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Ray Stevenenson in wizard interiview.


Nov 15, 2007
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when wizard asked Ray Stevenson for a Qoute that frank castle would say.

wizard:give us a this one on credit,and I'll hit you back after the flick opens.

Ray:[laughs] Okay, let me see [in deep, middle american growl]:
" I see you anywhere near hell and I'll kick your a$$ out."
that was taken from Garth Ennis. we're going to get a lot of that in there.
There's a lot of growl.
We are doing a generic american accent. He's not from Brooklyn. He's an Iconic american. who's traveled to veitnam. He's military-he hopefully been breathing and breeding. in people's minds.
I don't know about you guys, but with the good Response on "Garth" and "Vietnam" it sounds like this movie is getting better and better.
Yea it sounds on point but i'm still wondering how Ray will tlak in the movie
yeah Obake I Typed that part of the interview word for word.

the question is he say "whose traveled to vietnam" so I don't know if there talking about that he did a tour in vietnam.
or some special ops or navy seal stuff that is more recent.

you here anything about the vietnam Ray is talking about?
Maybe he was just referencing the comic character, and not the character he plays in the film.
You can't go wrong using Ennis' stuff.. can you?
(first post)

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