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The Walking Dead The Spoiler Shed: Enter At Your Own Discretion


Oct 4, 2002
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Idk if I should have put this is the discussion thread, but I figure it was okay for its own thread.

Current Spoilers floating the net for Ep 4 "The Killer Within". IDK how true they are, but, keep in mind, the original site that leaked this supposedly has leaked info for the first 3 eps of the season,and were right, and when this leak dropped, AMC was VERY quick to roll in and tell the site to get rid of it quick.


"A herd of zombies attacks the prison while Rick’s group is separated. With the generators running, The Prison alarms are blaring and attracting walkers from all over the countryside. The groups consist of: Rick, Daryl, Glenn, seeking out the generators with the help of inmates Axel and Oscar; Hershel and Beth locked into a cage for their safety; T-Dog and Carol, running for their lives; and Lori, Carl, and Maggie also running for their lives.

The first to die is T-Dog. He suffers a walking bite to the shoulder. In an act of bravery he sticks with Carol, determined to get her to safety. The bite is a one way ticket on its own, but the way he dies is truly gruesome. With the route ahead blocked by walkers, T-Dog runs full steam ahead managing to knock back the walkers and open a brief window for Carol to escape.

The second death comes towards the end of the episode. Lori goes into labor and attempts to deliver the baby. At first it appears she might be able to deliver without a cesarean, but then she begins bleeding profusely. With no way to stop the labor or get help, Lori comes to a decision. Maggie must cut the baby out of her. Lori accepts that she will die in the process. With Carl looking on, Maggie cuts the baby from Lori’s body. Lori dies in the process. In a very emotional sequence, Carl decides he should be the one to put the bullet in his Mother’s brain to prevent her from coming back and we flash to season two when Rick and Carl were sitting in the barn and Rick told his son “No more kids stuff. People are going to die.”

The end of the episode is absolutely heart wrenching. Rick and his group arrive at the separate part of the courtyard from Maggie, Carl, and the Baby. As they draw closer it becomes more and more evident what has transpired and Rick begins to absolutely lose it. It is a stunning portrayal of grief by Andrew Lincoln and will reach through the screen and squeeze the ever-loving tears right out of your eyeballs."

and also:
More spoilers for 3x04 "Killer Within":

Andrew's the one causing the trouble at the prison. He somehow escaped the zombies in 3x02 "Seed". Remember, no body=no death in TV.

Somehow Oscar, Axel, Andrew, Rick and Daryl are in a utility room and Rick/Andrew start fighting. Oscar gets a hold of a gun and has to decide whether to shoot Rick or Andrew. He decides to shoot Andrew and shows his loyalty to Rick. This results in Rick allowing Axel and Oscar to join the group from now.

Also, Carol is the character who's fate is left in question by episode's end. She's nowhere to be found.

Originial site link for spoilers:
I'm highly doubting this because:

They'd be ruining a major opportunity to have the Governor kill Lori while still pregnant - just like the comics.
But they def are changing things up. My assumption of what they may do is:

Remember, Sophia is still alive in the comics. So, with her dead in the show, Glenn and Maggie have no Sophia to adopt. If Maggie is the one cutting the baby out, and has the baby afterwards, it makes sense that Glenn and Maggie adopt the baby, considering Rick's grief and the clear answer that the baby is Shane's anyways. The season finale may have the Governor killing Daryl during the finale. Especially since I think Daryl has taken a large chunk of Tyrese's story line.
Sounds like way too much important **** happening in one episode.

Andrew somehow being alive? I mean come on. I can suspend belief for somethings and the whole "No body, not dead" rule but there are some things that are beyond the realm of possibility.

Andrew somehow being alive? I mean come on. I can suspend belief for somethings and the whole "No body, not dead" rule but there are some things that are beyond the realm of possibility.

I agree. I'm really hoping a good chunk of this spoiler are lies .

It just doesn't make sense...
I'm highly doubting this because:

They'd be ruining a major opportunity to have the Governor kill Lori while still pregnant - just like the comics.

Yeah, this is how it NEEDS to happen.
To me, this whole series from the very beginning has been an homage to Stephen King's The Stand. And for those who don't believe me, consider this:

- Robert Kirkman has stated several times that he's a huge fan of Stephen King.
- The comic series has an epic, apocalyptic scope to it, following many characters.
- For all intense and purposes, Rick Grimes (the "everyman") is our Stu Redman. Lori is Frannie (who gets pregnant), who gets into a weird love triangle with Shane (Harold Lauder, a vulnerable loser who turns to the dark side).
- The Governor (had he stuck around for the entire comics series) is our Randall Flagg.
Frank Darabont, who created the series for AMC, has almost been exclusively a writer/director of Stephen King adaptations: The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Mist.

So there's obviously a reason why Darabont was so drawn to Kirkman's comic series. He saw the same spark he sees when adapting King's work. They're all related.

But anyway, the point of this post is, if the AMC series wants be as epic and emotional as The Stand, or the comics, they WILL NOT [BLACKOUT]kill Lori while giving birth on tonight's episode. If they do, I'll be horribly disappointed.[/BLACKOUT] I want to see this season end on the most epic of notes possible, with it all leading up to a classic confrontation between good and evil; Rick vs. Governor, Daryl vs. Merle, Stu Redman vs. Randall Flagg, and [BLACKOUT]Lori getting murdered by the governor [/BLACKOUT] is the perfect facilitator of that.
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I think it will work for them (the show creators), I give them the benefit of the doubt, if it goes down the way it has been said it might go down,[BLACKOUT] then we still have a baby to stress over wondering if they or wont day kill an infant on this show, let alone on screen. Most expect the Lori/baby death to be a season finale shocker, but they know that already, so they may be shaking it up, getting it out of the way early and truly have most fans not having a clue how/where they are going to from here, I mean wasn't it said somewhere their time in the prison may stretch over two seasons, lot of greatness ahead I figure.[/BLACKOUT]
I look at it from a tv executive perspective. If everything in those spoilers was to happen, it's essentially the most important episode of the season, maybe the whole series. There would be a lot more hyping up of this episode. More commercials, more news items on websites like this one. Sure it adds to the overall shock to downplay it but for the sake of ratings and ad revenue, they'd want to make sure everyone stops what they're doing and watch this episode.
Well, how about that?
Well thats the last time I question Oak and his spoilers lol.
Yeah, I called bull**** too and pretty much forgotten about most of the stuff mentioned.
She's reported some spot on stuff last season so I know to avoid her threads. I also need to avoid facebook when I can't watch it when it airs.
Okay you just made certain that I will never read a spoiler from you again. lol

I wish I didn't read that T-Dawg and Lori were going to die in another thread.
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Instead of making multiple threads, I am wondering if oakzap425 can post all the tv spoilers here.
I can if you'd like.

I usually find spoilers and foreign trailers around the net. Shall I post them all here? The foerign trailers are great to watch because they have diff clips from the ep that usually give away spoilers.

A gif from one of the spoilers was posted around the net proving the T-dog death.
I would put this is the official ep 5 thread, but there's no proof it's from Ep 5, and it's not official.

I'll still put it under a spoiler tag.

What happened to Carol? Maaaaybe she might be dead?

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I've always found Carol pretty likeable for the most part. Especially lately.

Hope she isn't killed off either.

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