Raimi's Spider-Man Duology: Kind of a strange request. Help and opinions wanted.


Feb 9, 2012
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Hey dudes and dudettes. I just re-watched the original Raimi trilogy and I remember why I love it so much. It's fun, super faithful to the comics and the imagery and characters, and some of the complaints I had about the movie, upon watching it again kind of disappeared (when remembering the trilogy, I thought that Raimi sort of missed Spidey's humor, but Spidey's actually pretty funny. I forgot about some of his quips like "Cute outfit. Did your husband buy it for you?" with Bonesaw) It had its flaws but all in all I loved the movies. (Let's not turn this into a Raimi vs. Webb thing cuz I liked Webb's take as well)

Okay so I sorta lied about loving the trilogy.

I loved the first two movies. The third movie I hated, and still do. The reasons are obvious to many, but I can list them if you want. I think it's objectively a mess. From the infamous dance scene, to Peter inexplicably changing his haircut, to Gwen portrayed totally out of character, to honest-to-god Surfer Goblin, to Venom ****ing using his webbing as calligraphy (with the '90s Spider-man font no less! wtf) as a message to Spidey, it was just... I... I can't even continue.

I'll go as far as to say that Spider-Man 3 tarnished the quality of the first two movies. For years I sort of burned the third movie out as not ever happening. When I was re-watching the movies though, I realized that can't work because the story in the first two movies was unfinished with Harry discovering the Goblin's lair. So even if you just watch those two as a pair it's obvious that a third movie exists and is needed to finish the story.

Well here's my request. In the scene at the end of Spidey 2 where Harry is confronted by the hallucination of Norman, Norman asks Harry to avenge him. He refuses, but throws the knife (I think it was) at the mirror and discovers the Goblin lair behind it. It occurred to me that if somebody with some video editing skills could edit that scene so that Harry cracked the mirror and nothing was behind it, the scene could work fine as it was, with Harry overcoming his father's influence and refusing to get revenge on Peter. It's not perfect, the scene would sort of end in a very rushed way where the camera just cuts out, and there's still the scene of Harry knowingly smiling at M.J.'s wedding, but I mean that could be taken as just happiness at having overcome his hatred.

If that one scene could be edited, all the story points are resolved in just the first two movies. Peter faces his guilt by telling Aunt May that he was responsible for Ben's death, Peter and M.J. finally get together, Doc Ock is stopped and Harry overcomes his father's influence. It might sound kind of stupid and needless to some people, but hear me out... I think if someone is able to make this small change and we package a torrent with just the first two movies as a sort of 'recut' 'fan-edit' 'or 'The Spider-Man Duology' version, that would make a lot of fans happy, a complete story would be told without needing that horrible third film, and we can all just watch the first two films and ignore that a third one ever existed.

Everyone else that liked the third movie, okay you're still free to watch that! And I admit there were some endearing parts to the film (I'm sure that a good movie is in there somewhere, it just got lost in the final product). Anyway, that is my odd little request. Anyone willing to humor me? lol

Feel free to discuss, chime in, insult or offer to help! Thanks guys.
Uhh I wouldn't say the Rami trilogy was super faithful to the comics. But I did enjoy the first two as a film but adaptations they fall short.
I like that idea. I prefer to think of Raimi's films as a Duology rather than a trilogy, pretending that the third never happened.
yes the third was almost batman and robin bad
Its a very flawed film with a great movie hidden under all that mess.
I do understand the message it was trying to send . but like you said under all that there may be a good film . but at the end of the day it is a matter of opinion.
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Thats a bad idea. If you have a request maybe get someone to edit the third one into something that works. It'd be do able. A lot easier than the Phantom Edit.
Rogue Kira you really don't seem to know what you're talking about...
Thats a bad idea. If you have a request maybe get someone to edit the third one into something that works. It'd be do able. A lot easier than the Phantom Edit.
Editing an entire film vs. the ending of one movie is easier?

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