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What's your view of the definitive Batman costume?

The panther suit looks really good. It's a revamped B89 suit, and it looks good on Kilmer.

Agreed, it's way better then the sonic suit. It's kind of sad we never got an action figure based on it.
Never understood the fuss for the panther. I don't like the muscles, although I accept them for the OG Keaton. Maybe it's just the nipples that kill it for me.
The nipples don't bug me that much. Sure, I rather they not be there, but it's not nearly as much of an eye sore like TDK suit.
TDK is a suit that ill always love even though fans hate it to hell. I dont see the problem with it. I find it looks like badass bat-armor, because it pretty much is. Fans argue that it's "too busy like a jigsaw". I guess i just dont mind that look.

I want a more classic look and believe that the definitive suit will be brought to us within the next few years.
I still wish they had done a new suit for Dark Knight Rises that was a combination of the previous two suits. I think that would have probably been perfect for that series, though the DK suit looked great in that movie.
So of the two Burton suits, which is your favorite "Batman 89" or "Batman Returns"?
Returns. I love the cowl, and I also prefer the emblem. The texture of the rubber looked a lot better too. It was just on overall improvement.

Both are good, though.
Of the Burton suits? For me, it would be the Batman 89 suit withr the Returns cowl and the texture of the Returns suit.
I think I like Batman '89 suit more. Just looks more badass.
89 for me. I prefer the sculpted breast plate to the geometric one seen in Returns.
I do prefer the muscles of the B89 suit.
A third Keaton movie could have combined those elements.
Well, I love the yellow oval, to start. I think the perfect suit would be something like the Earth One costume, as it was done on Arkham Origins:

I thought that if they had to give a plausible excuse for the oval, that it could work as a blinding light if Batman ever got in a face-to-face struggle.
never mind
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****in' this.

Blows all previous versions out of the water. Including the mighty Nolan's (goes without saying, but thought I'd say so just in case).
yeah, i saw that new picture. not blown away but the batmobile looks better than anything Nolan had.
Because why would Batman put nipples on the suit? They serve no purpose.

They serve no purpose but emphasise the homoerotic element which goes back to the early comics and accusations of homosexuality in Seduction of the Innocent. Like it or not, it's always going to be a part of Batman's history. And since Joel Schumacher is himself gay, he decided to bring it closer to the forefront.
I think people need to see the Affleck costume in detail before claiming it the best.

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