The Writer's thread (Authors, Screenwriters, playwrights, etc.)) - Part 1

Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing/your progress on various projects is going.

@Iceman - How'd your writing endeavors go?

@Schlosser85 - Loved reading the little bit you posted. I could imagine that beautifully and am very intrigued with where you and your co-writer decide to take the story/see how it all plays out.

I think I'm going to be posting something of mine in this thread relatively soon. Right now, I'm choosing to work on "the bibles" to four various short stories I'm working on. I'm thinking of posting those on here and getting feedback, if possible, to see if the stories are worth reading/if they progress satisfyingly.

Something I've experienced recently, especially with HBO Max's "The Little Things" movie is, sometimes you can have these wonderful ideas that, when the end comes along, the writer clearly ran out of steam/didn't know how they wanted to end it.

I'm hoping to avoid this common misstep/practice I feel many writers, unfortunately, practice. To me, the end is the most integral part to a story. I love that it's the lasting impression that, when done effectively, the reader can close the book and think to themselves, "Holy s***."

At least, that's what I want to achieve.
Yesterday, got the announcement that I'll be the 'chosen' script consultant for a youth mentor scheme starting up later this year (dependent on Covid-19 state of the country, here in UK) which aims to help, support and develop 18-25 year old's film-making careers. Well chuffed. :up:
Yesterday, got the announcement that I'll be the 'chosen' script consultant for a youth mentor scheme starting up later this year (dependent on Covid-19 state of the country, here in UK) which aims to help, support and develop 18-25 year old's film-making careers. Well chuffed. :up:
Congratulations. That is very cool and lucky for those kids. :D
You Shall Never Have to Forgive Me Again

This was the instrumental track I had playing that inspired me to imagine this particular story. I have only spent about the duration of the song to concept but, hopefully it holds promise/intrigue for those who give the synopsis below a read.

Something I'm curious about is, what are some of your guys' writing methods? What do you do to get yourself into a creative mindset...similar to "lucky socks" do you ever feel there are certain "elements" that need to be just right in order for you to work effectively?

One of my favorite things to do, as I may have mentioned before, is to have instrumental pieces playing while I write. I love allowing my mind to wander sometimes and imagine to myself, "What kind of story do I hear within the music?" I came up with an idea for a story I may pursue down the road/attempt to release later this year as a short. I feel like posting it here and getting feedback/seeing if this idea resonates with any of you.

This idea was a culmination of my disappointment with HBO Max's crime thriller The Little Things and getting inspired from a Netflix documentary titled Crime Scene: The Vanishing at Cecil Hotel. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions!

Thanks for taking the time to give this a synopsis a read. (Be warned, this synopsis will contain certain plot elements that are spoilers to the overall plot...)

Would this interest you?
Title of the Project: *To Be Determined*

The main character is an amateur writer for a big paper/website. They got their foot in the door as a "travel blogger" but their true passion resides in "crime report/investigative journalism". They naively thought they'd be able to brush shoulders with people and work their way to that department but got stuck. The main character wants to write a journalistic piece that the world will remember/puts them on the map.

Through a series of events, undisclosed at the moment, a notorious serial killer, presumed to be dead as they haven't been "active" for nearly two decades, gets wind of this journalists aspirations. I imagine him contacting the main character and offering them, "The Story of a Life Time". But, it's not so easy. The killer is making it known that he is very much alive and still walks among us, a chameleon assimilated into society. He offers details/insights into the heinous acts he executed all those years before. (Details that wouldn't be public/things he offers insight into that police and investigators couldn't quite link.)

As the journalist bites on the story, he is faced with the hard stipulation: don't notify the police of this exchange. Essentially "selling his soul to the devil" he complies out of fear he'll sever the link to the killer. After he's been given a few clues and various pieces to potentially solving the murders and figuring out who this guy is...the journalist runs into a snag. There's not enough information to go off of. Similar to a detective, he wishes another body would turn up...something that would allow him more evidence and a broader picture to study. That's when his sadistic prayer is answered...

The killer realizes the journalist has hit a snag resulting in a deal. The killer is allowing the journalist the option of using "a lifeline" by asking probing questions/more information and being pointed in the right direction. This, however, comes at a grave cost. Each time this is enacted, the killer will murder someone new. (Possibly eventually being someone close to the reporter? Still haven't decided that detail.)

While "You Shall Never Have to Forgive Me Ever Again" was playing, I imagined this "movie-esque" scene taking place. After the journalist initiates the first "lifeline", he doesn't hear any repercussions in the given time slot. Ultimately, he thinks it all might be a possible bluff. When the song is building up, I saw black leather gloves being put on hands in the foreground while blurred movement is happening in the background. It would cut to the journalist who is attending a fancy function with colleagues bathed in a David Fincher style warm, soft, golden glow. The camera cuts back to the killer which is a muted, cool, blue tone. The background focuses and you see a woman getting ready to enter her place of residence.

The man exits the car and it cuts back to the journalist whose phone buzzes. When he looks, it's a blocked number. He has his notifications set to where there are no previews, so he has to open it. When the strings kick in at around 1:15, that's when he sees a picture of the female brutally murdered. He becomes nauseous and rushes outside to get sick in an alleyway. He's seen pictures of dead bodies but never one that was a result of his own doing/decisions.

The serial killer then says he understands the journalists focus is elsewhere and that "we" need to realign. So he informs the main character he is given clearance to notify the police. The killer doesn't want the journalist functioning with this weight looming over him. He'll be able to write the article/continue to work on the piece but, if he asks for help, he knows another body will turn up.

