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Wolverine's so called "love"for Jean...

^I can't stand that man, or that studio for that matter. I can't stand Tom Rothman.
^I can't stand that man, or that studio for that matter. I can't stand Tom Rothman.

Both are talentless idiots who dont have a clue about film-making, I havent paid to watch a Fox movie since X3, and I wont until they get their ****ing act together, Ratner, his movies HAVE always and WILL always be crap, Conan is off my to-see list already, and I LOVED the old movies.
^I can't stand that man, or that studio for that matter. I can't stand Tom Rothman.
Nobody can.

I didn't care for the way the whole Wolverine/Jean/Cyclops arc ended either, for pretty much the same reasons already listed by other posters.
Way to bring a thread back!!!
I brought this up in a XM1 thread.

The thing that has always bothered me through the X-Men's was Logan's "love" for Jean.

At the beginning of X-men, the X-Men rescue Wolverine and Rogue. Wolverine wakes up to Jean and almost kills her. After he meets up with Xavier, they agree that Charles has 2 days to find out what Mags wants with him. After the 2-3 days, Magneto is defeated and lock up in prison. Logan leaves the mansion.

He comes back during X2 to be welcomed back by Jean and Storm as they are on their way to Boston. Wolverine stays back and watch the students. After the mansion is attacked, Wolverine and the other students flee and head to Iceman's house. After the cops are called they are picked up by Jean and Storm. While flying, they are attacked and about to crash wil Mags saves them. The spend 1 night in the woods before heading to the Weapon X facility. After everything happens the dam collapses and Jean sacfrices her self to help the X-Men escape.

In X-Men 3, months after her "death", she is "resurrected". Jean is at the mansion for a day, when she wakes up, tries to seduce Wolverine, and walks out. She goes back to her home. After Charles dies, Magneto takes her with him. Wolverine sees Jean in the woods for only a moment before Mags taes care of him. The Brotherhood goes to SF. Jean does her thing and Wolverine kills her. The woman he loves. Who he has only seen like a total of 7 days.

Anyone else see a problem with this? How could he show such emotion... for someone he hardly knows?

It's called movie magic baby.

No, really though... seeing Jean die brought Logan to tears? I mean... are we talking about the same weapon x-suffering, samurai-trained, 140(or whatever) year old Logan here?
Wolverine cried more than anyone throughout the trilogy.
I agree with the initial post, all throughout the film I was waiting for Scott's return at the end and the love scene would be between he and Jean and Wolverine would realize the bond they shared, but sadly I was dissapointed... Wolverine being in love with Jean seemed so out of character, as well as the crying (especially the crying^), I thought their bond was a lustful one, you know he, the good girl attracted to the bad boy and vice-versa
Wolverine cried more than anyone throughout the trilogy.

That's really out of character, I mean, Wolverine does get emotional but He doesn't cry in the comic books, Cyclops is supposed to be more of the EMO cry baby, there's a scene in Uncanny X-Men #101 where Cyclops breaks down and cries alone, this was during the time after Jean Grey was in the Hospital after transforming into Phoenix for the first time.

Also, there's one thing that I noticed in X2 and X3.... in X2, when Jean Grey dies, Wolverine is emotional without any tears and Cyclops is crying then in X3, when Jean dies as Phoenix, Wolverine is crying with tears. It's like they all of a sudden portrayed him out of character in X3.
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I wanna say that Cyclops stayed truer to comic book form than Wolverine did. Hugh Jackman has got the acting skills and the looks, but without a script that shows how badass Wolverine is, it's all moot. My favorite scene of all four X-men movies is when they break into the mansion and Wolverine smells it before he even sees them, then proceeds to killing them by the dozen. That's the Wolverine I know. I have no idea who the guy crying over and over about Jean Grey is.
As several people know on this board, I'm a huge Jean Grey/phoenix fan but I thought the Wolverine-jean relationship was so force from X1 to especially X3. I'm the Jean fan that strictly likes Jean with Scott and that believes Phoenix is equally passionate about Scott Summers. I absolutely hate that Scott was killed by Phoenix in X3.

Hugh Jackman and Famke have chemistry but it's not sexual or romantic chemistry.
That's really out of character, I mean, Wolverine does get emotional but He doesn't cry in the comic books,

He cried when Mariko left him at the altar in Japan. And he bawled in at least 2 episodes of the 90s animated series.

Not that I'm a fan of a weepy Wolverine, but it's happened outside of the movies.
^ lol yes. way to make the distinction :)

IMO it's okay to show the emotional side of Wolverine if you also show the animal side. But they painted Wolverine as misunderstood and not that bad of a guy, in fact he was even a fatherly figure. Plus they candy-coated love story between Jean and Wolverine. With the comics, I was more drawn in to the fact that Jean would love somebody that was a cold-hearted killer (she's telephathic and can experience some of that rage first-hand).
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