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The Dark Knight Rises Scenes you would have liked to have seen

Bane Cook

Oct 15, 2012
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You can name anything from all 3 movies so we more things to talk about.

I wish they would have shown where Bruce reveals himself to be alive to Selena after the bomb detonation. I think it would have been so powerful/happy. I picture Selena being completely in awe of Bruce/Batman as opposed to her usual sarcastic, unimpressed self.
An extended scene with Blake and Bruce before Blake drops Bruce off in Old Town.
Bruce visiting his parents' grave.

'Nuff said.
Bruce visiting his parents' grave.

That's pretty much the only thing Nolan didn't deliver for me.

I remember being so numb in disbelief at the end of TDKR, because I totally thought there was going to be a scene with Bruce visiting his parents' grave from the spy pics.
BB - The supposed "stage 2" scarecrow everyone was talking about. Nolan denies there was a mask that was going to be used as another hallucination. I thought the hallucinations in BB were really weak.

TDK - the Joker in Arkham, perhaps meeting Harley Quinn. Or him getting locked up near Jonathan Crane.

TDKR - 1. Bane fighting Bruce in the Bat Cave.
2. Batman fighting Bane in the streets and the final fight in the sewer where the bomb should've been hiding.
3. The Lazarus Pit. What happened to that?
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Wouldn't this thread be sufficient to bring up this topic rather than creating a new one?

Bruce visiting his parents' grave part, I was actually fine it didn't happen after seeing Alfred being at the grave site after Bruce's tombstone was added there. That felt perfect to me and far more than Bruce going there. Another reboot, another story, I wouldn't mind Bruce going up to his parents' grave, though.
^ Referring to Bane eating a steak in Wayne Manor? Lol.
I remember that. :lmao:

Wasn't Gordon also supposed to be there? :hehe:

Yep. Bane would invite Gordon there as a representative of the people, if I remember correctly.

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