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The EPIC 2015 Bought/Thought (wait what? Marvel overdid/killed the "Epic"fad? Sonofa)

Hellion had the makings to be an awesome future leader, but the writers snuffed him out. :(

I've always found Armor a bit boring.
Hellion's progress got derailed when they had him lose his hands in Age of X.
It was derailed before that. I think he took a back seat once Kyle and Yost left New X-Men and Guggenheim or whatever his name was launched Young X-Men. From that point he just became a two-bit angry teen.
Guggenheim's Young X-Men should warrant the same eyeroll people give Chuck Austen's work. Ink, Cipher, and Graymalkin were pretty boring.
I actually didn't mind the second half of the series, but it was BAD when it started. I just think the cast was so much worse than the previous New X-Men series. And while I kinda liked Ink... I agree about Cipher and Graymalkin. They can get bussed too.
Secret Wars 2099 #2 - Good issue. Hercules is getting the Thor treatment so far though. He's on the team just to get punched a great distance and solidify the bad guy as a legit threat.
Marvel loves doing that with the big powerhouses
Does Superman get his ass kicked as often as Thor in JLA??
Airboy #1: Maybe the biggest surprise of the year so far. Robinson has been wowing me for a while now; but, nothing I've read by him compares to this first issue. I didn't even sign up for this title; but, I'm always willing to give a first issue a try. Don't think you're reading an Airboy comic. He only shows up on the last page. The star of this comic is Robinson and Hinkle. Oh, and it's not for the faint of heart. Not only do you get language and drugs, but some large, swinging man bits. If your lucky, you're shop still has a copy. Find it now, cause this issue screams Must Have. 5/5
Secret Wars 2099 #2 - Good issue. Hercules is getting the Thor treatment so far though. He's on the team just to get punched a great distance and solidify the bad guy as a legit threat.

I read the first two issues of this but think I'm done. I've gotten a little bored of Spider-Man 2099 and the only other 2099 characters that I want to see are the X-Men. Unfortunately, with the exception of a few panels in a recent X-Men Annual, they no longer exist to Marvel. I was hoping that a legit return to the 2099 during Secret Wars would bring them back as well, but it looks like David's just focusing on the same returning characters. Spider-Man and Hulk have both appeared a few times since the 2099 line ended. I'm assuming Doom will show up soon. And I really don't care a lick about these Avengers 2099.
I need to know how that Captain America split personality thing works.
Justice League of America: I think I ended up getting about 10 covers for this thing. DC hyped Hitch for this project, and it's what I expect from him. A decent start to a storyline, where we discover something involving Superman in the future spells death for all. Along with that, the Justice League takes on Parasite. This book is far removed from the rest of the DCU, as Batman is still Bruce and Superman is fully powered. I wasn't wowed, though. Sadly, THAT is what I expect from Hitch. 3/5

Ms. Marvel #16: I love this title. It's got a compelling storyline with great interpersonal relationships. The storylines build on each other; and, that continues with the Last Days Secret Wars tie-in this issue. I just wish the Last Days stuff came before the Event; as, we all know how it's going to end. (Unless you aren't following along. In which, you ,Igbo want to find out.). 4/5
Is JLA just another League book to accompany "Justice League" or some mini?
I read somewhere that Justice League of America likely takes place somewhere between Justice League 6 and 7 (basically, after their origin story but before the modern stuff). Know that helped me get into it a bit more. Still, I found it a little boring. I'll have to give it another read though. I was pretty tired when I started it.

And from what I understand JLA is ongoing under Bryan Hitch. He says he has ideas for 7 arcs, though that's just wishful thinking on his part.
Okay, some of the new stuff from DC.

Doctor Fate #1 I am not a Dr. Fate fan. I've tried reading him a few times DC has started him up; but the mystical characters adventures just don't do it for me. Levitz also has been rather dull; but he is teamed up with another writer, Liew. This first issue surprised me. It is pretty decent. The art lends itself nicely to the story, and the main character is set up (again) nicely in the first issue. This is the reluctant hero, which it seems most everyone is who gets stuck with this helmet. Same with Spectre, too. 4/5

Prez #1: the preview from Convergence did nothing for me; but, again, I walk away surprised how much I enjoyed this book. It's definitely different from the stuff DC is doing, and almost feels more like a Vertigo book. The cover gives away what's going to happen later (as in this issue it doesn't happen), as the U.S. is going to elect it's first teen president (and possibly first woman, too; although it doesn't sat). The girl doesnt even run, but instead is famous for doing something stupid while working at a fast food joint which a coworker posts online. At the end of the issue, neither of the three top runners (she's a write-in and in third) win by the majority; so, the states must decide. Good issue, but I can't imagine this book lasting. Oh, it's in the year 2036 and not set in the DCU. 4/5

