A Brave New World- The Silver Age RPG: Sign-Up/OOC Thread

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Mar 1, 2006
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The Silver Age RPG

Game Master: Andy C.
Assistant Game Master: Catman_prb

It's midway through the 20th Century, and the citizens of the gleaming Millennium City bear witness to a dazzling meteor shower. However, what they don't know is that the few meteorites that impacted on Earth have more to them than meets the eye. When some are recovered by the government, it's made public that some of the meteorite specimens have caused incredible mutations to those who come into contact with them! Many of these super-humans are put to work by the United States for public service, but the true extent of the "Meteor Men's" abilities is yet to be seen...as are their loyalties in the ever-escalating Cold War...

Meanwhile, authorities all across the world are astonished at the increasing number of Unidentified Flying Objects sighted over Earth's major cities. While these sightings are usually dismissed as paranoia about Soviet satellites or more strange meteors or the like, certain circles are taking the talk much more seriously.

Elsewhere, the Space Race has led to fantastic technological advances in virtually every field of applied sciences. Inspired by Einstein and his contemporaries, more and more scientists and inventors are pushing the limits of human ingenuity. While there are some who question the possible side effects of these experiments, there are few who stand in the way of scientific ambition.

All around the world, strange and remarkable events have begun occurring. Unbeknownst to all, the most truly unbelievable events have only been set in motion. As a new day begins on the planet Earth, the sun has just begun to rise on Millennium City...


Located in the heart of New England, Millennium City is home to over six million people, both ordinary and extraordinary. It is the single most technologically advanced city on Earth, as well as the cleanest. Its people are typically friendly, and its industries are perpetually booming. However, the growing number of strange events taking place in and around the city may prove to make Millennium City a bit more dangerous than believed.

Centered on the island of New Athens, the city now covers four islands as well as several miles of the mainland, and is divided up into eight distinct boroughs:


Haneyville: Connected to the main island via the Olsen Memorial and B&B Cross-Town Bridges, Haneyville is a stretch of suburbia meant for those who wish for a quieter life outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. It's a nice peaceful middle-class haven, punctuated by the beautiful Adams Park and the Hamilton Museum of History.

Friedrichstown: Along the northern end of New Athens is Friedrichstown, a massive sprawling residential section of the city. This borough provides housing to most of the working class of Millennium City, many of whom work on the numerous Northern Docks or the countless other construction sites around the city. There are plenty of places for the blue collar workers to unwind, most noticeably Goodwin Stadium, home of Millennium City's currently-undefeated baseball team, the Comets. Also located in Friedrichstown is the old Fradon House Mission, where Miss Fradon still hires volunteers to do charity work throughout the city.

Alphabet City: Down along the western side of the island is a grid of residential blocks known simply as Alphabet City, due to virtually all of the streets being designated simply by letters rather than names. A massive achievement of urban renewal, Alphabet City was once the roughest slum on the East Coast, until billionaire industrialist Stan Shamrock put his fortunes into renovating the borough into a clean and efficient residential area. While there are no real remarkable landmarks inside the rows upon rows of uniform apartment complexes, Alphabet City is conveniently adjacent to the most beautiful place on the whole island, Weisenger Park.

New Bohemia: Shortly following the onset of the Cold War, a counter-culture revolution began that resulted in the birth of the 'beat' generation. In Millennium City, these artists and artisans carved out a community for themselves in a village they christened 'New Bohemia.' Since then, it has become a fixture of the city, home to countless theaters, jazz clubs, art galleries, and street performers of virtually all kinds (particularly in and around Schwartz park). While it can be a fairly rough place after dark, nowhere else on the Eastern Seaboard has the unique character and style of New Bohemia, and the people who live there thrive on it.

Hypopolis: By far the most techno-centric part of the city, the borough of Hypopolis is awe-inspiring to those who have never seen it before. Gleaming skyscrapers jut into the clouds, the spires of the massive Lee and Ditko Towers impossible to see from the ground on a cloudy day. This borough is the pulse of Millennium City, with row after row of technological firms such as Wolfman Incorporated or corporations like O'Neil and Adams Limited, and the city's official newspaper, the Daily Pioneer. This is also the political center of the town, with the state Capital and Courthouse located at the impressive Lieber Plaza. And while the average tourist may not be wowed by the proceedings inside these impressive buildings, there is still plenty of entertainment to be found at the massive sports arena known as the Siegel Civic Center.

