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Recast the Star Trek characters

Dark Raven

It's not about what you deserve...
Apr 2, 2010
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This is the thread to recast the various Star Trek characters from the different TV series. You can either go for someone who is similar or someone completely different (eg like some people in Star Trek 2009), as long as it doesn't deviate from the original concept of the character. And you can do big screen or small screen versions.

For B'Lanna Torres I'd go for Michelle Borth from Hawaii Five-0:




She has a similar enough look to B'Lanna (but not so much to Roxanne Dawson), but looks like a hotter version of her. Incidentally, Roxanne looked better as B'Lanna than as her normal self, and Michelle looks more like the character than the actress.

For Kathryn Janeway, I'd go for Lynda Carter:



Again, there's something reminiscent of Kate Mulgrew, but more attractive than the original.

For Chakotay, maybe someone like Carlos Bernard:

Idris Elba as Tuvok

Justin Chon as Harry Kim

Sharlito Copley as Lt. Comdr Reginald Barclay
^ Ok, for a minute I thought that pic referred to Tuvok lol. I suppose Idris Elba could work.
Charlize Theron is decidedly in the box casting for Seven of Nine but she would rock at it.

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