The Dark Knight Rises Will this trilogy be converted to 3D one day, and would you go see it?!

Lets say 10 years down the line. Nolan and WB have parted ways, perhaps. They convert the entire trilogy, all released in the same year...would you go see it? Assume it is the best possible conversion.

It'd help the box-office, fo sho, but it is something you'd want to check out?

Personally - when 3D is done well, its awesome. I can imagine some the IMAX stuff in 3D looking just out of this world. Then again, its nice to watch IMAX films without glasses all the time.

BUT...would anyone purely not go because it would be against Nolan's wishes?
Nope. Why would i go to a theater to see something which ruins such a beautiful natural 2d photography ?
I wouldn't get mad if they release it, it already exists in 2D.

I wouldn't watch it.
There is nothing to see in 3D, or rather, not much worth seeing in 3D in these films.
It would be a post-conversion job. Movies shot in 3D look better, but it's still just a gimmick. Leave the 3D to a short Batman amusement park ride.
No and in the words of Alfred "Nev'er"
I really hope they realize IMAX is the true way to get an irreplaceable experience, since 3d tvs can obviously bring the 3d movie home. I would love to see an imax rerelease. 3d conversion would cost alot, so they would not be maximizing profit which would seem counter their goal. But who knows. I can't imagine it being better because of 3d.
Yes but it has nothing to do with 3D. I'd love to see this trilogy in big screen.

I'll go Jurassic Park 3D for same reason. I wish they convert the old movies to IMAX instead of 3D though.

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