The Bricks: Unfortunately, not all of Millennium City has been renovated, as seen by the sprawling slums along the south and east sides of New Athens, an area simply known as 'The Bricks.' Life is tough for the lower-class men and women who live here, as they scrape by to make a living outside of the nicer boroughs. Gang violence and organized crime are still rampant in the Bricks, and matters are not helped by the unsettling number of policemen who seem to be in on the take. While the good people within this borough are either paid off or knocked off, it is unlikely that the Bricks will ever catch up with the rest of Millennium City.

Kirby Island: On the other side of the Journey Bridge across from the Bricks is Kirby Island, a rather strange section of city that has become home to a scientific community that somewhat mirrors the artists of New Bohemia. While the rival scientific firms CometCorp and Romita Industries hire most of the inventors, chemists, physicists, and thousands of other scientists who populate the island, most of the ideas coming out of the community have very little to do with company projects. Described by the Daily Pioneer as "Mad Science gone good," any day on Kirby Island sees countless wild contraptions being tested out on the rooftops of apartment blocks, mind-boggling equations written out as street graffiti, or revolutionary theories being discussed over a few rounds of drinks down at The Thinker.

Steranko Island: A massive facility shared by the Army, Navy, Air Force, and NASA, Steranko Island is home to Fort Gill, where countless projects are tested by the U.S. Government in order to protect American citizens from the growing threats of the Cold War. The actual details of these tests are, of course, strictly classified.

Binder Island: Accessible only by boat, Binder Island is known for only one thing: Steelgate Prison, where Millennium City's worst offenders spend their time after being brought to justice.



1. Bradbury International Airport

2. Millennium City Light and Power

3. Millennium City Water Refinery

4. Hamilton Museum of History

5. Fort Gill

6. Goodwin Stadium

7. Fradon House Mission

8. The Daily Pioneer

9. Lee and Ditko Towers

10. Wolfman Incorporated

11. O'Neil and Adams Limited

12. Lieber Plaza

13. Siegel Civic Center

14. Millennium Tower

15. The Hotel Royale

16. Shamrock Enterprises

17. CometCorp

18. Romita Industries

19. The Thinker

20. Steelgate Prison

In order to join into the adventures in Millennium City, a player must first create a character to play. Whether he/she wishes to create a heroic defender or a malevolent terror, a powerful alien or a skilled vigilante, the player’s character can be determined by following these instructions.


The first step in creating a character is deciding who he/she is. This includes the character’s Hero/Villain name, Secret Identity, Alignment, Backstory, and Supporting Cast.

Hero/Villain Name: As simple as it sounds. A Hero isn’t going to inspire confidence in the general public without a flashy moniker, nor is a Villain going to strike fear into the hearts of enemies by using a pedestrian name. In some cases, the title makes all the difference.

Secret Identity: When the Hero or Villain is not adventuring in costume, he/she surely has a real life in one way or another. The Secret Identity is the character’s real name, and what he/she does for a living, since the world of super-powered crime or crime-fighting usually does not typically pay very well. Unless he/she has already been outed in public, a character’s Secret Identity is something to be protected at all costs.

Alignment: In the world of Millennium City, a character’s true nature sticks out like a sore thumb in a cape. There is no real gray area when good and evil collide so openly, so the only options currently available are Hero and Villain.

Backstory: Naturally, a character must have some motivation for coming up with a gimmick and taking to the streets. The Backstory is exactly what it sounds like. This is the character’s life up until the current day, how his/her destiny came to be. A good part of what makes a Hero or Villain is justifying the past with the present.

Supporting Cast: No Hero or Villain can truly go it alone. Somewhere in his/her life are family, friends, and possibly loved ones. They are the ones a Hero is sworn to protect, or possibly those who drive a Villain to evil. Involving a character’s Supporting Cast can raise the stakes of any adventure.


A Hero or Villain is defined not only by personality and abilities, but also by his/her own physical and mental attributes. While many of these attributes can be augmented by extraordinary means, he/she has still got to start somewhere. A character’s Stats include Strength, Speed, Intelligence, Wisdom, Spirit, Charisma, and Potency.

