State Your Opinion on a Character - Part 2

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Besides the sex appeal, she looks like an interesting character.
Okay, Part 3 time. :)

Let's kick this'n off wiiiiiiiiiiith...


Damn! i have no idea who that is but THAT'S HOT!! Man how are you going to fight crime in an outfit like that! Bad pantha go to my room!:cwink:

"Hi and Lois" i never found funny and who names their " HI" maybe some drug fiend maybe! That whole modern family never did it for me, but i did like the slacker son chip! you just know that kid was up to no good! hehe
I don't know why, but Pantha reminds me of deceased porn star Anna Malle.
Yeah, I just googled her and I can see the resemblance.

Anyway, I havent read this. Doesn't look like my cup of tea.
As Wesley stated, Malle does have a very good resemblance to the character Pantha.
I don't know why, but Pantha reminds me of deceased porn star Anna Malle.
Anna Malle? Is that intentional? Sounds like Animal
Maybe that's why Pantha looks like her?

Anyway, not a fan of strippers (look at her cage), strippers turning superheroes don't appeal to me, it's worse when she's a humanoid (is she?)
I'd be really interested in reading these. I read Kavalier and Clay years ago in college and loved it.
Looks like a character Harry Houdini would be proud of.
This guy is homage to the classic 50s & before comics :wow:
Yeah, pretty cool character. As is the whole Kavalier and Clay thing.
Today's special (assuming Wes didn't post him before)


Eric Draven
Other than the Crow movies, he's an "OK" character, never bothered with his appearances in comics.
Yeah, did The Crow a while back. Love the first movie...

Anyway, sorry for the delay. Been crazy busy! Here's todays:


Bluntman and Chronic
YES !!! Love Bluntman and Chronic,as well as Jay and Silent Bob !!!
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