World When did Spiderman start his wise-remarks?


Mar 13, 2006
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Since around the 90s I've seen Spiderman featured as the hero who likes wise-crack jokes, even in the worst of positions. But I look back further and I dont see as much of that. I actually see the opposite, seriousness and being sad. Sure Spiderman is not the Joker, he takes things seriously, but he hads the wise-cracks.

Personally, I like them. It makes the comics funny. An example? Him in the New Avengers. He adds humor to them.
In New Avengers he's portrayed as a quasi Jewish nuisance who cracks jokes at really inapropriate times. Fact is the guy ain't Deadpool, his jokes are only there to cover his own nervousness during fights. And to answer your question about when they started it was mostly around the Romita era where Stan was trying to move away from the teenage angst feel that Ditko had created
He's been making jokes since the beginning, although back then he wasn't as much of a stand-out for his humour. Stan Lee had a lot of characters making jokes back then.

And about the nervousness, I don't know where that comes from. I've seen writers use it, but it's at odds with how Pete's always been portrayed. He is a genuinely funny guy. Either with his friends, coworkers, classmates, whoever. He definitely tries to mask his fear or lack of self-confidence in tougher fights, but he also makes jokes when he's fighting complete losers, so it can't be said that he's only doing it because he's scared.
It's a battle strategy... The wiasecracks can piss off the opponent and lose focus, then Spidey has a chance at beating him/her/it...
I always liked the reasoning that he told jokes or wisecracks in order to cover his own nervousness. That seems a lot more real since people do that in life. I never pictured Peter as the type of guy that would do it just to piss people off, save for a few situations where it was really warrented.

I knew this was the reason why Ultimate Spider-man did it and it was said so save for the time where he purposely made fun of the Kingpin with the fat jokes. Oh that was great. There most certainly needs to be more Spidey/Kingpin scenes.

Does Spider-girl do the wisecracks as well? Her reasoning the same as Ultimate or 616 Spidey?

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