I think towards the end of the story, it becomes this sick, amusing, game to the antagonist. He convinces the journalist that one of the victims, who had a closed casket because the brutality inflicted, is still alive and that the cops had a "cover up" to try and look good/get their ledger clean. The journalist involves the victims family, giving them hope after years of grief that their daughter may actually be alive. (None of them I.D. the body because the police didn't want the parents to remember her that way.)

Then, the killer offers the journalist the chance to "hear from the girl" if he asks the right questions. I say that because, at the very end, the audience finds out the killer prerecorded responses for the girl to say before being killed. That's why it's phrased "the right questions". It all then comes crashing down at the end when the journalist asks, "Why me? Why have me write this piece?" and you find out the killer really didn't have a rhyme or reason to choose him other than it would make for a better story in the grand scheme of things.

An amateur journalist has the story of a lifetime fall into their lap but don't possess the ability to fully convey a compelling article from the incredible source material they're given...that allows for a better writer to come along and expertly craft up a worthwhile piece of reading. It further perpetuates this serial killer into notoriety, all while not being too narcissistic in the final outcome. It's ultimately being left up to chance. If it gets swept under the rug, no skin off his bones.

I have an idea who I'd ultimately have the killer being and a societal theme tied to it...

Anyways, that's all I've got for now. All from a 3 minutes song. haha

Hope you guys enjoyed the synopsis! Let me know if that'd be a movie you'd watch.
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was interesting to read, tnx for the inspiration! I'm looking for new ideas for writing right now. Sometimes I use some help of writing service. They helpme to write my lab report at the highest level. These guys are pro in writing and proofreading.
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@joombo - Thank you so much for taking the time to read it/reaffirm to me that it could be an interesting premise! I appreciate that.

I’m glad to hear you’re feeling inspired. I hope it continues and you’re able to crank out something you’re proud of. Best of luck and keep us posted.
Just touching base to see how everyone’s projects are progressing/if any new developments have occurred?

I actually decided to tackle the story I mentioned above and managed to crank out an entire screenplay. There are a lot of fun additions to the story that I think make it a truly solid piece. I’m going to just have fun shopping it around and see what happens. Not too invested in it but, figure it’s a small constructive break from my novels.
Hope everyone is well.

Getting my next book ready, or as ready as I can, for a June 14 release.

Wishing everyone luck on any projects they may be working on.
I've had quite a few positive bits of writing and work news over the last 12 months or so, but been accepted as a UK FILM mentor recently and have 3 clients I am working with so far, in helping and guiding them n their work & development as writers. Proud moment. So now, I have mentor work with both the NFTS and UK FILM, two of the three biggest film organisations in the UK, the third being the BFI, and I'm hoping to work with them on their annual Film Festival in October.
Editing third book, hoping to release that in Feb.
Going to do a complete rewrite of fourth, not sure when, and not sure of release.

Hope everyone else is reaching their writing, content goals.
Hope everyone is well!

Wow, hasn't been much activity here. Hope everyone is reaching their goals at least.
My last book was released in February.

As it is for the series:
1st entry of series released in 2020.
2nd entry in series released in 2021 (this was cut content from that original book)
3rd entry in series released in 2022 (this was the 1st and 2nd entries in one volume plus a discarded chapter I added back in)

Currently working on:
plotting out and writing the 4th and 5th entries in the series (one will be the official sequel to the 1st entry above and the second is the sequal to that entry). I'm happy to be working on new additions to the this world after spending so much time in the same body of work. I have no idea when they'll release. What I'm hoping to do is by next month start writing these out (the 4th entry is technically written so rewriting that one and writing the 5th entry). I hope to develop these over the year (into next summer). And we'll see about a release for the two, I'm looking at 2024, also depending on my editor, hopefully.

I hope the above all made send and again, I hope everyone is reaching their goals creatively :D
Presently, I have a Kickstarter for a tie-in comic for a book series I wrote. I began the series in high school and have been editing and revising it since, and it is presently 6-7 books and still ongoing, with the first novel on track to be hopefully released in the next year or so (once I save up enough to pay for the editing.)

The project is 1% funded with 27 days to go, and I am excited, as I transformed a public domain character -- in this case, Pollyanna Whittier--and into a superhero, like Steve Englehart did with Patsy Walker. But, it is not your ordinary caper, as the 40 page origin story covers many unique trappings including a mad science experiment, Sweeney Todd and Ms. Lovett robbing a masquerade ball, and an excursion into the 100 Acre Wood. I have paid for four pages of art and will finalize the rest if it succeeds. If the goal is not met, I will still pay for artwork, one page at a time.

Presently, I have been working on running the campaign whilst taking a break from the connected book series.
Hey everyone,

I'm just touching base/bumping up this thread. I'm curious to know how everyone's writing endeavors are going? Hopefully well and fruitful. I'm in the process of trying to get on track to releasing some horror/scary stories this coming October. (As is my goal every year and then I back out of it at the last second.) Last year though my computer unfortunately crashed so, that at least was out of my control.

If anyone is interested in providing feedback, please feel free to send me a private message. I'd love to hear how the synopsis' of the various stories resonate with people.

As always, wishing everyone all the best.
it took me a while but i finally found this thread. was just wondering how everyone is doing with their endeavors. share some updates!

also, maybe someone can recommend a good software for putting together a book. i've been tasked with putting together a book about our family history, but i'd like to include images, graphics etc. i used to use Adobe InDesign, but I think that's gone or obsolete now.

so i'm curious what softwares everyone is using.
Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing/your progress on various projects is going.

@Iceman - How'd your writing endeavors go?
Hey! Sorry I missed the tag and subsequent posts for some reason.

Great to hear updates from yourself, @Hellion and @Mandon Knight above.

I've been super busy so haven't made much progress apart from saving any art I can find that inspires me. Hopefully will be free again at some point next year to get properly back into it.

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