Superman Returns Singer mentioned that this would vaguely tie in with Smallville, how so???

The Sage said:
Yeah "***** Please" because you know I'm right, lol. You know I'm right negro. It's like buying a CD with a bunch of terrible songs because you like only one of them...

I was talking about the whole Rocky remembering Mickey line lol. ***** please that metaphor was corny. With those kinda lines I thought you would love some Smallville writing lol

The Sage said:
***** please. :rolleyes:

Oh snap you even sound like a girl when you say it! lol Just playin my nig
Super_Ludacris said:
That was really like the basis of the show. I always looked at like Buffy or Angel where early they would deal with a vampire or a demon early in the show but then progress to other things but they would always go back to ti cause that's the bread and butter.

Thats why I was never a buffy fan....besides it's fanbase is...weird
Joss Whedon's writing and creativity skills are great but yeah the fanbase is a little scary but so are all TV show fanbase for Sci-Fi/Fantasy shows (always laughing hard at **** that aint that funny etc.). But Whedon has a style that was appealable to many.
Nah I think he'll be faithful, but I mean techically wasnt Wonder Woman's origin in the 40's meant to subtley imply male fantasies (skimpy, always tied up and running around with a lasso) anyways?
Wouldnt be much of a stretch. Get Michael Turner as costume designer/

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