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Revenge of the Fallen Unicron

The Joker_1000

Jul 29, 2007
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Do you all think that Unicron should be used in this movie? I recently learned about his character & I think it'd be pretty cool if we got Unicron in the next movie or maybe even in the third movie.
Definitely not in no. 2. At this rate Unicron is definitely overused:

*The cartoon.
*The Marvel comics (I can name three major appearances in both the UK and US comic off the top of my head).
*Transformers: Armada and Energon (cartoons and comics).

It'd be cool on screen, but I'd rather see them use every pre-1986 character in these films before seeing the more futuristic characters. Then again, they shoved in Scorponok...
too early for the cron, although he did make a guest appearance inside galactus' cloud though...
Yeah he stands out like a sore thumb :csad:
Why not? I think it'd be pretty badass to see the Autobots taking on Unicron in all his giant glory.
He's been heavily overused, as you can tell from reading the whole thread.
Maybe for a 3rd Movie. Right now I want more Autobot Vs. Decepticon action.
No, but I can see Unicron appearing in TF3 along with the Qunitesonns.
Just read my first post in this thread. There's a reason Simon Furman has forbidden Unicron from appearing in the IDW comics.
I'd still love to see him at least appear once in this franchise. He's pretty badass & it'd be great to see him on the big screen.
Maybe about 20 minutes maximum just so he can at least get to cause destruction.
I'm going to have to say no. I wouldn't mind seeing him appearing in a third Transformers movie.
If he does appear in the second movie, it should be a cameo at the end of the movie.
Yeah, that'd probably be best. If he's going to appear in the third movie, have him be referenced at the end of the second movie. If he's going to be in the fourth movie, have him make some sort of cameo at the end of the third movie.
In all likelihood Unicron (as we know it) will never appear in the current Transformers live action franchise. And good riddance too. It doesn't take much wondering to figure out that very little characterisation can be given to a planetoid that roams the galaxy gobbling up everything in its path. You'd have practically zero interaction with all the 'little' transformers on the ground and some stupid plot finale where someone creates a diversion while someone else flies inside to upload the computer virus (or something equally banal).

I'm all for seeing an exciting one on one with Optimus Prime versus Megatron or a chaotic melee with three on three etc. Not everyone versus a metal asteroid. It would be as riveting as watching Jet Li performing martial arts on a volcano! :whatever:

Where Unicron belongs is back in the 80's in a cheesy cartoon where small handguns can transform into giant robots and people have silly names like Sparkplug and Spike.

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