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The 24 Days of 'X'-Mas

worthy... you are the man. :)
damn it.. just realized today is the 23rd day! ****. was hoping for more from the winged god WORTHY!
Worthy you better have have a day dedicated to Colossus or God help you....

:p....no really
The excitement! Every one should add a count down to their sig and spread the word! :D
Worthy you better have have a day dedicated to Colossus or God help you....

:p....no really

Maybe... maybe not. :D
DUde, this thread is FUN!!! GOOD IDEA...Don't forget badass Cyclops in your countdown!
taintedFB said:
DUde, this thread is FUN!!! GOOD IDEA...Don't forget badass Cyclops in your countdown!

That like saying "dont forget Angel" He wont... :)
uh oh its 11:56 i better get a famke post in before day 22.....

mmmmm Donna from That 70's Show reminds me of Famke alot for some odd reason.(well when she was a redhead ;))

hmmm what else.....Pheonix, theres no way im spoiling myself on any footage of a pheonix effect that may be released early, even if its in a supposed new trailer, I will restrain. Ive seen iced up ice man, no way im spioling this....now ay....

no way.... *cries* gimmie a names traielr so its easy to skip over jean :up:
Worthy has got to be saving Angel for the last day:)
WorthyStevens4 said:
Nah. I already know what I'm doing for the last day. :up:
Better be skimpy whatever it is.
22 days until we'll see...



If there's one thing you can say about the casting for these X-movies, it's nothing short of inspired. We've got Kelsey Grammar as our brilliant Beast, Ben Foster as the soaring Angel, and Ellen Page as our feisty Kitty. We also have Dania Ramirez playing the deadly Callisto, Eric Dane playing the badass Multiple Man, Omahyra Mota as the shock wave-creating Arclight, Ken Leung as the spiky Quills, and Cameron Bright as the center of it all, Leech. Not to mention, Vinnie Jones will be the unstoppable force known as Juggernaut!

Rounding out the non-mutant portion of the newbies, we have Bill Duke (the Duke!) as the mysterious and secretive Bolivar Trask, Shohreh Aghdashloo as the cold Kavita Rao, and Michael Murphy as the rich father of Angel.
Ya for some its the 21st. Lucky bast*rds:mad: also this thread reminds me of the 31 days of Lord of The Rings calender given from walmart before return of the king came out
the juggernaut, i think, will be the breakout star, i have the feeling ALOT of people are going to love him, including me of course, i already do! making him a smartass can onyl help!

Angel...... im really looking forward as to what he DOES, lol we havtn seen ALOT of him AT ALL! so theres gotta be more in store!

Beast i bet will satisfy people who thought grammar couldnt pull it off, because we got a tease of the acrobatics....um....awesome yes.

Ellen page, ha havnt even heard her talk yet. but i just may fall in love!
Fifty Euros said:
For other some, there are only 20 days left.

and really ill round it out, theres only about 20 days left becasue when may 20th or so hits, time wont matter, that whole week will be X-week.
21 days until we'll see...



Ever since X1, Storm fans have been clamoring for a more meatier, and a more true to the comics role for the African Goddess. In X2, her role had been a little more meatier, but not as much as some would hope. Finally, in X3, we may have the Weather Witch in full blast. From the looks of it, she will have plenty of major action. From the Danger Room to Jean's neighborhood sequence to the final battle, Storm looks to finally kick some Brotherhood ass. And just to think, we haven't seen it all. We'll also get to see the motherly side of Storm, as we've seen her hug Leech in front of the mansion, and hug Kitty in another picture.
I'm most excited to see Storm in X3. Halle is amazing :up:
^ I can't wait to see storm ethier she looks like she is gonna kick some A**!! I'm also really excited to see Angel!! :up:
20 days until we'll see...



If there's one thing that this movie will have alot of, other than action, it will be emotion. There are so many scenes that we already know about that have the possibility of evoking tears from the audience. For one, we have Mystique's heartbreaking scene, which is rumored to be Magneto rejecting Mystique after she's forcefully injected with the cure. There's also the scene with the much speculated-on memorial. We also know about Jean battling against her former mentor, which may end up causing Xavier's swan song. Not to mention Magneto having to watch Jean tear apart his friend, and not being able to do a whole lot to help Charles. And what of Rogue's situation? With the discovery of the cure, she'll have to make the choice to be who she wants to be, or to be who she really is.
Cyclops will also have his moments, when he is sitting around the mansion. He's a changed person for obvious reasons. And possibly the most emotional powerful moment of the movie, we will see Scott reunite with his believed-to-have-perished love and fiancee. What happens after that reunion is unknown.

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