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World Transformers Scramble City...fan dubb

Lord Blackbolt

Sep 25, 2002
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I still can not understand why Hasbro didn't release this in the states with the American voice actors....

Anyway,....They released this in Japan. It was a animated movie that was suppose to bridge the events of Season 2 of Transformers and Transformers the movie.


I'm sure most of have seen it...but for those that haven't...this version is dubbed in english
Why exactly would Hasbro do that? I defy you to come up with a good reason for Hasbro to release a 23 minute direct to video (in 1986) Transformers episode that plays merry hell with continuity. (or what passed for it on G1 anyway :woot: )
well...the thing seems unfinished anyhow. It was left on a cliffhanger. Looks like they didn't put much thought into it. But the idea was a good one I think. There's a large gap in time. I always wished they did a season about those years. Dreamwave tried to do a comic series on those years.

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