Venom Venom: The Last Dance

Toxin tended to be a good guy so I imagine he will start out wanting to hunt down and stop Venom but then they will team up to fight something/someone else.
‘Venom 3’ sets ‘Kelly Marcel as Director – Deadline

Interesting that all three Venom films have had different directors. But then, she's been involved with the first two, so it's a step up.
After writing and producing the first two Venom films, Kelly Marcel is ready to make the jump into the director’s chair as sources tell Deadline she is set to direct Marvel and Sony Pictures’ Venom 3 starring Tom Hardy. Marcel and Hardy will also produce with Marcel writing the screenplay from a story by Marcel and Hardy. Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, Amy Pascal, and Hutch Parker are also producing.
Yeah interesting that they gave the 3rd movie to an inexperienced director also but will hope for the best as always.
I will always hope for the best, but history has not been kind to inexperienced director who wrote prior movies takes Director's chair.
I honestly would've loved to see Hardy direct or something if Fleishman or Serkis weren't going to return
Erm, has Junk developed a bit of problem? She look ill in that picture?
I'd like if the kraven + venom world were connected & we had different interesting characters. I think that world seems like its having more luck than spideys world.
Did we already have a release date? Looks like October 2024 is the planned date.

'Ted Lasso' Stars Offer 'Venom 3' and 'Mission Impossible' Updates - Variety
Temple is set to star in “Venom 3,” which is scheduled for an October 2024 release. But the actress shares that she hasn’t started shooting on the film just yet but is scheduled to start “very, very soon, which I’m thrilled about.” Whereas, Waddingham’s role in “Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part Two” is already underway.
Definitely pumped

Actually rewatched LTBC last night, and it was much better than I remembered (not that I didn't like it at release, it just felt too short/rushed. But it's just very lean). I think I was tired when I first saw it

At least Sony is consistent the gap between their Venom and the MCU Spider-Man trilogy. Though I'm ready for these Venom movies to be over by neXt year, if it starts filming this year. Like surely, Sony would push for a Venom 4 and 5, but I seriously doubt Venom 3 is going to be better than the last two. That being said, I still watch every Marvel movie though.
I don’t see how this is possible with the strike. Is there even a script or director confirmed?

I don’t see how this is possible with the strike. Is there even a script or director confirmed?
A lot more than that. The movie had started filming in June before stopping due to the SAG-AFTRA strike.
But see, they just started filming and that target release date is already less than a year from now. What work could the post prod even do right now?

And it doesn't seem like these strikes will be over soon, meaning neXt month and by September. If they could delay Kraven to Aug 2024, I don't see Venom 3 would somehow keep that date. October 2024 is more fitting than June 2024, so if they move, maybe October again for Venom.
Yeah I don't see them reaching that date either with the strike still ongoing.
November 8, 2024

At this point, I just want these Sony Marvel movies to be done at this point. Aside from Spider-Man movies, I don't know what else they could do after Venom 3? Kraven and Madame Web are likely to be flops. I don't think people are still going to be interested with a 4th/5th Venom film.
Hope we get some casting news soon and confirmation of Toxin.

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