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The Hal Jordan/Green Lantern Thread

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Aug 24, 2011
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Since this seems to be a hot subject with whether or not WB should get Reynolds to reprise the role or recast or use another Green Lantern. I thought this thread would be a good idea.
Reynolds returning as Green Lantern??


If Ben Affleck is going to be in it, cast him as Hal Jordan, way better choice for Hal imo.
Affleck as Hal would be an awful choice.

I'm not opposed to a recast, provided it's the right actor, but I think bringing Reynolds back would be better. He was one of the few bright spots in the movie.
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John Stewart. Idris Elba.

End of discussion
No to Ryan Reynolds. I think them considering Affleck as director shows they're going for a more grounded approach to this like Man of Steel.

GL 2011 was the complete opposite of that. Its not worth keeping any connections with that movie. It was basically DCs Fantastic Four.
If not Affleck

Bradley Cooper

Jake Gyllenhaal

Or Chris Pine

Imo getting someone like Gyllenhaal could say a lot about the integrity of this project, hes a really sought after actor with a lot of talent. Hes waiting for his breakout role still I feel. Ben Affleck will want to surround himself with good talent, I could see him going for someone like Gyllenhaal personally
John Stewart. Idris Elba.

End of discussion

John Stewart is always a great option, and while Elba may seem like the perfect Stewart, hes already Heimdall. And there are plenty of good black actors that can do just as good as a job as Elba.
Gyllenhaal is the best for Hal. Cooper as Barry. Pine as Kirk.
That sounds quite alright to me man, welcome to the hype btw
keep Reynolds, reboot the story, dont hold Reynolds back.

Seriously most of the film you look at Reynolds and it looks like he's pissed cause he did something and was then told "no do this", the guy is not that bad a actor, dont hold him back, let him show emotion and not force it like that "fight with me" speech he gave to the guardians.

If not Reynolds...then Chris Pine
Its too late for Reynolds. How GL 2011 could even fit with Man of Steel? They are both such different approaches.

It's like trying to force Fantastic Four into the same world as Nolans Batman.
John Stewart is always a great option, and while Elba may seem like the perfect Stewart, hes already Heimdall. And there are plenty of good black actors that can do just as good as a job as Elba.

He was also in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. He was also in Prometheus

I don't think it's a bad thing that he was already in 2 comic book movies plus an alien movie. I'll call it experience and comfort with the genre

comic book + aliens = He's perfect for Green Lantern
ElMayimbe from Latino Review apparently has a copy of some of the Justice League script. He said that Hal is in the script not John. And even though its fun to talk about, theres no real point if Hal is going to be GL in JL
Its too late for Reynolds. How GL 2011 could even fit with Man of Steel? They are both such different approaches.

Oh, so you've seen MOS already?

The thing is, if the director takes the right approach to the material -- you could conceivably have RR's Hal in the same universe as Henry Cavill's Superman. The right approach and right director worked gangbusters in The Avengers -- when you had these varying heroes from different backgrounds and putting them together shouldn't have worked. But it did... even if you discounted their origin stories and buildup to TA.
Avengers and all it's leadup films were designed to fit together with the same approach, all under Marvel and Feige. It's a completely different thing.

GL turned out to be Fantastic Four, and Man of Steel is going for the grounded/gritty approach of Nolans Batman, but for Superman.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pYplmFsYQo GL was the opposite of this.
something I just saw......this would be pretty cool

Jensen Ackles




meh why the hell not lol
Why not? Because this is a movie, not a tv movie!! Lets not get someone whose film experience is limited to a cheap ****** horror movie
I'm 75% sure wb will want to go with John Stewart as Green Lantern it's literally hitting 3 birds with one stone.

Green lantern can exist in the film without any connection to the solo film and as well there is an added level of diversity to the group.
Im so down ha but WBs been pimping out Hal Jordan for a while now, theyd probably sooner recast Hal.

I just hope they dont have Cyborg instead. If they need a token black guy (not trying to be offensive its just the way it is, its ****ed up) Id much rather have John Stewart than Victor Stone.

Id probably even rather have Black Lightning than Cyborg, he makes more sense and has more history with the league.

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I'd be fine with them re-casting, and I'd be fine with them keeping Reynolds. I definitely think there are better choices for Hal out there, but I also don't think Reynolds himself was terrible enough to need re-casting. So I'll be cool with whatever they decide to do...unless they re-cast him with one of their originally reported other choices for the role (Cooper or Timberlake).

My main concern right now is just getting to see more Green Lantern. The character has so much more potential than that movie let on, and I want them to redeem the character with another shot.
Bradley Cooper makes sense. He's a star and WB loves him.

He seems to have that cocky *****ebag role down pat but he can be good with drama as well(Limitless).
I don't get the Ryan Reynolds hate, I think that he is a better actor than Bardley Cooper and Jensen Ackles.
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