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What was the last movie you watched? Part 2

The Abyss (extended cut) such an underrated film easily one of Cameron's best I wish I could have seen the re release in theaters last year but it never came near to my area so I easily bought it on 4K along with True Lies (another awesome Cameron film!) I forgot how awesome Ed Harris was as Bud he acted the hell out of his part in some scenes (mainly the drowning and CPR scene I still get chills from it!).
Deadly Manor (aka Savage Lust)

Spanish-American co-production slasher film, directed by José Ramón Larraz (Vampyres, 1974). A group of really idiotic 'teens' (plus a mysterious hitchhiker) travelling through upstate New York on their way to vacation at a lake decide to stop off and spend the night in an apparently abandoned mansion. Despite finding an old, severely damaged car bizarrely parked on top a stone monument in the grounds, as though the whole thing is some kind of a shrine, several coffins in the basement, and what appears to be a human scalp, they decide they'll stay anyway. Eventually (surprise!), one by one they start getting bumped off.

This was made in 1990; the 80s slasher boom had passed, and Scream had yet to pump new life into the genre. The first half is very slow, taking a while to get going as far as kills are concerned, the acting ranges from bad to barely passable, and the killer's motivation is ridiculous. But the location (a genuinely abandoned house, demolished soon after the shoot) is very creepy, the girls are cute (the absolutely stunning Claudia Franjul was tragically killed in real life just five years after this in a traffic accident at the age of just 24), and if throat slashings are your thing you could do worse. Some female nudity. 5/10
The Man Who Turned to Stone (aka The Petrified Man)

According to this, female prison inmates were pretty well-behaved young ladies in the 1950s! :funny:
Hariken Porimâ / Hurricane Polymar (2017)
First Knight (1995)
Oh, Ramona! (2019)
America's Sweethearts (2001)
Bitter Love (2020)
Kapitan Volkonogov bezhal / Captain Volkonogov Escaped (2021)
That's on my watchlist for Famke alone. Was she in it a lot?

The movie is pretty good - decent production values and for the most part plays it straight. Not mind-blowing but definitely worth a watch. Mackenyu makes for a charming lead and pretty much carries the movie...

Famke is actually in the film quite a bit and has a fairly important role. I'd definitely recommend the film :-)

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