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Superman Returns Predict the tomatometer for Returns


Feb 12, 2005
Reaction score
predict what superman returns wll get on rotten tomoatoes tomato meter.

I say about 70 percent will be positive.
predict Excel gets a warning from Morg ;)
Don't we have a thread like this already? No offense. But it's just asking for the haters to say "OMg liek negitiv eleventy hundred PERCENTS!!1"
I'd say somewhere between 70-90% at this point in time.
Why did they close my ORIGINAL thread on this, then keep this crappy knockoff pos?
I'd say around 84%.

Has anyone ever seen a film w/ 100 percent on the meter?
Well DVC was what 21%, and it just had the 2nd biggest opening weekend in history, behind RoTS, right?

I think the ol' tomatometer is broken.
Does the tomatometer whether or not people will go see a movie or not?
As Newb pointed out it didn't affect DVC

I expect high numbers. I am hoping for a thumbs up from Roger Ebert. He likes these kind of movies
Alpha and Omega said:
I'd say around 84%.

Has anyone ever seen a film w/ 100 percent on the meter?

classics usually have 100%. Off the top of my mind, the ones I know have 100% are The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, Alien, Aliens, Jaws, Rocky, etc. The original Superman has 94%. I think that if this movie is great, it has potential to be at least in the 80's or 90's.

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