Which of these teams would win in a battle royale?


Jun 24, 2005
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If all these fought at the same time which teams would knocked out first to last. (meaning to lose all 4 members) and forgetting that they never would.

Team Fantastic Four :ff:

Reed Richards
Sue Storm
Human Torch
The Thing :thing:

Team X men 1

Wolverine :wolverine
Shadow Cat

Team X men 2

Colossus :marv:

Team X men 3

Jean Grey

Team Avengers 1

Captain America
Giant Man

Team Avengers 2

Black Panther
Iron Man
Quick Silver

Team Marvel

Spiderman :spidey:
Ghost Rider

Team JLA 1

Plastic Man
Green Lantern

Team JLA 2

Green Arrow
Martian Manhunter
Aqua Man

Team Batman

Robin (the latest one)

Team Superman

I think the first team to lose all it's members would be the fantastic four :ff:
i think that it would end up being Thor, Hulk:hulk: , Superman :supes: and Colossus left standing
Team JLA 2 would pwn all the other teams with ease with Team X-Men 3 and Team Avengers 2 being the most challenging on account of Jean Grey and the Hulk. But with Superman, the Martian Manhunter, the Flash and Aquaman who are the most powerful heroes on the JLA, they would be able to defeat them.
Yeah I'm gonna go with Hippie Hunter on this one. JLA2 Rocks all the others in under two minutes. No one could touch the flash, except jean but J'onn would have already dropped her fast with his superior mental abilities. Assuming that they were tied, then Aquaman would jump in and use his telepathy to aid MM and take her down fast and hard. Supes and Flash meanwhile could takeout everyone else at speeds so fast they literally wouldn't know what hit them.
Wonderwoman and GL both would give them fits. But it does depend on which GL we are talking about. As cool as he is, John Stewart or Guy Gardener would be handled rather quickly by those four. Hal and Kyle both have enough experience around the other league members to be able to hold their own, at least until Orin and MM turn their attention to them. Wonderwoman would occupy Supes for a while as she is almost as powerful as he is. The thing most people forget is that Supes, MM, and Aquaman are all as strong or almost as strong as the Hulk. Supes is practically invulnerable, Manhunter is hurt only by fire, and Aquaman, well heck he's pretty darn resilient as well. For sheer strength, speed and the fact that they've got two powerful telepaths on their team, I give it to JLA2 in under 5 minutes with zero losses.

*Edit* heh, forgot THor was up there, he's gonna give JLA2 fits. They could handle him, but he might take one of them down with him. So at most, one loss, but Thor will be the last outside the team standing.
I would probably say the samebut Batman can pretty much as the knowledge to beat everyone there if given the time.
Team Avengers 2 > Everyone else

Too strong, too fast, too smart
well id say hulk strong everyone else is kinda average
and hulk is certainly not strong

but its your own view so you make your decision

im saying team batman would win
IronMan_2005 said:
Team Avengers 2 > Everyone else

Too strong, too fast, too smart

Team JLA2 is faster than Team Avengers 2. The Flash is much faster than Quicksilver. Superman and the Martian Manhunter could take down the Hulk. Iron Man and Black Panther could be taken down by Aquaman.
Superman is no longer in JLA 2 he has his own team now
gamemiester said:
I would probably say the samebut Batman can pretty much as the knowledge to beat everyone there if given the time.

Yeah, batman's infamous preptime pretty much owns all.
Oh yeah, Batman would win with preptime. 5 Years preptime?

Then Spider-man. Every kids and their grandpas love brightly colored Spidey.

Supes a distant 3rd. Boring.

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