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Jan 16, 2005
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Not sure if its been asked before, but Im gonna post anyways....

I know a lot of people over at the IMDB forums are complaining about the look of Juggernaut. I am a huge fan of this character, always have been, and I like his new look. It gives him more of a REALISTIC vibe, and I like that.

Your thoughts?
I like it well enough. I mean, he'll definitely be the tallest guy on screen and I think the muscle suit makes him look real enough, but also kinda unnatural, which is how he should look. I honestly don't think there's a way to make a character like him not look a little silly anyway, so I'm fine with his look.
his helmet looks too much like magneto's, they shouldve made it more faithful to the comics
I agree completely with sun_down

The_Sc0rpi0N said:
his helmet looks too much like magneto's, they shouldve made it more faithful to the comics
If they wanted that, they would've had to cut Vinnie's neck off.. :p Some things translate well and others don't..I'm pretty sure that they tried it..

I'm not feeling the open midriff, and I wonder how he'd look with a mask underneath the helmet, but aside from that, I think he looks decent. How he looks is less important than what he does, IMO.
the movie juggernaut looks more human and believable so it could work out for the best.
I think his height is fine for Juggernaut. And the costume would also look good, but because his body looks so puny it doesn't. Just look at his fist for example.

And the worst of all, is the helmet.
Sorry - Not feeling the love with this 'new' juggernaut. For one, he's puny. Juggy is is enormous! He should tower over all of the other brotherhood. His chest alone is as wide as a refridgerator! Secondly, the helmet. Juggernaut just isn't juggernaut without the dome. Besides, there's a very important storyline behind the helmet.

I understand that creators like to be creative but c'mon. Let's be creative somewhere else and leave the characters alone. Serious fans will be more impressed at how closely these movie houses stick to the original ideas of the Bullpen!

I don't think they could have pulled off a realistic look for Juggy w/ proportions that are in the comics. Yeah, he's supposed to be a monolith, but it would look unreal. I think a good example of such proportions looking exaggerated is the character 'Mr.Hyde' from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It was a really neat effect, but it looked too animated. Despite the look of the helmet, I'm still freakin' out that Marko and Rasputin are being represented in the flick as they've appeared in the pics and trailer! Hot damn!
If it were his new comicbook look, I would say no way. But in the context of this movie, I think it's more than passable and I have no real complaints. I think there are more concerns with this movie than what Juggernaut's costume looks like, and whatever differences there are between the movie version and the comic version are pretty incidental in my view. I'm just happy with what I see so far, and more than a little relieved at this point to be nitpicking his size and costume. I'll give it a thumbs up.

Is Juggernaut taller than Colossus?

In the comics, yes. I have yet to see the size relation for this movie however.
So that would make Juggs near 8ft tall in the comics... since C is supposed to be 7'5". I doubt they'll make C grow when he transforms in X3.
juggy vs cyclops

I think they look that they have for Juggernaut will be good. You have to keep in mind that the general public will have to identify with him. He is not a major character so to make him more human like, but in a way that strength and toughness are completely obvious is definitely the way to go.

Lets face it...If it were left up to us. We would like to see Wolverine in Black and yellow spandex with his mask, and Cyclops to bein his blue and yellow suit from the comics and so on...

But there has to be a realistic effect to it.
haven't seen him in full costume except for a brief glimpse in the new teaser & the promo head shot. aslong as they keep the subtleness of the costumes, i'm sure it'll be fine.
well i dont like the fact that his torso is exposed. from that still shot u can see hes wearing a body suit and if it was covered it wouldnt look so wierd. my only other "complaint" would be that i wouldve wanted his helmet to be connected to his uniform as normal.
Cosmic said:
I'm not feeling the open midriff, and I wonder how he'd look with a mask underneath the helmet, but aside from that, I think he looks decent. How he looks is less important than what he does, IMO.
agreed. as long as he causes some serious damage when battling colossus im sure everything else will be overlooked.
I dont have anything SERIOUSLY wrong with the jugs' costume
but something that bugs me are the colours.
the movie version uses several shades of brown for different sections but the comics were more red, even if, over time, they became more browny it doesnt look as good without the red

P.S. I also have a problem with mr. V.Jones greased up body under the suit
fake looking fake muscles = a realistic vibe ???

real muscles on a guy named Jones = realistic


fake muscles on some 6 foot tall Guy Ritchie actor named Jones = Matthew Vaughns crappy dumb legacy on the X-Men franchise.

aslong as it's not over the top & more subtle (believable), that much better.
It looks okay but vinnie jones could pull it off even with the f'd up helmet
(sorry about this my quote thing wasnt working for some odd reason and i cant figure out how to delete this if i can check out my real post over on the next part...sorry again)

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