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Official Rock Band 2 thread

Rock Band: Beatles, Rock Band Unplugged, Lego Rock Band

They may not be as bad yet...but they seem to have decided to follow Activisions way of milking a franchise.

Rock Band: Beatles...well, how can you turn down a game with a Beatles? They are not only a legendary band, but extremely protective of their brand and rarely do a partnership like this. HMX would be stupid to pass them up.

RB Unplugged is a PSP game right? It'd be the first portable game so I don't think it's a big deal.

I do agree that Lego Rock Band is unnecessary, although Activision has their Band Hero game that tries to appeal to the kiddie crowd with their top-40 hits track list.
I think Activision is extremely ridiculous in their releases...but I tell you now that Harmonix is in no way shape or form innocent as they are realizing their is money in franchise ****ing, and they are proving that starting this year.

Also not counting the two track packs released. (AC/DC and Country)
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Yea, I know it's a different song, which is what I meant by "almost." Still, you almost called it right :up:
Maybe Harmonix will respond by picking up the opening theme.
Hey how do you unlock songs in Rock Band 2? Im not talking about DLC but songs that are on the disc but not playable from the start.
Quickest way is to do the challenges. Do the lowest level instrument challenge of your choosing, then start doing the "by decade" challenges. Like the "60's Challenge" and "90's Challenge." When you do those you unlock all the songs in the game from that decade.

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