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The Not New Comics Thread!

I don't understand the Magneto retcon. Wasn't he basically possessed by the sublime bacteria? If they wanted to bring him back, isn't that a good enough reason to not hold him accountable for his actions? Decapitation is hard for a character to come back from, but they've done it before. And it would have been better than the retcon.
I agree. Magneto's actions were the result of John Sublime's infection, which in itself could have resulted in some interesting storylines. That made sense but still people complained that he was written out of character, which frustrates me to this day. He was even shown as being shocked by his own actions immediately following them at times, such as when he accidentally killed Basalisk.

I was sad to see that Xorn was never a real character, as I really grew to like him, and the only good thing (initially) to come out of the retcon was that we got Xorn back. Then they went and botched it by immediately making it very convoluted and then writing Xorn out to never been seen again. That annoyed me.
If anyone is interested in Bane because of The Dark Knight Rises, i think this book is really nice, but of course not necessery reading whatsoever.

Batman vs. Bane by Chuck Dixon:


As the summer of 2012 approaches with Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises starring Tom Hardy as Bane, DC comics is releasing new trades featuring the man who broke the bat, with this trade collecting “Vengeance of Bane” and “Bane of the Demon” which funnily neither story contains any sort of Batman versus Bane which simply contradicts the whole title of this trade paperback.

Vengeance of Bane gives us the origin of Bane and I really liked how it kind of perfectly sets him as the anti-Bruce Wayne, after all Bane’s pitch was “mix of Batman and Doc Savage” so while Bruce Wayne is a the prince of Gotham who lived with the wealthiest people, here we have a child who was born in one of the most dangerous prisons on earth and survived thru hell. Both persons had child traumas, both utterly dedicated to their cause and both perfected themselves both mentally and physically. The story also introduces to Bane’s lackeys that you’ve presumably learned from Knightfall.

Bane of the Demon is a good character driven story that very loosely parallels with The Dark Knight Rises. The whole connection with Ghuls, even in this book you have utterly loyal “suicide ninjas” who shout the phrase “to die is to serve!” which I found totally awesome and reminded me of the IMAX preview of the Dark Knight Rises.

Rating: 93/100
– The book gives the reader not only a well written origin story for Bane, but also an additional story showcasing his strength, cunning brilliant mind and his utter dedications and shows his motivations to all of this. If you’re a fan of Bane or you’re intrigued by him due to The Dark Knight Rises or another reason, this is the book for you. Still one might wonder why the name “Batman vs. Bane” instead of “Vengeance of Bane” or “Bane of the Demon” or something incredibly forcefully tied with the 3rd Nolan Batman movie, like “Bane: The Fire Rises”.

Not a comic, but I started reading some of those 90s Marvel books they used to publish, I fell so in love with Hulk: What Savage Beast, so I decided to look for other books like it. I'm about 100 pages in Fantastic Four: Countdown to Chaos, (Fantastic Four is my favorite) it's pretty good so far. I'll probably move on to Fantastic Four: Redemption of the Silver Surfer next. I might have to steal my brother's Spider-Man: The Lizard Sanction from his dorm the next time I visit.
The original Venom story from Legends of the Dark Knight series was sort of a prequel to introducing Bane. It was a tremendous story.
Yeah, that is also getting reprinted this year.
So I'm stoked. I was at Half Priced Books today and they had bags of comics with about 5-7 issues per bag, all for a dollar each. Well, I wasn't going to mess with them unless I saw a comic on the outside that I really wanted. I know how those things work... put decent issues on the outside and pack the inerds with the crap they can't sell. Well, I found one that shocked me because it had freakin' Amazing Spider-Man 250, the last issue of the first Hobgoblin story!!! For a buck?!!! I don't know what it's worth now but it's a heck of a lot more than a buck!

I bought it and the issue ended up being in great shape. I loved the original Hobgoblin Saga and only sold it because I lost my job at the time and needed money. I've always wanted to buy it back but am nervous of the cost. This has motivated me to get started on it again.

In addition to the Hobgoblin issue there was also Amazing Spider-Man361-363 (the original Carnage story), 365 (the hologram issue), and the first issue of the Robin: Joker's Wild mini (which I don't care about). I was pretty shocked at those Carnage issues too. Great deal!

I was so excited that I immediately opened the second bag I bought. Sadly, not as good but still decent. The newsprint version of Amazing Spider-Man 388 (Lifetheft part 3, why I bought it), an Amazing Spider-Man issue with Cardiac in it (forget the issue #), Daredevil 300, Avengers 369 (Bloodties conclusion), Cage #1 (from the 90's), and something else that I'm not thinking about right now but didn't care about.

I've always liked Cardiac so a trip down that memory lane was nice, and the same for that issue of Cage. I've always been curious about Daredevil during that era and have thought about going back to it and giving it a shot. Issue 300 can be the official start of my collecting that era. Kinda excited about that.

All in all, for $2 that was a great haul. I gave my daughter about half of them and added the other half to my collection. Kinda wish I'd have bought more. Oh well.
You stumbled upon the Half Price Books awesomeness. At the one near my house I've found tons of expensive comics that are for just a buck. Granted they weren't in great condition but still. One of my great finds were the original issues of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. I was going to be stupid and say something to them like, "You realize these books are like LOTS of money?" Then I was like, "Hey, stupid, just buy it and run away!" :oldrazz:
They also had Secret Wars 8 (first appearance of the Venom costume) for only a dollar but it was just too messed up for me to bother. The cover was barely hanging onto the staples, it was ripped at the edges, creased and wrinkled all over. It looked like garbage. I still thought about it though just for the sake of owning it.
I just went through the Incredible Hercules run, and by Zeus that comic was just ****ing gold.

Its such a shame it didn't do better.
Freakin' Jesus H. Christ!!!!

Is The Child Within (Spec. Spider-Man 178-184) the most waterlogged comics in existence?!!!

I've just bought them yet again at a flea market and for the third time in a row they are waterlogged!!! I bought them at a half priced books, then another half priced books, and now the flea market... and they're all freakin' WATERLOGGED!!!!!

I've got copies that are water-free. :)

No, you can't have them. I actually like that story quite a lot. :oldrazz:
But they're special Corpy kisses... :csad:
Guys, guys, there's plenty of me to go around.

Just not to you two.
But... but... put us together and we're... uh... middle-aged football fans who neither like nor hate Spider-Man?
I've got copies that are water-free. :)

No, you can't have them. I actually like that story quite a lot. :oldrazz:

I also have non-waterlogged issues of that storyline. And like Corp I will never part with them. :oldrazz:
It's one of my all time favorite stories so it bugs me that I just can't seem to get good copies. I sold my originals during a financial troubling time and later rebought them (along with almost all my comics) and eventually bound them into hardback volumes. Then my kids spilled water and waterlogged the volume those issues were in. I sold it and am redoing my binding but 3 times now I've bought them and they've been waterlogged. It's like I'm cursed.

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