What's The Last Movie You Watched? - Part 17

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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

I think I like the first one more, this one is just ridiculous
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Oh yea man. That one could barely keep my attention. Just HORRIBLE

master of the flying guillitine
Justice League Doom

My favorite Justice League animated movie
The traps they took from Batman's computer and the way they were used -especially the one with Flash- made the thought Jigsaw (Saw films) is the Batman of horror films
Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Rambo: First Blood Part II


A really solid James Bond film, It's not quite Casino Royale but there's a lot to like in this. Craig did a great job but the show stealer goes to Javier Bardem, he was hitting the same notes as Heath's Joker in terms of villainy and I noticed there was a few similarities from TDK. The film does slow down near the middle which I didn't like but it was quickly over once Bardem shows up in London. Also even though I'm not a huge Bond fan I did notice some call backs to the older films, which was cool.


Here Comes the Boom

This just comes off as the extremely generic teacher that saves the school type movie. It's got the MMA angle which I liked up to a point but much of the comedy didn't work for me. Bas Rutten was surprisingly good with what he had to do and Salma Hayek was good...well...for eye candy I guess.
End of Watch.

Taut and surprisingly very funny. I'm not big on found footage at all, but this is by far the best use of the genre. If you're on board with David Ayer, you should know what to expect.

V For Vendetta

Saw this last Monday. This movie is deeply appealing to me as an apolitical person. Gets me every time.

Maximum Conviction

The best DTV movie both Steven Seagal and Steve Austin have made. Also I'm glad to see Seagal caring again, no matter what a joke he's become, I can't help but want him to succeed. When I heard that Seagal improvised the best action beat and one liner of the film, I smiled. Austin should keep playing funny characters too, I loved his one liners.

Skyfall > Casino Royale > Quantum of Solstice/10
Thank You For Smoking


Smart, witty, cheeky satire. Aaron is really good in this, adding lots of charisma to what should be a very unlikable character. He's like a modern day Don Draper, in a way. Rob Lowe's scenes were the highlight though.

"Cigarettes in space? Wouldn't they blow up in an all-Oxygen environment?"
"Probably. But it's an easy fix...one line of dialogue. Thank God we invented the, yknow, whatever device"
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