal is perfect!

I'd introduce Hal first, then Guy, then John, then Kyle, just like the comics

I'd say introduce Hal in Justice League, John in Green Lantern, then save Guy for later, possibly after killing Hal off in a Parallax adoptation.
What about Luke Evans for Hal? Presence, physique and he can act... also he has connection with Cavill..
i'd be all for it ^

evans was amazing in The Hobbit
So, Jake Gyllenhaal is suiting up for Suicide Squad.
Who is the second choice to Gyllenhaal's supporters?
Gyllenhaal passed on Suicide Squad, he still has a chance as Hal
Gyllenhaal passed on Suicide Squad, he still has a chance as Hal

At least, it will be a main leading role and putting someone in the role, who the general audience is comfortable with.

I hope it's true, since the guy has been looking for a comic book movie role for a long time.

The roles of Spider-Man, Batman and The Joker have failed for him. But, Green Lantern can be that golden oppotunity to get him back into the mainstream and to reinvent Hal Jordan.
If Gyllenhaal is interested in Hal Jordan, I'd say the role is his. If WB can attract an actor of that caliber to the role, then they would be fools not to cast him.
I don't think it will be a big name actor.
If Jake does end up playing Hal Jordan, what will his nickname be... Gyllen-Hal or Haal Jordan?
So it looks like Chris Pine is going to be portraying Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in JUSTICE LEAGUE.

I personally think it's the perfect choice, he's the best choice by a mile. I hope it happens. I couldn't be happier about this. What do you guys think?


What do you think of this mask for Hal? something similar would be good.
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It's not confirmed, it's a rumor. I personally don't believe it but we'll see what happens.
I doubt this happens....but I have heard Pine being thrown around WB's as Hal/GL for a little under a year now.

However, I would be all for Pine as the new GL and I wouldn't be surprised if we see John Stewart as well eventually. Pine is practically perfect for the role and he is already sci fi star with the ST films.

Just as long as WB's and Johns learn from their mistakes on the 1st GL than all should be good!

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