Starting players are assigned 30 Stat points to give their characters as they see fit, with 1 extra point awarded every 2 Levels. These are meant for the players to keep in mind while playing their characters, to remind them of their characters’ limitations and to avoid unfair advantages over other players.

Strength: a character’s ability to use physical force against resistance (i.e. lifting heavy objects, landing a particularly devastating blow, etc.)

Speed: how quickly the character moves, and how quickly he/she is able to react to stimuli

Intelligence: a character’s stored knowledge, and how easily he/she takes in and utilizes information

Wisdom: a character’s intuition, how quickly he/she can react to new situations or ‘read’ other characters

Spirit: a character’s ability to withstand physical pain, mental manipulation, etc.

how a character makes an impression on other characters

Potency: a character’s ability to wield Magic Items or energy-centered Powers.

Certain Stats can be augmented by adding Ranks into specific Powers, Gadgets, or Magic Items. Such augmentations are explained in their respective sections.


A character’s Level is a marker of how powerful and experienced he/she is. The longer a Hero or Villain fights the good fight, the more spectacular events involving the character, the more Levels he/she will gain.

All starting Heroes and Villains are set at Level 1. Upon advancing a Level, the player receives 10 Ranks to be assigned to the character’s Powers, Gadgets, or Magic Items as he/she sees fit. Every 2 Levels, the player also gains 1 Stat point.

Levels are awarded by the Game Master or Assistant Game Masters, depending on several factors, including:

-The number/scale of Events in which the character plays a role
-The number of other Heroes and Villains involved in Events
-Outstanding portrayal of a character
-Outstanding work in posts, both in and out of character

Gaining Levels is something to be decided by the GM and AGMs, not petitioned for by the players. Pestering the GM about it is not only a waste of time, but likely a guarantee that the character will not be awarded at all (I don’t particularly expect that problem to arise, but I’ve had similar problems when running other RPGs on a different board)

A player determines his/her character's path by selecting its Class. While Classes do not necessarily determine a character's powers, they do determine how effective said powers may be, as well as how they can be used. Each Class has specific traits that affect one's powers/stats, as well as a specific Character Strength and Character Weakness (to be described in their respective section).

While a starting character may only pick one Class, a character of Level 5 or higher may start adding levels to different Classes. For example, if a player has gained 8 levels, he/she may choose to advance all 8 levels to the character's existing Class, or may put 5 Levels into the existing Class and 3 into another, or 2 into a second class and 1 into a third, and so on and so forth. Mixing Classes will result in a wider array of abilities, but will weaken said abilities' potential.

The list of potential classes may include:


The most identifiably 'heroic' of the Hero classes, Champions serve their purpose by inspiring those around them. The best-rounded of the Classes in terms of abilities, they are distinct mainly due to their higher Charisma. They are fastest to gain the trust of the public, and suited to fill a leadership role in a hero team-up. The down-side of this is that being a well-known public figure makes a Champion's secret identity harder to keep secret.

Stat Bonus:
+1 to Charisma per Level

Class Strength:
Heroic Aura
The Champion's very presence has an uncanny effect on those around him, inspiring fellow heroes to greater acts of good and discouraging villains from their wicked ways.

-Villains facing a Champion get a Spirit penalty equal to 1/2 Champion's Level (ex: a Level 10 Champion takes 5 off of a Villain's Spirit)
-Heroes teaming with a Champion get a +1 to their highest Stat

Class Weakness:
Public Pressure
Operating under the constant scrutiny from the very people he/she intends to protect, a Champion's position in the eyes of the public is very precarious indeed. Failing to live up to his/her image will shatter the trust the public has placed in the Champion. More importantly to the Champion, acting so openly generates a lot of interest in the Champion's true identity, which may place his/her loved ones at serious risk.

