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Possible Fantastic Four Villians in upcoming Sequals


Feb 21, 2003
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I think they might have something to do with Galactus or the krees or something with the inhumans:wolverine
I would LOVE to see a movie with the Inhumans against the Fantastic Four! How awesome would it be to see Black Bolt verses Thing?! And Medusa and Crystal would be so hot!
What about the Super Skrull?
The Frightful Four?
Puppet Master?
Mole Man?
Molecule Man?
Psycho Man?

no villains , my butt

:thing: :thing: :thing:
actually the frightful four would be cool they could make the plot like when the ff get's exposed to the radiation in outer space they were cloned some how and that's why there out to destroy the ff for some reason (I just made myself confused :confused: )
When they make the FF movie, the perfect final scene would be a silent scene where the Silver Surfer flies into Earth's orbit and sends a Cosmic Flair to Galactus, as the movie fades to black. It would set up the next movie, and introduce the next villain, without showing him, and it would leave all the people who don't have a clue about the FF in a state of excitement about the sequel.
In light of all the supposed spin offs that are coming in the future..(Elektra, Wolverine, maybe Storm)...I don't see why the Silver Surfer can't be introduced in FF3...we get the whole Galactus story in the pages of FF and the makers of the Silver Surfer flick don't have to do alot of exposition in their movie. They can jump right in with Norrin Radd being trapped on Earth..or they can go right to the cosmos. Either way..they make money...we get original story line....and FF3 is ONE ROCKIN' MOVE. Please...please...please...let the big wigs read this...:)

:thing: :thing: :thing:
Personally, I'd like to see the story where Psycho-Man turns Sue into Malice. That arc showed how bad-ass Sue really can be. That's one of my favorite comic stories ever.
The Negative Zone would be fun, too. Blastaar & Annihilus' excellent adventure!
i wouldn't want to see anything to sci fi...ex/gallactus, frightful four etc.

what works well in comics has been proven to look sheesey on screen and i think that alot of fantastic fours villains are brutal
I'd love to see Doom play a role in all the movies, like Magneto in the X-Men movies. Maybe if/when Galactus comes to Earth, Doom must help them defeat Galactus, and while doing so tries to harness some cosmic energy for himself, but messing something up, of course. After his allegiance with the FF, he of course vows to kill that blasted Richards.
my vote goes for skrulls in the sequel... i just HOPE TO GOD that they don't try to "invent" some BS new villain just for the sake that he's human.. bear in mind, many FF foes are aliens/freaks and such...
I would like to see Franklin born, definetly Galactus, and maybe even some Black Panther.
id like to see dr. doom again.

and if not him, the skrulls and super skrull
super skrulls because you must think about that if they do like the frightful four they would use alot of cgi which would cost alot of money

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