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Oct 18, 2005
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Release Date: May 12th
Current Popcorn Meter Rating: 9.1
What’s the skinny? Warner Bros. dropped the THE and the ADVENTURE from their remake of THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE. Is that because they felt POSEIDON was less an adventure and more an action-packed thrill-ride and that THE POSEIDON ACTION-PACKED THRILL-RIDE was too long a title? Not sure. The buzz on POSEIDON has been surprisingly unbuzzy, which means one of two things: a) it’s not all that great a film, or b) WB is too busy pushing SUPERMAN RETURNS to give POSEIDON the time of day. Or it’s the continuation of the Josh Lucas curse that has doomed movies like STEALTH and GLORY ROAD.
Release Date: May 19th
Current Popcorn Meter Rating: 9.5
What’s the skinny? I was one of the lucky ones who read “The Da Vinci Code” before the hype machine started. At the time I thought it was a great, quick read and something that could’ve translated almost instantly into a film. I actually thought at the time they should create a “24”-like TV series that could’ve adapted the book. Then the book went on to become a phenomenon and we’re getting the blockbuster summer movie instead. I still don’t get Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon and a lot of the commercials and promotional material seem to give away certain plot points. I’m sure it’ll make money hand over fist but will it be one of the rare filmed adaptations that improves on the source material?
Release Date: August 18th
Current Popcorn Meter Rating: 8.1
What’s the skinny? Would you like some making ****? I know I do. Being a guy from Jersey who himself is struggling with growing up and staring straight ahead at the dreaded 30s, I’m real curious to see what CLERKS 2 is all about. Sure it’s gonna be funny (Jay perking up his nipples in the trailer convinced me of that) but it’ll also be a thoughtful meditation on growing up, being a man and digging yourself out of that rut so many of us find ourselves in. It’s Kevin Smith going back to his roots and man can I get behind that.
Release Date: August 4th
Current Popcorn Meter Rating: 9.6
What’s the skinny? When I think about how BEWITCHED ruined all the goodwill Will Ferrell reaped after ANCHORMAN I'll remember lines like "Milk was a bad choice" or "The Human Torch was denied a bank loan" and suddenly everything in the world is OK again. The trailer didn't do much in the way of cracking me up but I'll give Ferrell the benefit of the doubt that the best jokes are saved for the theater.
Release Date: June 16th
Current Popcorn Meter Rating: 9.5
What’s the skinny? Jack Black. Jared Hess. Wrestling. Beck. If you're not already sold on this movie you need to seek help. You may be surprised to see it ranked this high but I'm convinced this will be the funniest thing you see in theaters all summer and every summer needs a good comedy. Here's your best bet right here.
Release Date: May 5th

Current Popcorn Meter Rating: 9.2

What’s the skinny? This movie has the unfair advantage of being the only movie on the list that has been screened by our own JoBlo who said it "should definitely do the trick for you and your crotch." Hmm... don't know what it's gonna do for my crotch but Cruise-related wood would open up a very interesting door. It's best to leave that one closed for the time being. Still, I'm up for anything that comes from the mind of JJ "Lost" Abrams and I'm a big fan of the original MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE movie. Count me in.

Release Date: May 26th

Current Popcorn Meter Rating: 8.6

What’s the skinny? If you had talked to me two years ago when Bryan Singer was still on-board to direct X3, this film probably wouldn’t been at the very top of this list. But replace Singer with Brett Ratner and include a group of mutants called the “Omega Muties” (UGH) and I’m suddenly cooler than a cucumber on X3. All this said, it IS an X-MEN movie and it does deal with the Dark Phoenix saga (to some degree) and that’s enough to bring out the inner-nerd in me. Besides if I keep my expectations real low, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Lord knows I really, really, REALLY want to be proven wrong. Please Ratner.

Release Date: August 18th

Current Popcorn Meter Rating: 8.5

What’s the skinny? Do I? Seriously? Do I seriously even need to put words into this paragraph? Please don’t insult SNAKES ON A PLANE. It only makes them angrier. PS – How long after SNAKES ON A PLANE before we start seeing all the cheesy rip-offs like what happened after DIE HARD and every action movie was DIE HARD on a boat. I guarantee you we don’t last until December before we hear about SPIDERS ON A SUBMARINE. Or CLOWNS AT THE TOP OF A REALLY TALL BUILDING.

