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The Official Pirates of The Caribbean: World's End Thread!


Dec 19, 2001
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The age of piracy is coming to a close, but not before one final dispute is settled. Lord Cutler Beckett, Davy Jones and Admiral James Norrington have formed a wicked alliance that threatens the freedom of Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann and their new ally Captain Barbossa. Emerging victorious requires that Jack lead his crew off the edge of the map and into uncharted territory on the seven seas.

That's interesting!
World's End, huh? And a new ally?
After taking on a Kraken at the end of Dead Man's Chest, I wonder what more danger they can throw at Jack.
Awsome, POTC2 is one of my most anticipated films of the year and I can't wait for POTC3. I can't wait for the Chinese Pirates!

However that Title has not been confirmed as of yet.
I like World's End as the title. Fits the period well seeing as how most sailors were worried about that thing.
Personally I like the title: 'Unchartered Waters' a tad better.
World's End is just a rumor so far, yes, but it would be a wise choice and here's why:

It would reference two things, the downfall of pirates and Jack's journey to the very ends of the world in order to accomplish what needs to be done.
Another possible plot or the same one all together:

The third Pirates film chronicles Will Turner's journey to "the end of the world", as he hopes to save the soul of his deceased friend, Jack Sparrow, who was killed in the finale of Dead Man's Chest. While there, he runs afoul of the Asian pirate Captain Sao Feng (Chow Yun-Fat) who has taken over the Black Pearl, kidnaps Elizabeth Swann at one point in the film and later Jack's nemesis - the villainous Captain Barbossa from the first movie.
I think I'll wait for the second one before I start hyping the 3rd lol
The deleted script review from Latino Review:

First things first: there’s no way to even talk about the plot of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 without spoiling the second film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. The events of the third movie seem to pick up right where the second one left off, and by the time this movie begins lots of big things have happened to the characters. So if you’re afraid of having almost every part of the second Pirate movie spoiled, don’t read this!

Pirates 3 begins in the Orient, where Elizabeth Swann, Keira Knightley’s character, is taking a prisoner to the dread pirate Sao Feng. We soon see that she’s in cahoots with Barbossa, the evil ghost pirate from the first film. The spoilers are already beginning! The plan is to exchange the prisoner, who is hooded, for some charts Sao Feng has, but the whole thing is a scam. The prisoner is actually Will Turner, Orland Bloom’s character, and the heroes make off with the charts anyway.

It turns out that the charts are to help them find Davey Jones’ Locker, where Jack Sparrow went after he died in the last film. And again, the spoilers. The Black Pearl sank; it seems, with Jack on board. Jack is not in heaven or hell, though, but in Purgatory, which for him is a desert filled with weird crabs.

Jack is rescued, but things keep getting complicated as characters keep betraying one another and selling each other out. I don’t know what happens exactly at the end of the second film except that they fight a Kraken and everyone stops trusting each other.

Eventually the story builds to the gathering of a pirate armada, which will battle the armada of the Dutch East India Company, and the summoning of Calypso, the Goddess of the Seas. Along the way some characters from the first film will die, get married and others will become immortal.

The script that I have for review reads a little overstuffed and undercooked. There’s a lot going on, right from the first page, but it’s all too quick to mean much. The characters don’t get a lot of time to shine, and it was the characters that made the first film such a pleasant surprise. I have to wonder if much of Jack Sparrow’s stuff seems thin because it’s being left up to Johnny Depp to invent on the set.

The biggest problem with the script, though, is the comic relief characters of Pintel and Ragetti, who are always saying and doing dumb things in order to get a cheap laugh. Their antics may translate better on film, but on the page they were endlessly tired and lame, doing things like tying themselves to the mast upside down before their ship capsizes so that they’ll be right side up when it has rolled over. Hilarious.

The scope of the story is huge, and much more fantasy-based than the first film. Magic is everywhere in the script, as are monsters and other extra bizarre characters. We also meet the other pirates who are out there, including the infamous Blackbeard, who appears at Shipwreck Island, the pirate’s secret hangout. In this film the pirates feel more like a friendly motorcycle gang than separate bands of rampaging criminals.

For those who were excited to see the first Pirates extended into a trilogy – expect a fourth film! The ending of POTC 3 leaves things very wide open for yet another sequel, with the continued quest for immortality as a hinted at storyline. In fact the film has very little closure at all, leaving many of the characters exactly where they were at the beginning of the first film, or in some cases even worse places.

POTC 3 is a bigger story than the original, and even more buckles will be swashed. There are elements that don’t seem to work as well in the script, but since director Gore Verbinski is still tinkering with the script for this film on set, perhaps many of these problems will be addressed.
Darth Elektra said:
Awsome Thanks!

I hope they make a 4th film!

They should. It was rumored even before they started 2 and 3. Wish I could find the link.
Nebins said:
Where is this info coming from?

The two summaries are from wikipedia and answers and the script review is from Latino Review but Disney requested it be deleted.
Carefully watch the flash animation when you first load the Dead Man's Chest website...

You can clearly see an image of the Black Pearl sinking
I am glad that Chow-Yun Fat is in it.
Representing Asians.

And a new ally sounds nice, even though I spoiled myself with that the other day. :(
I just can't wait to see Asian Pirates. Asian Pirates sounds awsome.

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