-Failing in a heroic act (i.e. losing a fight with a Villain, failing to prevent a Disaster, being publicly humiliated, etc.) will cancel all effects of the Heroic Aura, and the Champion cannot regain this Strength until he/she has reconciled for it (by defeating the Villain, stopping an even greater Disaster, etc.)
-A Champion must be especially careful in keeping his/her Secret Identity a secret. He/she must avoid spending too long in costume, or accidentally performing suspiciously heroic acts while out of costume, etc. A Champion who cannot successfully balance dual-identities may risk being blackmailed by shady organizations, or worse- having their loved ones attacked by retaliating Villains.

On the front lines of the battle between good and evil, an Avenger makes his/her mark by taking the fight directly to the enemies of Millennium City. Tenacious but short-sighted, they typically have a high Spirit, but low Wisdom. Avengers are the first to jump into the fray, and the last to go down if they can help it. On the down-side, their aggressive tendencies often get them into trouble with the authorities, who see them more as vigilantes than workers for the public good.

Stat Bonus:
+1 Spirit per Level, -2 Wisdom (penalty is reduced by 1 every 5 Levels)

Class Strength:
True Grit
An Avenger's determination to defeat the forces of evil propels him/her to go the extra mile in battle. Even when things look their darkest, an Avenger is able to grit his/her teeth and keep on fighting.

-As long as another Hero is still conscious in his presence, an Avenger cannot be knocked out or succumb to poison (NOTE: this does not count if there are multiple Avengers involved. In that case, it acts as a +2 Spirit bonus until there is only 1 Avenger standing)

Class Weakness:
Loose Cannon
Since he/she acts primarily as a combatant rather than a public servant, an Avenger is typically treated by the police and the government as a danger to the community, and has to work harder to gain the public's trust. This also strains their ability to team up with other Heroes.

-The more collateral damage caused in a battle, the harder an Avenger will be pursued by Millennium City's authorities. Stopping a bank robbery may only result in a few officers trying to keep the Avenger from leaving the scene, while a super-powered duel that flattens several blocks will have agents of the CIA (or worse) pursuing the Avenger.
-In a team-up situation, the Avenger takes a -1 Charisma penalty and a -2 penalty if the Avenger is made a leader.

Gifted inventors, Gadgeteers can come up with devices for virtually every scenario. Proponents of brains over brawn, they have a high Intelligence, but a low Strength. They are firm believers in having the right tool for the right job, and keep themselves prepared for anything. Unfortunately, if their inventions and gadgets fail them, Gadgeteers are left extremely vulnerable.

Stat Bonus:
+1 Intelligence per Level, -2 Strength (penalty is reduced by 1 every 5 Levels)

Class Strength:
A Gadgeteer finds inventing new devices much easier than any other Hero. Therefore, he may have more varied or more powerful Gadgets at his/her disposal.

-Gadgets cost only 1/2 as many Ranks for a Gadgeteer.
-Gadgeteers can invent new Gadgets not found in the rulebook (pending approval from the GM)

Class Weakness:
Technical Reliance
Though he/she may have the mental and imaginative prowess to handle situations, a Gadgeteer's other abilities are somewhat lacking. Therefore, his/her Super-powers and magical abilities are somewhat limited compared to the other Heroes.

-Super-powers and Magical Items cost 2x as many Ranks for a Gadgeteer.

Versed in the arts of magic, a Spell-Slinger is able to use his/her powers to make the impossible possible. They typically have a high Potency with a low Strength. They are more cosmically aware than other Heroes, and believe that the world is much larger and more encompassing than most suspect. Unfortunately, a Spell-Slinger is only as powerful as his/her magic, and if that is broken, then the Spell-Slinger is in trouble.

Stat Bonus:
+1 Potency per Level, -2 Strength (Penalty reduced by 1 every 5 Levels)

Class Strength:
Magical Mastery
Attuned to the ways of the other-worldly, Spell-Slingers are much more capable of creating and using Magic Items.

-Magic Items cost only ½ as many ranks for a Spell-Slinger

Class Weakness:
Sorcerer’s Dependence
Despite their amazing abilities, Spell-Slingers cannot do much good without their magic. If a Spell-Slinger’s spells are countered or broken, he/she is left vulnerable.

-A Spell-Slinger under Level 5 cannot possess Super-powers
-Once the Strength penalty is reduced, Super-powers and Gadgets may be used, but at 2x the cost in Ranks.