Release Date: June 30th

Current Popcorn Meter Rating: 9.4

What’s the skinny? Despite the fact that he’s a major dick, I’m still excited to see what’s in store as Superman finally completes his long journey back to the big screen. A couple days ago though, SUPERMAN RETURNS was at the top of this list. Then came the trailer for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2 and sadly for SUPERMAN, the Caped Crusader got bumped. SUPERMAN, by all accounts, is going to be a visually stunning film but beyond that?… I‘ve heard from people in the know who I trust two varying thoughts. One camp says it’s a powerhouse that is just fantastic from beginning to end. The other says it’s a massive disappointment. Whatever it is, you can bet your ass it’ll be better than the version McG would’ve come up with. For that, fanboys, be thankful.

Release Date: July 7th

Current Popcorn Meter Rating: 9.6

What’s the skinny? I give all the credit in the world to the Disney marketing team and whatever trailer house came up with PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2 trailer. That just sold it for me. PIRATES 2 was sorta off my radar screen but then I saw that bad boy and I was reminded just how fun the first film was and this second installment is promising all that and a bag of chips. I gobbled up everything in that trailer from Johnny Depp’s “Oh bugger” to Davy Jones’ command to summon the Kraken (described by legend as a sea monster of gargantuan size). THIS is gonna be some hot, popcorn fun at the old theater. Heck, I’m already juiced for PIRATES 3…

That's it, that's all, folks! Today's the day to get busy as the summer season officially kicks off with MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III in theatres. There's a lot to do and see this summer and guaranteed when all's said and done there'll be that one sleeper flick that didn't even make this list. That just goes to show you, I don't have all the answers!

Im thinking scenario two from the Superman Returns capsule:o
Stringer said:
Im thinking scenario two from the Superman Returns capsule:o

Well if you're expecting a dissapointment, then you wont really be dissapointed, will you? Kinda oxymoronic, dont ya think?

Also, SR is gonna own.
Katsuro said:
Well if you're expecting a dissapointment, then you wont really be dissapointed, will you? Kinda oxymoronic, dont ya think?

Also, SR is gonna own.
Thats exactly what Im hoping for homie:up:
5) MI 3
4) Superman Returns
3) Casino Royale (I nkow it comes out in Novenmber suckas! :p)
2) X3
1) Scanner Darkly
Bloom kind of ruined the Pirates trailer for me with his horribly delivered joke...
5). M:I:III
4). The Da Vinci Code
3). Superman Returns
2). POTC2
1). X3
1. X3
2. POTC: Dead Man's Chest
3. Cars
4. The Da Vinci Code
5. Superman Returns
And another round of Summer Movies I won't bother seeing...
the only movies i can see myself seeing in the theatre so far are x3 and snakes on a plane....possibly clerks 2 though i really don't like spending that kind of money..since i don't really have much.
5. Da Vinci Code
4. M:i:III
3. Superman Returns
2. Clerks II
1. X3
X-3 #1 It delivers so many heroes!:o then :supes: becuase that is the biggest iconic symbol besides the cross!
PotC2 is going to blow :(

Clerks 2 will too :(
Looks like this summer will have some good movies.
Mentok said:
PotC2 is going to blow :(

Clerks 2 will too :(
What? I highly doubt that. The writers for PotC are great. I have full confidence that they are going to deliever something great. PotC is the next great trilogy.
Pirates of the Carribean is an overrated piece of crap :o
hippie_hunter said:
Pirates of the Carribean is an overrated piece of crap :o
You're an overrated piece of crap.

But, seriously why do you say that? Do you just hate it because most people like it?
7) Alpha Dog
6) The Da Vinci Code
5) X3
4) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
3) Snakes On a Plane
2) Superman Returns
1) A Scanner Darkly
All the below have the opportunity to be the best summer flick:

Da Vinci Code
Superman Returns

Also looking forward to :

MI3 (Action scenes should be hot)
Snakes (Sammy & snakes)
hippie_hunter said:
Pirates of the Carribean is an overrated piece of crap :o

The first Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the only summer movies to have entertained me nowadays.

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