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The New Stuff I Got Thread Reboot - Part 3

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i will have lots of updates very soon lol

those are pretty cool looking
Emily the Strange Pocketwatch

Marvel Select: Ultron
(probably my new favourite figure and i haven't even opened him yet)

Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Katniss and Finnick figures
Harley Quinn Bust Money Bank
Breaking Bad: Jesse figure (Yellow suit)

Red and Pink GL rings from a con
Picked up Godzilla combo for $8 and JLA War for $4 at Walmart
how much for the spidey and where did you get him I want him :awesome:

i apologize in advance, but i'll be posting a lot very soon

Best 8 bucks I ever spent.
they're just cute collectibles of pop culture icons etc
they're fairly cheap (for the most part) so that's a draw too
NICE I looked for that at B&N but they didn't have it.

Picked up a Men in Black Double feature (1 & 2) for five dollars and bought the Braveheart Bluray Sapphire replace my Braveheart dvd
I'm waiting for the actual dancing groot too finally hit. I'd prefer that over the pop vinyl one
^ that looks amazing. where did u buy it from?
actual dancing groot? link?

Its not out yet, they said itd be out by xmas but I have no clue when. Google it. It plays the jackson 5 and comes in a pot with green lettering that reads "I am groot"
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