Robin: Son of Batman: man, I hate the Bat-books lately. I'm trying to go into them with an open mind; but, killing off (or having him vacationing) Bruce is completely idiotic. Even more so is having Gordon be Batman. Sheesh. Either way, this first issue felt crappy. Damion foes to save Man-Bat, who looks moe like a big fluffy pet. Holy crap, I just realized DC charged me $3.99 for this garbage, simply because it's a Bat-title, I'm sure. I'm dropping it. The first two books I just talked about are so far superior to this bunk. 1/5

Black Canary #1: Oh man. When I read the preview last month, I knew this was going to suck. Black Canary is now the lead singer of a band. How? Why? I don't care. It's just a terrible direction that makes no sense. Who is this book appealing to? I won't need to read another issue. 1/5

Harley Quinn and Power Girl #1: Don't you just love when the Big Two see a little success and then cram it down your throat? Harley is such a hit, that DC is wanting to copy it with Starfire and this book, all three following the same formula and written by the same people. Last weeks issue of Harley Quinn might be one of the worst, and frankly brings back bad memories of Deadpool Corps. Thankfully, one of the best Harley storylines featured Power Girl, of which this titles spins off of. From what I gander, this isn't current adventures, but adventures during the last storyline that were never told? It was cute; but, DC is going overboard with these silly-type adventures. 3/5

Doomed #1: okay first issue that didn't so much blow my socks off, but made me think how unoriginal it was. The character doesn't look like Doom, and the origin is too Spider-many for me. Kid gets hired by a labaratory and gets turned into Doom through exposure to goo he is cleaning. It's not slap-in-your-face Spidey rip-off; but enough for me. (Heck, even down to the girl being called Jayne. Not slap-in-you-face, but close enough to Mary Jane.). 3/5
Wonder Woman #41: I guess this is a husband/wife writing and drawing the book now? Well, I like Mrs. Finch's direction, as she recognizes the past stories while getting into her own stuff. Someone else wants to be the God of War, and I hope they strip Diana of that title. It doesn't fit her. Speaking of not fitting, I dislike Mr. Finch's new costume for W. W.. She's completely covered from middle of neck to her toes. I guess a feminist might appreciate it; but it goes a little too cloistered for my taste. 4/5

Superman/Wonder Woman #18: Love the Superman storyline. This issue gets to see how his relationship with W. W. is effected, and how Smallville is once again paying the price. Loving Truth! Finally, Superman books are better than the Bat-titles. 4/5

Martian Manhunter #1: Another good first issue from DC. It seems like bad Martians are causing trouble, and the writer is making things nice and creepy with his story telling. That's three titles I tried this week that I wasn't planning on buying a second issue, which I've changed my mind on. 4/5
Suicide Squad #9: So, um, where's the new team? I like Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and co., I started picking this up for the new team/ Reverse Flash and Parasite only get one panel each and the rest (Cheetah, Black Hand, Poison Ivy, and Talon) are no where to be seen. Either way, it sets up a nice stories and the characters are good. It seems a bit short, though. 7/10

Martian Manhunter #1: I was thrilled for J'Onn to get his own ongoing, but it's off to a shaky start. The story seems compelling enough, but it seemed rather disjointed, at least to me. It shows enough promise to keep me around for at least another month, though. 6/10

Spider-Gwen #5: This was another great issue. Their take on Black Cat is very interesting, and it's always terrific to see evil Matt Murdock. I was eagerly awaiting next month only to discover.... there is no next month. I wasn't planning on picking up Spider-verse, but now it seems like I may have to. For those who have read it, does Gwen's story get any sort of conclusion?
Just finished reading Bunn's Vertigo mini, Wolf Moon. Nice series with a new take on the werewolf genre. I didn't quite buy the notion that each month a new person gets transferred the werewolf persona; but, the writing was good and the art blended itself well to that writing. 4/5

Moon Knight #16: Bunn's take on Moon Knight really isn't going anywhere. Marc and the Moon Knight's God are in a disagreement about how worthy he is? This one-off issue doesn't advance the story at all. It just sees Mmon Knight fighting some others who believe their God is the best. 3/5

Deathlok #9:. Decathlon books generally bore me. Edmondson works well with him; as, he doesn't bother with previous interpretations, like having the computer aspect of him talk to Deathlok. In this issue, Deathlok saves his handler and meets/fights another version of himself. 3.5/5