The heavy-hitters among Heroes, Powerhouses are known for their incredible might. They typically have a very high Strength, with a low Intelligence. A Powerhouse will typically solve problems through sheer brute force, which makes them extremely potent--although often dangerous-- additions to any Hero team-up.

Stat Bonus:
+1 Strength per Level, -2 Intelligence (Penalty reduced by 1 every 5 Levels)

Class Strength:
Adrenaline Rush
When faced with odds too much for even his/her uncanny power to handle, a Powerhouse can suddenly receive a massive boost of energy, allowing him/her to perform feats of strength that would normally be impossible.

-When outnumbered by at least 2x as many Villains compared to Heroes present, or facing a Villain 3 or more levels above his/her own, a Powerhouse may double his/her Strength for 1 turn or use 1 Strength-related Super-power that he/she does not currently possess (NOTE: this can only be used once per battle)

Class Weakness:
Relying more on his/her own physical attributes; a Powerhouse is not exactly compatible with most technological or magical devices.

-Powerhouses under Level 5 may not use Gadgets or Magic Items of any sort.
-Once the Wisdom penalty has been reduced at Level 5, Gadgets and Magic Items may be used, but at 2x the cost in Ranks.

Fastest of all the Heroes, Speedsters use their amazing quickness to solve problems before others have time to react. They typically have a very high Speed, but a low Spirit. Capable of keeping Villains off-guard, a Speedster is a force to be reckoned with alone, and an incredibly valuable member of any team-up. Unfortunately, moving so quickly can lead to a sudden-and violent- stop if a Speedster is intercepted, making him/her relatively fragile.

Stat Bonus:
+1 Speed per Level, -2 Spirit (Penalty reduced by 1 every 5 Levels)

Class Strength:
Able to think as quickly as he/she moves, a Speedster can take in information as if the world were moving in slow-motion. This allows him/her opportunities to respond much more easily than any other Hero.

-Upon entering Slow-Motion, a Speedster is able to land attacks on a Villain without any opening for retaliation, or use 1 Speed-related Super-power that he/she does not already possess (NOTE: This can only be used once per battle, and does not work against other Speedsters or Speed-Demons)

Class Weakness:
Sudden Stop
When a Speedster is hit while moving (i.e. attacked by a Villain, struck by debris, etc.), the impact is amplified tremendously due to his/her own speed. The jarring effect can stop the Speedster dead in their tracks, and leave him/her helpless.

-If a Speedster is unable to avoid being hit while running at speed, he/she is knocked unconscious for a turn, leaving him/her vulnerable to receive further damage.

Contemplative and levelheaded, the Strategist is always thinking ten steps ahead of everyone else. They are known for having high Wisdom, but low Charisma. Very little escapes their watchful eyes, and there are few things left off their contingency plans. Unfortunately, their very drive for perfection is what distances them from other Heroes.

Stat Bonus:
+1 Wisdom per Level, -2 Charisma (penalty reduced by 1 every 5 Levels)

Class Strength:
Never one to be caught off-guard, a Strategist knows his/her enemy very well. Going into a battle where the opponents are already known, a Strategist may enact certain contingency plans to bring his/her foes down with relative ease.

-If a Strategist knows the Villain that he/she is facing before the battle begins, then he/she may automatically enact a ‘deus ex machina’ against the villain without having to disclose the plan in earlier posts (though said plan should be approved first by the GM). This is especially effective if the Strategist has already faced said Villain before, or if the Villain has an obvious physical or psychological weakness.

Class Weakness:
Believing himself/herself to be the only one that can be trusted, a Strategist often has extreme difficulty working with the authorities or other Heroes. This can lead to unnecessary conflict if the Strategist is part of a team-up.

-A Strategist takes a -2 Charisma penalty when working on a team, and a Strategist under Level 5 cannot be a team leader.
-Once the Charisma penalty has been reduced at Level 5, a Strategist may lead a Hero team-up, but at a -3 Charisma penalty.

The most imposing Villains, Overlords are able to bend others to their will by their sheer presence. They are well-rounded with most Stats, but stand out with their high Charisma. They find it much easier to terrify the masses before even beginning to enact their nefarious deeds. However, they are also the most haughty of all Villains, and this unchecked ego makes them vulnerable.

