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Jun 30, 2005
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Carrie Diaries is an American teen drama television series on The CW. It is a unoffcial prequel to the HBO television series Sex and the City and based on the book of the same name by Candace Bushnell. The first season of the show focuses on Carrie Bradshaw during her junior year of high school in 1984, and she explores life in New York while interning at a law office

Anyone else watching this show? I totally enjoy it and it is one of the CWs best shows. Really hope it gets a 2nd season.
Surprisingly...I like it. Well I never watched but decided to give this a shot

Lil' Samantha.
I haven't watched any of this, but is the network/studio purposefully trying to make it fail? I saw on wikipedia that it premieres on Friday, and I've seen virtually no advertisement for it. Not only that, they haven't even put out a DVD for the first season.
The first season didn't do as well as they thought it would so they decided to put it on Fridays to give it a slow death.
You'd think they would've just not picked it up for a second season if they were so disappointed.
Im thinking they only picked it up because the show got great reviews. But that's what they got for promoting it so much and then holding it off till mid season to air it instead of premiering it in Sept/Oct like they did with Arrow.
That's funny. It's not like the CW could try to keep the critically acclaimed shows around. Keep those.
I just watched the premiere and it was good.

Though, due to the fact I didn't follow the production of the show AT ALL after last season's finale, and the fact that I started watching this episode late, I failed to realize that the Samantha in this episode was THAT Samantha until the very end.

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