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Question about the differences between....


Sep 24, 2005
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...the Core System and the rest of them...Can I buy the X-Box 360 Core system and expect essentially the same experience as the Premium/Elite? I really haven't been as much into games as before, and I wanted to know. There is a possibility that I will be buying one soon!

They recently dropped the "Core" in favor of the relatively more robust and less expensive Xbox360 Arcade. That will let you play all Xbox360 games, comes with some XBLA titles and a 256mb Memory card. Since it doesn't have a Harddrive you can't play Xbox 1 games and I believe you can't even connect to Live, though I may be wrong on that one. The "Arcade" after all is stored on Xbox Live.

I think if you want to connect to Xbox Live, you will want the Xbox360. That comes with a 20Gb Hard-Drive, plays all Xbox360 games, plays over 300 Xbox 1 games, connects to Xbox Live and even comes with a headset.

The more expensive Xbox360 Elite has everything the Xbox360 has, but a 5x bigger harddrive and an HDMI connection.

Hope that helps.
awesome. thank you very much. I'll buy the regular X-Box then :D I do wanna play regular x-box games.
But you won't be able to buy new games.
350 isn't that much, plus they don't sell original Xboxs anymore.
But you won't be able to buy new games.
350 isn't that much, plus they don't sell original Xboxs anymore.

I think he means the regular Xbox360. Not the Arcade, Elite, or certainly not the Xbox 1.

Although if he is, I hope there is mercy on his life. :csad:
And if you buy a 360 before Dec 21st, Microsoft will send you a free copy of Halo 3, you know, that one game that no one has really heard about.
I wonder if they feel that's really necessary. Is that deal being advertised?

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