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Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Lounge

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if only there were some other way to acquire said music...
if only there were some other way to acquire said music...
They said the CD would be released to iTunes US on the 30th but that's not the point. I want it NOW!!!! :cmad: :p
Music is the Lounge?

Trying ideas for a new lounge name, and I take some of the chat here for inspiration
There were once some Hypsters who lived in a Lounge...
I think it should be named something to reflect the world we live in today...

Korean Party Lounge
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"We're up all night to get Loungy"

Get to it, mods. :up:
If you don't make it "Goro's Lounge" there will be babies crying.:o
Squeekness supports any of the above suggestions. :D
My Wii U Mii on my T.V. screen as I type this post is being rather amusing right now.
Hey guys, I wanna get your opinions. Which is better or which do you prefer, Iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy 3.
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