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The 'This-is-why-we-can't-have-nice-things' sad pictures thread

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Dear Mods,

I love these forums...love them...and I generally appreciate the work that mods do to keep things in order. but this whole funny picture thread issue just reaks of the mod's getting tired of doing their jobs.

Look...there will always be infractions no matter how hard you try...there are always new jackasses joining the site who don't know the or with just straight up rules and plenty of current jackasses who will do the same and will complain when they don't get their way...it's always going to be that way. Killing one thread isn't going to magically make that stop.

It's your JOB to MODERATE these issues. Completely killing a very popular thread just because you are tired of doing your job is lazy at best. I check that damn thread everyday...it brings a damn smile to my damn face...damn it!

so open it back up and stop being suckers!...pretty please with a damn cherry on top!

I prefer strawberries......:awesome:
Spider-X said:
P.S. It's depressing as hell in here damn it!
U Sad?!



Why don't we just use this thread to post funny pictures in.
I prefer strawberries......:awesome:

I'm down with compromise, so here's your strawberry...but in keeping with the theme of the thread:


EDIT: Sorry...I see that your request was pural...strawberries:

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Because that would be insulting to the Mods decision to shut down the first thread, and I respect them too much to something so underhanded like that.
Damn, that Cyanide and Happiness pic is just as depressing as their usual ones are funny. :csad:
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