Worst Movie you've ever seen?


Sep 15, 2005
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Alone in the Dark

Nothing is worse than this piece of garbage...Anything with Tara Reid, Stephan Dorff, and that gonad Christian Slater. There is no God after seeing this movie.
Alone in the Dark for me too...

I could not believe how horrid a 'movie' like this could be until after I saw AITD...

Close second... Gigli. :down
Feels like the third time this week, that this topic has appeared :rolleyes:
just to name a few

date movie
some plane movie on tv totally sucked
about 95% of sci fi original films

Alien3 - a gigantic slap in the face to the brilliant vision created by Scott and Cameron
ms congeniality 2 was a dissappointment and should have never been made. not the worst but it was very stupid. and every other sequel soo far to many memorable films :(
All of Ewe Boll's movies thus far
Aeon Flux
Here are some I thought were a waste of ten bucks.

Napoleon Dynomite

Bycentennial man

Scary Movie 3

Spider-man (GASP! SHOCK!)

Predator 2

Jersy Girl (I actually liked it when I saw it with other people around, but watching it by myself it just screams suckage for some reason.)
I forgot about Domino. God, why didn't you just kill me after I saw it?
Jason X.
Date Movie.

I wasted my money on Date Movie and Jason X makes me mad whenever I watch it.

Battlefield Earth and House of the Dead.

Actually, compared to House of the Dead, Battlefield Earth is Kenneth Branagh's Henry V.
oh man i forgot about napolean dynomite. god that movie was overrated
Napoleon Dynamite is one of thise movies that you either love or you hate. There's really no middle ground. I personally thought it was funny. Anyway, I'm not really sure what the worst movie I've seen is. My judgement is usually good so I don't end up seeing movies that I end up hating. And my friends and family have pretty good tastes in movies too so I haven't been dragged to anything horrible. Now, I've seen portions of a lot of bad movies...Gigli, Dumb and Dumberer, etc...because I used to work at a movie theater.
fantastic four was pretty bad in my taste
prime was meh
in the mix was horrible i walked out after 15 minutes! seriously it was stupid! and cheesy as hell!
I'd rather have watched a Batman 60's episode than FF. Atleast Batman didn't take itself seriously.
War of the worlds the remake not the old one that was good. Dang I hate Tom.
deathshead2 said:
War of the worlds the remake not the old one that was good. Dang I hate Tom.
You don't like the movie coz you hate Tom?
I would say Batman and Robin, but I find that movie hilarious these days.
Probably The Phantom with Billy Zane

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