The Dark Knight Whos the girl in the hood???

carltio x

Jun 12, 2007
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Has any one commented or notice that in the trailer when the joker comes in and breaks up the party he comes in with his goons who all wear masks and have guns but their is one goon who looks female. Looks like a gray hood with a shotgun but no mask what is up with that. Look at the time of 1:25 to 1:27

It's a bird!
It's a plane!
No, it's Harley Quinn!

Nah, it's a guy.
Interesting.... nice catch.
I can't tell if it's a guy or a girl, either way I'd bet it's not important.

Unless it's Selina or Harley (fiver says it's not) then does anyone really care?
Yeah, just looks like a guy in a ratty hoodie. Though it's odd he's not wearing a mask.
Just going by the bone structure of the face it appears to be a woman.
You can see a henchman in the background when Joker says, "A little fight in ya. I like that." He's wearing a mask.
Michael caine did say, "dwarfs." Maybe they are just really small people. (with masks: with a closer look, it looks like a mask.)
Looks more like a guy to me, but it's hard to figure out.
And why does it matter? Girls get involved in gangs too. It ain't groundbreaking.
I would love to say the contrary but that's a guy :csad:
maybe a girl...maybe a young confused impressionable teenage boy?

a teenage boy that feels alienated by his beak-like nose and flipper-like hands who will one day come to call himself the PENGUIN?!

......just kidding..but it coiuld just be a young teenage guy.
So this wack-arse thread about a mask-less, female goon turns out to be about a dude with a mask on? Only at SHH!
It could be guy or girl, but she's/he's wearing a mask.
well I doubt the person wouldnt be wearing a mask so I`m pretty sure they`re disguised and women can be criminals too

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