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Thank You Superherohype!

Lightning Strykez!

Former Mod On Pension Pay
Jul 7, 2004
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As some of you may know by now, tonight I officially resigned as a staff member at Superherohype.com. While I'm sure some might try to spin this into some sort of negative controversy, I think it's best to nip in the bud by announcing it myself. It was my decision to step down. Due to several changes in my off-line life, my accessibility to the Hype has been limited the last couple of months, which has essentially rendered me ineffective as a moderator. Staying on would not have been fair as it would not benefit the Hype populace. And considering we've gained two new Admins and 2 new Globals I felt that now was as good a time as any to resign.

I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed serving alongside the Hype team. It's also been an awesome privelege serving the needs of you beloved knuckleheads for the last 2 years. ;) I just wanted to tell you all "THANKS" for the privelege and for being such decent posters to work for and with. *wipes tears of Soul-Glo juice* :(

Please be assured that I'm not leaving the Hype; let's just say I'm returning to the general population. And ya know...it's actually not a bad thing. ;):up:

See you on the boards ya big bay-bays! :hyper:
AKA: "I was fired, son!"


It should be illegal to be so cute.
I just want to say that before anyone gets all smart ass up in here, that every Mod gets a gift when they leave. The gift of 3 banned posters. ANY posters they like.
How many ex-mods do we still see around the boards after a while?
LS, you better stay as a regular. I'm going to miss the uber-cool moderator, creator of the Soul-GLO thread.

:csad: :down
Does that include you and your smart (but cute) ass? ^
I just want to say that before anyone gets all smart ass up in here, that every Mod gets a gift when they leave. The gift of 3 banned posters. ANY posters they like.

I do? I don't remember that clause in Mirko's contractual agreement. But I like it.

ANY poster eh? Hmmm...

*scratches goatee*
And thank you, LS... for your decision to stay and for all the contributions you've made here as a Mod and as one of us... non-mods. :heart:

I don't understand why the Soul-GLO thread had to be closed. Is it because of the b****ing? :down:
:wow: :wow: :wow:

I just noticed that the Soul-GLO thread was closed. :csad: :down

Oh well, LS is still the man.
Thanks to you LS. I know we didn't interact much as I don't typically frequent the FF forum, but from what I could tell you were always a fair, level headed guy. Glad to know you'll be sticking around as a member of the general population. :up:
I'm not happy about this as you know Cal but i respect your choice. We go back way further than modding so you better stick around. :cwink:
I better see you around the X/FF boards. :(

LS I respect your decision and I admire you for fighting the good fight.

So how many African-American mods are left?
Drakon's heart turned black the moment he tore mine out! :csad: :cwink:
Wow :wow:

I am shocked by this news. Won't be the same seeing your name not in red.
I am just glad to know that you aren't quitting the Hype for good. I hope to keep seeing you around. :)

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