Stat Bonus: +1 Charisma per Level

Class Strength:
Dread Presence
An Overlord instills an overwhelming sense of fear in those who are unprepared. This can lead to any potential Hero in his/her way to suffer great disadvantages in battle, or even flee altogether.

-A Hero with a Spirit that is 5+ points less than the Overlord will take a -2 penalty to his/her highest Stat.
-As long as the Overlord is conscious, a Champion can only use the effects of the ‘Heroic Aura’ Strength on one Hero or Villain in the area.

Class Weakness: Arrogance
So sure are the Overlords in their fearsome personae that they give off, they often over-estimate their own abilities. This can often lead to an Overlord biting off more than he/she can chew and getting overwhelmed by opposing Heroes.

-An Overlord will not flee from a battle unless he/she is facing at least 2x as many Heroes as Villains, or a Hero at least 3 Levels higher.

Hot-headed and frighteningly aggressive, Marauders wreak havoc upon Millennium City by attacking Heroes wildly. They are vicious but narrow-minded, with a high Spirit and a low Wisdom. Unpredictable due to their tempers, Marauders are always Villains to keep an eye on, because there is very little telling what they will do next.

Stat Bonus: +1 Spirit per Level, -2 Wisdom (Penalty is reduced by 1 every 5 Levels)

Class Strength:
Mean Streak
A Marauder gets a thrill from rendering his/her enemy helpless. The rush of battle can drive these Villains to extreme acts of cruelty, or keep them from going down.

-When attacking, a Marauder may choose to receive either a +1 Strength or Potency, or a +2 Spirit (NOTE: this works ONLY when the Marauder is on the attacking side, not defending)

Class Weakness:
Seeing Red
Sometimes, a Marauder’s own aggression is his/her downfall. They are much more likely to attack Heroes even when there is very little chance of succeeding. Their hot-blooded nature can often get Marauders in over their heads.

-A Marauder is compelled to attack Heroes, even when it would be smarter to avoid a confrontation.

Mad Scientist:
Greedy or often demented, Mad Scientists use their amazing intellects for their own good, turning their inventions against the people of Millennium City. They have a high Intelligence, but low Strength. Be it volatile potions, giant robots, or crazy gadgets, the Mad Scientist can think of countless ways to wreak havoc. On the other hand, their relative frailty makes them fairly vulnerable if their catastrophic contraptions fail them.

Stat Bonus:
+1 Intelligence per Level, -2 Intelligence (Penalty is reduced by 1 every 5 Levels)

Class Strength:
Fiendish Intellect
Their minds constantly thinking up new ways to wreak havoc with technology, Mad Scientists find it much easier to invent their nefarious devices.

-Gadgets only cost ½ as many Ranks for a Mad Scientist
-Mad Scientists can invent new Gadgets and devices not found in the rulebook (pending approval from GM)

Class Weakness:
Strong Mind, Weak Back
While they hold the advantage in terms of brains, Mad Scientists have little to offer in terms of brawn. Without their Gadgets at their disposal, they are extremely vulnerable.

-A Mad Scientist under Level 5 cannot possess Super-powers or use Magic Items
-Once the penalty has been reduced at Level 5, a Mad Scientist can use Super-powers or Magic Items at 2x the cost in Ranks.

Masters of the weird and supernatural, Warlocks attempt to achieve more power through mystical means. They have a high Potency with a low Strength. Their thirst for power may lead to bizarre rituals, hunting forbidden lore, digging up forgotten artifacts, and otherwise perverting the natural order of things. Unfortunately, their magic is all that protects a Warlock from opposition.

Stat Bonus: +1 Potency per Level, -2 Strength (Penalty reduced by 1 every 5 Levels)

Class Strength:
Dark Artistry
By tapping into the ethereal planes, a Warlock can advance easily in the mystic arts.

-Magical Items cost only ½ as many Ranks for a Warlock.

Class Weakness:
Magical Decay
Delving deeply into the supernatural realm may enhance a Warlock’s powers, but it leaves his/her physical shell weakened. This leaves Warlocks vulnerable when their magic fails them.

