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Sep 2, 2005
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X-Men: Legacy

Creative Team: Mike Carey(writer) & Daniel Acuna(artist)



Team Members: Rogue, Mystique, Sabretooth, Cannonball, Cable, Iceman, Karima Shapandar, Lady Mastermind

Storyline Info: As old threats begin to die down, new threats emerge as the effects are still being felt. Who are these "Children", what do they want, and what even has Sabretooth shaking in his boots? X-Men, new and old, come together to meet this threat head on in a brand new line up that has the fans talking.

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I'm liking everyones new looks but I staarting to see what everyone is talking about Bachalo is good but he sucks at the same time.
I don't read this, but I'm thinking I will jump on with Carey....
yeah iv'e heard of him his books are supposed to be kind of dark so I am happy he is coming to this book. MILLIGAN SUCKS!!!
Milligan doesn't suck, he just needs to tone down the petty drama.
I liked Miligans X-Force/X-Statix, but his run on X-Men was awwwwful.

After Austen, and Miligan, I hope Carey can move things in the right direction.
Before i saw that pic i was a bit upset that Rogue was going to be leader of this team, especially with Cable there, but if she continues to look as badass as she does in the pic ill be happy with the choice. This team struggles with having too many good leaders while uncanny struggles, imo to find one.
I'll give this book another try once Milligan's crap is over, I tried giving it a shot after H.O.M. but it just got work......Hooray for the creative team.....for now.
I don't read this title, but the new preview with Rogue looks really good. I think I might give it a try. Is it any good?
Hopefully this will be a good run, the dreadful Apoclypse arc was rough for me. Bachalo is a fine artist, he just puts too damn much so the art looks all over the place. I hope that he drops it down a notch.
I'm liking how Bachalo's drawing right now...more than I liked what he was drawing in the late 90's. Honestly, not knowing a thing about Milligan and hoping it would be better than Austen (who, by the way, I enjoyed 40% of the time, accepted 40%, and hated 20%), but every single issue he's written has been as bad as Austen's worst.

I will start picking up X-Men once 'new guy' jumps on board, but if I don't like it after the first arc (which HAS to be better than that Golgotha crap!), I'll drop it again.

And I'm gonna give Mystique and Sabes a shot. Loved loved loved them on X-Factor.
looking forward to giving it a try.... really not a fan of Bachelos work tho at the moment, I dont think that you should have to spend 10 minutes trying to work out whats going on in each panel. his art style really doesnt make things clear.
Who is Cannoball fighting in the pic above? and who are the two girls to the left of them?
These Official comic threads were a damned good idea. :up:
iv'e seen it where the hell did captain america and iron man come from.
ghost113 said:
iv'e seen it where the hell did captain america and iron man come from.

i'd say they're probably doing the whole 'avengers protecting the un' thing..
Well Apoc is a threat to humans so I see why the Avengers would get called in.
cardslinger said:
You guys don't seem to care, but this one is easier to read.

Just go ahead and link the pictures and they'll get more notice.







Anyone else think these new Sentinel designs are ripped off from Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Is that artist the same guy who did the Taskmaster mini? His IronMan looks really familiar. His Beast on the first page is AWESOME too!
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