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What do you do for a living?

I'm an illustrator/animator. I have a full time job as a 2d animator (started out doing internship work for the Simspon's movie), but do freelance work on the side doing various illustrations/concept art for anything from books, trading cards, video games, etc. Have yet to work on a film though. I'll know I've made it when that happens.
No, I'm a courteous Engineer.
I don't think I tried to shop without the ID. I did visit a girlfriend on her break (she worked of AAFS at the time) using my car's base sticker, but that's as far as I would ever go.

In the modern commissary, do you show ID to enter or just at checkout? I remember there being a difference between our commissary and BX. One stopped you at the door. That was many, many, MANY moons ago however. How is it now?

we do it at the door and at checkout because we are not on base. we're just outside the base so they dont show id's to get there
Can we change this thread to "What do you do for a living and what do you wish you were doing?" lol
Hey there, Hype. I'm a college senior taking my fall semester off for an internship, although I'm really trying to get a better sense of what I want to do after graduation, shadowing in various industries, "following my heart" -- all that jazz.

What do you guys do, what are your interests in career-wise? I'm majoring in computer science and statistics, and although the money's good I'd only want to do it for a few years to move on to something else, if pursue it at all.

Curious to hear what Hypesters are up to.
To jump off from Dark Victory's thread, which could be combined, I am an account manager for a somewhat well known tech company in Chicago, and I also do some web hosting as a side gig.
terry is lazy for a living. if he would've posted the link to the other thread, i wouldn't have had to go find it to merge

I'm a professional message board moderator.
I thought you were a massage board moderator.......
Personal Banker.

Yes, I am one of those people. :o
Now I'm doing sales for a prescription lens company. Thinking about getting a mobile DJ set-up to do some DJing on the weekends for extra cash. No way in hell am I going to pick up some crap job I will hate for the weekend
terry is lazy for a living. if he would've posted the link to the other thread, i wouldn't have had to go find it to merge


At least I'm not a pothole for the man. :mnm:
I'm a professional writer.

Or, I is a professional writer.

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