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Babs Gordon said:
you make a good point SN... we haven't really seen any of 'The Detective's detective abilities in action. I'm hoping they expand on that hardcore in TDK. If they go the route where he's not quite as genius as he is in the comics then an oracle like character would be a really useful addition.

I think we are going to get some true detective work going with TDK, especially considering we are suppose to be getting some old school Joker/Joker schemes.

I think the Nolan Batman will still be a genius - however Babs was always a character who IMO brought a different mindset (after all, she isn't psycho), as well as being an near equal in brains.

Now that I think about it I really want to see Orical in the movies. :csad:
Babs isn't a psycho, I agree. But how does that make her mindset different?
i still want at least a cameo from babs,played by alexz johnson
since Nolan hates all the bat kids and sidekicks [as do most people] don't even count on even hearing Barbaras name at all.
are you his assistant or something?
are you his assistant or something?
Perhaps Nolan will have a change of heart [a la Sam Raimi with Venom] concerning Barbara Gordon, and put that in a 3rd film.

I doubt that Barbara will be in the franchise. In BB, she was shown, with Det. Gordon's wife, as a baby. Remember the scene where they originally speak for the first time at Gordon's home?

Honestly, I could see her in the franchise before Robin.
This thread may be more suitable in the Batman Begins Sequels forum since no reliable news has come forth about the character.
hey dont look at me,i didnt create the thread
i think there will be a little girl version of barbara
Dammit, not this thread again.


I don't think Barbara's name will appear either to tell the truth since it's sort of The Long Halloween based (she didn't appear there did she? didn't actually read the comics just read about them).

Batgirl, certainly not alogn with any side kick. No actual mention as Oracle either. Barbara Gordon though, college student who comes home for vacations and finds daddy's work fascinating, especially that freaky 'batman' bringing all the police needs to clean up Gotham, sounds intriguing. Having her involved somehow at start stalking batman and the police around in black clothes and a regular hood (burglar style), then getting hurt and finding out it's not the thing for her, then gathering information hacking through the police, D.A and various organizations records [discretely being oracle but never mention the name] would be very nice but only as a subtle sub plot.

Still I don't see it happening:oldrazz:
I rather have Robin start up his own franchise then that's where Barbara comes in.
I forget the name of where I found these.

< -- my favourite


look familiar?




the first one and the last one arent very good
Yikes. The first and last look like Shel Silverstein drawings. The second design is adorable; it's very similar to one I worked on.

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