What was the last movie you watched? Part 2

Summer of Sam (1999)


No Man of God (2021)

I like that movie. Still haven't managed to see the rather meta remake/sequel.
Same here. I've always been curious on that one.

Rough Cut (1980)


A slightly different Burt flick, with a diamond heist and non US areas involved. Not fantastic but still kinda decent flick with David Niven and classic stunning beauty Lesley Anne-Down as nice side cast bonus.

The Last Movie Star (2017)


His last film? A nice little feelgood dramedy in which Burt ends up at this non official nerd-driven low budget "filmfestival" in Nashville, playing pretty much himself with some fun flashbacks during his career (like real flashbacks from films like Smokey and the Bandit, Deliverence etc with just a different name).

The relationship between Burt and Ariel Winter (and his reactions to this nerdy filmfestival) is quite predictable, but there's also stuff like a sincerely heart warming scene when he visits his first now demented wife at an elderly home. I always thought Burt did really well in his older days, be it often cameos (with loads of self distance). And he's totally great here IMHO. Recommended for fans.


This was lots of fun. Didn't really know what to expect here except hopefully fun performances from Robbie and Gosling. And of course they delievered. Nothing spectacular, but full of entertainment. A rewatchable flick for sure.

I laugh so hard at the snotty whining incels claiming this would be some kind of whatever feminist propaganda (they have to be a minority, right?). Barbie the doll actually always reminds me of when my ex wife told me how she wasn't allowed by her then left wing mother to have an imperialist, capitalist and anti-feminist product like a Barbie doll (we're talking marxist left here, this was Scandinavia in the 70s after all lol). And of course her kind grandma secretly gave her one.


Ngl, the trailers looked very generic to me, hence having very low expectations going in here. I was expecting Spider-Man in Iron Man suit with talking AI again bla bla here. And yes, there's pretty much of that. But I still enjoyed this flick way more than expected. Xolo and his family was a fun bunch, and of course George Lopez stole the show as expected. Looking forward to the sequel (in which we might learn what happened to Ted Kord?)
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A little more than 30 years after discovering the Ninja Turtles from a Saturday Morning cartoon , I can safely say ,this is the best TMNT film, live action or animation, since the classic 1990 film IMO.
It had an great an interesting new take on the mythology , that actually explores what it would be like, for these four kids, to be isolated from their peers, and the rest of the world.
Other tv and film adaptations have kinda glossed over it , but this actually takes it head on and runs with it in a way that expands the myths and leaves the door open to all kinds of possibilities that weren't imagined by in the early 90s when the cartoon and the films were huge.
And if you were around at that time and aware, you'll know how huge they were for a few years there, in the early 90s.
I really enjoyed this film, and it's one of my favorite films of the year.
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