Should prostitution be legal in the U.S?


Dec 5, 2004
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Well? What do you think are the pros and cons of legalizing prostitution in this country? Why do you think it should be legal or why do you think it should not?
I liked this thread better the first 18 times. :)

Is Abortion Wrong?
It's been made 18 times before? I keep missing the boat! :cmad:

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Legalize it, get them a health plan, have them tested for STD's and AIDS on a regular basis. I'm not kidding.
Please! As soon as it's legal and the government gets involved, the paycuts and taxes will be a killer!
Nevada manages it fine.....I think each state should decide for itself....
Please! As soon as it's legal and the government gets involved, the paycuts and taxes will be a killer!

And then it will eventually get off-shored to India and we'll have a bunch of out of work hookers running around going "'Dey tuk r jobz!!!! :cmad: "

like gay marriage; why does this bother you if your not using them? let em do their **** :up:
Let the individual states vote on it.

There, problem solved. Next pointless debate, please.
Only reason why it's illegal is because the goverment can't tax it. Prositution should be legal since they are providing men and women a service. Just like if your car needs to be fixed or if your hair needs to be cut,same thing.
[Chris Rock]About crime, I'm conservative. About prostitution, I'm liberal.[/Chris Rock]
Legalized, regulated, and done professionally. It's not helping anybody pushing them down to the scummiest of streets and giving human trafficking a market.
Before, I would say legalize it, but I remember a while back an article on Suicide Girls (yeah, I know, but there are some good articles in it too) about a recent study on Nevada brothels. If I remember correctly, it says that it actually restricts the women more, since it's legal, they can't quit the job or even leave the premises. Basically, legalizing it has turned the prostitutes in the state from people that, while criminalized, had the opportunity to make something better of themselves, to essentially legal slaves to those who run the brothel.

Before I thought legalizing it would help the women who do it, now I'm not so sure anymore.
Coming from SG, a company that buys girls identities while paying them as if they were freelancers, I find that kind of laughable. I'd like to see those studies, and contrast them with what goes down in Amsterdam.
why LR....would that make you a master debator on the subject???

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