Thors #1:. Loved this issue! Lots of different covers came with this for me. This book is like Powers, as the Thors must solve a murder. Someone's various alternate versions is being killed, and he mystery of who it is will be told by issue's end. I won't give it away; but, it makes the mystery even more compelling. Fantastic issue that also blends much of what I've read in other titles, with mentions of the various nations. The issue gives greater insight on the role of the Thors in Doomworld. 5/5

Runaways #1: No, they aren't running away; but, they are trying to stay in school to be part of Doom's future elite program. It's a school, where if you fail, you are out. I especially loved the interaction between the students, and the ending fit perfectly with what we know previously in Doom's life. Great last page! 4/5

Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier #9: Marvel's worst title. Oh, this thing is bad, I'm not even sure what the heck I'm reading. It feels more about the art than the story. Please, Marvel, put this book out of its misery! Why is Loki even involved. This was suppose to be Bucky in space; but, I think it isn't the actual Bucky, as the actual Bucky appears in Black Widow? 1/5
Green Lantern: Lost Army #1: Great start. It did a good job of introducing the situation, not all of the characters have really made an impact yet, but it's just the first issue. I have very high hopes for this series going forward. And besides, [BLACKOUT]Guy as the "Christmas Lantern"[/BLACKOUT] is just plain aswesome. 8/10

Justice League 3001 #1 Jumping right back into a year from where he left off, Giffen once again shows just how great he is. The jokes are funny, the characterizations are on point, and Guy, this time in a woman's body, is still awesome. No Beetle and Booster this issue, but there is the promise of getting the Super-Buddies back together! :woot: 9/10

X-Men 92 #1 This was my first Secret Wars tie in. I'm less than impressed. For one, they at some points try to hard to make the comic read like the show, and a lot of the time it just falls flat. Then, absurdly enough, it's actually TOO LONG. Ususally I complain about comics being to short, but this story could have been easily condensed into a better (and CHEAPER) version. I doubt I'll be picking up the next installment. 4/10
I wasn't all that impressed with X-Men 92 either. It brought back flashes of crappy Claremont writing. Improbable, people acting out of character. Because it had Gambit in it I'll try one more but I can see me dropping this if it's more of the same. :(
E is for Extinction - Bloody good read. X-Men fans need to check it out.
Glad to see I'm not the only person less-than-impressed with X-Men '92 #1. I will give it props for closely resembling many of the early 90's stuff that was coming out during that time; but, there is a reason you can still find many of those books in the bargain bins of Comic cons around the U.S. I would guess it's the feel they wanted; and in that aspect the book succeeds. Casandra Nova fans will be happy to see an alternate first-look of that villian's What If appearance in those early 90's. It his wasn't for me, even though I can see a few people appreciating the attempt. 2/5

E is for Extinction #1 takes the same approach, by going back to a time in X-Men's past with the overall feel of the comic; but, this take on Morrison's X-Men works well. I can't guess how long in the future the title goes; but, many of the older X-Men look a whole lot older. It's probably how they'd look today if the comic aged since Morrison was on the title. This was a nice trip down memory lane, and seeing these characters again brought that whole New X-Men era back. I especially loved the final page. 4/5

Howard the Duck #4: Every few years, Marvel tries to bring back Howard; and, it never strikes the same chord as the original series. (I really need to go back and see if Gerbers's run still holds up, and what is missing from each new attempt.). This version isn't bad. In fact, it might be the best of the new attempts. I just have trouble getting into it. It's not my cup of tea, these comical versions of superheroes. This issue has Howard teaming up with Dr. strange to figure out how to take on a Skrull who is trying to form The Abundant Gauntlet. There are cute moments; but, none I laughed out loud at. 3/5

S.H.I.E.L.D. #7 I didn't appreciate this title the first couple issues; but, I'm liking it much more now. Each issue is a one-off story, with this one featuring Quake meeting her father, Mr. Hyde. Good story this issue that is nicely covered in one issue. 4/5

Black Widow #19: while this is billed as a Last Days tie-in with Secret Wars, hat only applies to the first page. The rest is a back story which continues into the following issue; and, the back story feels much more interesting than a Last Day story which readers know how will end. I love this title, and the artist's style lends itself well to Edmondson's story. 4/5

Loki #15 This is an issue with two stories. One has me highly interested, which is how Verity got her lie-detecting powers; while, the second featuring the Evil Loki makes me miss Loki stories of old. 3.5/5

