Batman Begins What were Crane's intentions?

More or less. When he loses control of the situation he basically panics.
Well, he can't do anything.

Without his fear toxin, he's helpless.
I also heard him say "I'm here to help", and it also says it on the subtitles, maybe he is saying "I'm here to help" as in "I'm here to help you fear fear itself"
I always thought Crane was just gonna go into "I'm going to help you face ur fears", and throw some more gas at them :hehe:

Edit: like others said before ... duh me for not reading the entire thread :hehe:
On a related note, I still think that him getting tased in the face and being drug off by his horse while screaming like a little girl is the funniest scene in the movie, and I love it. I laugh every time.
Man, that ruined a perfectly cool scene. Now I have to live with "I'm here to hel-".
That scene was so awesome. I do wish he was in it more doing bad stuff to other people. Though that was the best way to get him out. I wish they had an extended scene of him riding past police just screaming being dragged by the horse and all of them just look and go WTF?
I loved the scene as well. Not only was a tasered Crane screaming off into the night hilarious but the prior moment with the fire breathing horse was awesome:up:
I have a question, does anyone know the reason why Scarecrow/Crane at the end of Begins states "I'm hear to help!" to the boy and Rachel? It makes me wonder, by his tone and voice if he was actually going to help them out of the Narrows.

Rachel tells the "they wouldn't believe me" kid that no one will hurt him, then Crane comes by on his horse and says "of course they are" in his menacing voice. Dawes, in confusion, asks "Crane?" then he says "No! Scarecrow!" (Keep in mind he never states that "of he course is")

It skips to the Loeb then the Batman/Gordon scene. Then at 1:56 goes to the main scene, where Crane, after finding Dawes and the boy, still in his pursuit, says "there you are". "There is nothing to fear but fear it self" He then changes his tone completely and appears to raise out his hand and says in a sincere manner "I'm here to help" and she of course raises her arm and shocks him in the head. He then rides off into the night screaming.

This was all with subtitles. Just found this out recently when I watched the movie again. Why the hell would he do that? It doesn't look like he's about to trick her, not at all. And changing his voice seems strange to me. Unfortunately they never go into to much detail about it. This always always puzzled me, could he have turned over a new leaf? Maybe getting gassed made him think sanely? I just don't understand it. He sounded, again, sincere to me, and it really doesn't help that he states he's "there to help".

I really hope he has a decent part to play in the Dark Knight.

Crane was nuts. His voice changed randomly and he himself didn't know his own intentions by that point.

And to you, ChristianBale Batman, Scarecrow may be a little girl with a mask but he's one darn creepy little girl with a mask- which makes all the difference.

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