The Mutant Chronicles

hmm just found out about this now.

And wow that critic ripped into this one. I'll still check it out, when it finally does cause there are some good actors in there!
Wasn't a fan of the trailer. But hopefully it will still be good.
i'm calling it now...

...all style, little substance.
looks verrrry cheap....

i wont be watching this.

i knew it would be low budget, but damn thats bad.
the teaser is very much an unfinished bag. most of the shots are unfinished, and the 'look' is not finished either - it's basically taken from the editing program as is and given a minor treatment that is in the ball park of what the final film will look like. it is NOT, thankfully, going for the 'Chronicles of Riddick' feel that the teaser somehow woefully suggests.

the CG effects are unfinished.

the teaser was put together for the Cannes market, to sell to foreign buyers, and not really meant for public consumption. foreign buyers are used to seeing less that commercial fare when they are at festivals - being that most films are put on the market before they have the marketing dollars for a professional trailer. hence the unfinished look of the film.

that said, the film still needs work before it's ready for theaters. that's why we're doing the screening at Comicon - to drum up fan support and let buyers know they have a good film available. we need a final pass on the edit, drop about five minutes off the film and clean up the CG work, which is pretty crappy right now. nothing a good editor and two million bucks won't cure!


There you have it.
Well, aren't you Mister Negative...
The russian trailer looks much better.:up:
There you have it.
Sounds a little odd to me since the movie wrapped up 2 (!!) years ago. In this interview Electrix posted here the drector said it was ready.I guess not everyone agreed with him.:o
It's Hollywood. Things change.
This movie is pretty much Saving Private Ryan meets Sci-Fi Futuristic Zombies & this movie had to be more green screened then 300
New artwork was shown at comic con.

and heres a review of the screening by a person who attended.....
Then, since I was already there, and because I wanted to at least be in the same room as Ron Perlman, I stayed for the screening of “The Mutant Chronicles”, which was … well, it’s terrible. It’s a B movie, and it’s terrible in the way you expect a B movie to be. It had some fantastic aspects, though–the cinematography is awesome, the steampunk style is really cool, and the women kick ass. It’s also incredibly violent. The opening sequence, in particular, is way too long, loud, and violent. It’s about 20 minutes long, and it needs to be 3-5 minutes. I’ll grant I’m probably not the target audience–except, y’know, I’m a 35 year old female with a crush on Ron Perlman, and will see almost anything he’s in, and there are kick-ass chicks in the film, so in a way I *am* the target audience–but that opening sequence really needs to be cut down. This was the first screening for the movie anywhere, and they were looking for audience feedback, so I’m going to hie myself over to their website later this week and give ‘em some. I’d kinda like to see that in a big theatre, just ’cause…well, ’cause Ron Perlman. :) Whose eyes really are awfully damned blue. Also, Devon Akoi, who is one of the aforementioned kick-ass chicks, is *gorgeous*, and as far as I can tell, Thomas Jane is an incredibly, incredibly nice man. He came out a few minutes before the movie to let people take pictures with him, and we got what can really only be interpreted as a Joker/Punisher smackdown scene. :)




Sadly, I didn’t get to meet Mr. Perlman and get him to call me Catherine, so I’m going to have to arrange to be in his presence another time. I have, however, at least been in the same room with that voice, and my god, it’s as good IRL as it is on screen. Dear gods. *staggers around*

So that was my one late night. I got to bed around 1am or 1:30, and got up around 7 on Sunday, which ended up being the day Con Lag really hit. Not a surprise, really. :)

Ok, I have to go make cornbread, so I’ll post Sunday and the trip home later on. Whew. :)
Oh lord, the last pic is hilarious!
^^I know!:woot: It's cool that Jane is game to do stuff like that.
I don't know I think it looks pretty cool. I'll definitely see it just for the Malkovich, Jane and Perlman action!:woot:
The trailers have been bleh for such an action packed movie filled with one liners
just watched this last night and was pleasantly surprised. it's a pretty enjoyable flick. Tom Jane would make a great Nick Fury.

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