Punisher #19: The new Howling Commandos recruit Frank to take on an Isis-type group. Punisher in the Middle East taking on terrorists? I like it. Oh, not much of a Last Days storyline here, either. Edmondson sure was a Marvel catch. 4/5

Age of Ultron Vs. Marvel Zombies #1: Good first issue that I recommend highly. We get a good appearance by Tigra, and it just shows how Robinson has been hitting it out of the park since leaving DC. (Again, get his Airboy comic from Image. It's not what you'll ever expect.). I like his version of old-time Hank Pym and the trio who appear on the last page is a nice team-up. 4/5

Where Monsters Dwell #2:. The first issue was only okay; but, this second issue really picks things up as we get full-on with Savage Land action. Ennius does a good job combining action with humor; and, I'm loving the two main characters and their banter. Very funny last page. 4/5
Korvac Saga #1: Not what I was expecting from this first issue. I continue to be impressed how well thought out this Event is, especially compared the the rushed-feeling I got from the comparable Convergence. There are many similarities between the two, and I wonder if DC wanted to get a jump on Marvel by putting together that lack luster effort. Either way, Korvac is one to get. In this book, various people in Korvac's kingdom are getting the madness. It's a realization that something in Doom's universe is terribly wrong, and this realization leads to them becoming uncontrollable monsters ( I.e. Emil Blonksky becoming Abomination). Korvac's hold on the kingdom is tentative at best, unless he can get a handle on the situation; as, a rival kingdom could take over with this talk of heresy. Well done! 4.5/5

Infinity Gauntlet #2: This is one of my favorite Secret War tie-ins from the first batch released. This issue focuses heavily on a family trying to evade the swarm, as they've just reunited with the mom, a Nova Corps member who I believe is Monica (Captain Marvel) from the Avengers. She recruits the family to become Nova Corps members, in order to save their lives; and, with the help of the Mind Gem, survive a swarm onslaught. As previously, we do get a little Thanos action, too. Man, I'm going to miss these titles when this Event is over. 4/5

Ant-Man: Larger Than Life One-Shot:. A throw away story to get people unfamiliar with Ant-Man a little more familiar. It's standard before-the-movie-comes-out material we're all used to by now. This issue shows Hank experimenting with talking to insects and commanding them. 2.5/5

Planet Hulk #2: Not as good as the other tie-ins, but interesting, non the less. Doc Green is bringing a barbarian-type Steve Rodgers ho rides Devil Dinosaur to the Red King (Red Hulk, I would naturally guess). This issue focuses on the harrowing journey through the monster-filled land. 3/5
Typing my reviews on a phone sucks, so I'll just go a little by memory here.

I've always wanted to read Superman but can never seem to get interested enough to actually do so. I decided to finally give it a shot with Geoff Johns' recent run and enjoyed it, but not enough to continue it. But then I heard about Truth and thought I'd give that a go. Turns out I've been loving it. I've read Superman, Action Comics, Superman Wonder Woman, and Superman Batman and have enjoyed all of them. For now I'm a believer.

I love the Batman titles, and while this Gordon plot is interesting, I hope it isn't too long term. I don't mind it in the core Batman title, but I'm already growing bored of it everywhere else. That's not good being that we're only one month in.

Also, I decided to try the newest issue of Batgirl, my first since the new direction, and WOW did that suck. The art and feel of the book is SO far removed from what it was before and what I typically enjoy in a title. No thank you, DC. We Are Robin! was okay but not anything amazing. It has potential, but I see it fizzing out quickly. Robin Son of Batman was decent. Grayson still isn't doing anything for me.

Justice League's Darkseid War has been great (including the preludes and first part), but I thought Justice League of America by Hitch was just sorta okay. Hopefully that'll pick up soon.

Bunn's first issue of Aquaman was good. I'm glad to see it has the potential to keep firing on all cylinders being that it's on its 3rd writer now. I miss Pelletier's art though. What I REALLY want to know though is where is Johns' major Aquaman story that was promised at the end of his Aquaman run?!

Not digging the Green Lantern books. I just don't think Vinditti does it for me. The Lost Lanterns title or whatever it's called was okay, but nothing that'll keep me coming back. Sinestro is an exception though. That's a really good title.

Flash is just sorta okay. Martian Manhunter was decent.

As for Marvel, I think this Secret Wars thing has already started getting old for me. I'm still enjoying some of it... specifically the main title, E is for Extinction, Old Man Logan, Master of Kung Fu, Future Imperfect, and Planet Hulk, but that's it. It's more than I thought I'd enjoy, but still... it's getting old quick.

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