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I mean, if the story they had written/started production on was meant to take place after the events of other projects (Avengers or Kang Dynasty) where ever we see Shang Chi show up next, I makes since with delays on those projects...

they can't just go back and rewrite a solo sequel and redo any work they already put into the project, to make it set before these events

and this is for the most part how all the solo movies have been handled (with maybe a few exceptions like Ironman 2) where you only get 1 solo movie between the main crossover events (unfortunately Shang Chi show up in anything in between) where we normally would have some cameo or crossover with other characters to not make it seem like it's been as long as it was before seeing these characters again (in there own solo sequels) and back then the big crossover even came more frequently

I hope Shang Chi shows up some where else before their next solo movie (and maybe has a sizeble role to play the next crossover movie) but, I'd rather wait a proper movie that they planned, then a rushed movie just to get another movie out sooner
It should be coming out neXt year if not 2025.

Waiting more than 4 years for a sequel, especially the first one is crazy long.
Is that the longest in between solo sequels for the MCU?
Is that the longest in between solo sequels for the MCU?

MOM came out almost six years after the first Dr. Strange. Albeit he made other appearances of course.

As far as Shang-Chi 2 is concerned though, I'm thinking it'll be a 2026 release barring another reshuffling.

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