-Warlocks under Level 5 cannot possess Super-powers or use Gadgets
-Once the penalty has been reduced at Level 5, a Warlock can use Gadgets and Super-powers at 2x the cost in Ranks

Hulking engines of destruction, Brutes terrify the populace by smashing anything and everything in their paths. They typically have a very high Strength with a low Intelligence. A Brute is about as subtle as a freight train, attempting to mow down anyone who opposes them. Unfortunately, this also makes them easy to outmaneuver and outsmart.

Stat Bonus: +1 Strength per Level, -2 Intelligence (Penalty reduced by 1 every 5 Levels)

Class Strength:
When a Brute is confronted with multiple Heroes, the phrase “bull in a China shop” comes to mind. They receive a massive rush, making them even more dangerous and unpredictable.

-A Brute, when facing at least 2x as many Heroes as Villains present, can triple his/her Strength for 1 turn or use 1 Strength-related Super-power that he/she does not currently possess (NOTE: This can only be done once per battle.)

Class Weakness:
Mindless Rampage
Although the sudden surge in power makes a Frenzied Brute far stronger, the increased aggression means that the Brute also loses control of his/her actions. This can leave him/her open for counter-attack.

-After using Frenzy, a Brute will “black out” for a turn, meaning the player loses control of the character. With the player’s permission, the character may be used as an NPC for another player or utilized by the GM for 1 post. This can lead to dire consequences depending on the situation.

Speed Demon:
Moving at break-neck speed, these Villains use their incredible velocity and lightning-fast reflexes to avoid justice. They typically have a high Speed but a low Spirit. Too fast for many Heroes to handle, Speed Demons can outmaneuver virtually anything coming their way. However, they’re also known to be the first to run out of steam.

Stat Bonus: +1 Speed per Level, -2 Spirit (Penalty reduced by 1 every 5 Levels)

Class Strength:
Loving a challenge, Speed Demons get an extra rush when squaring off against Heroes, especially Speedster.

-When facing a Hero at least 2 Levels higher or a Speedster within 3 Levels higher or lower to his/her own, a Speed Demon may triple his/her Speed for 1 turn or use 1 Speed-related power that he/she does not currently possess (NOTE: this can only be used once per battle)

-Class Weakness: Burnout
The burst of Acceleration may greatly boost a Speed Demon’s abilities, but the Villain quickly runs out of fuel. This leaves him/her vulnerable for counter-attack.

-After using the Acceleration Strength, the Speed Demon will be drained of energy and immobilized for 1 turn.

At the heart of countless evil plots lurks a Mastermind, a Villain whose keen mind is always at work towards his/her maniacal goals. They are known for their high Wisdom but low Charisma. Masterminds know what they want, how to get it, and how to crush those capable of stopping them, with every detail meticulously planned in advanced. However, this leads to other Villains distrusting them, and can cause rifts in any possible Villain team-up.

Stat Bonus: +1 Wisdom per Level, -2 Charisma (Penalty reduced by 1 every 5 Levels)

Class Strength:
Master Plan
Very little escapes the Mastermind’s plots, including Heroes that may stand in the way. Calculating possible interference, a Mastermind may catch his/her enemies off-guard with a carefully hidden secret weapon or trap, putting the Heroes in even more peril.

-If a Mastermind knows what Hero he/she may be facing in advance, then he/she may enact a ‘Deus ex machina’ device to cripple that particular Hero in the middle of a battle. This plan does not need to be disclosed in earlier posts, but requires approval from the GM first.

Class Weakness:
They say there is no honor among thieves, and that goes double for Super-Villains. Masterminds may organize and command Villain team-ups, but their perfectionist attitudes can lead to other Villains distrusting them, so they may often have trouble keeping the rank and file in line.
-A Mastermind under Level 5 takes a -4 Charisma Penalty when in a leadership position.
-When the penalty is reduced at Level 5, the Mastermind still takes a -3 Charisma penalty when leading a Villain team-up. This can be reduced by 1 by “making examples” out of troublemakers or by other means (which require approval from the GM)

Not all Heroes and Villains are created equal. While physical Stats and various abilities define what a character is capable of doing, the character’s Strengths and Weaknesses are what make him/her unique. These are certain quirks in a character’s personality that may give him/her certain advantages or disadvantages in various scenarios. Some of these are Major, which can be crucial in deciding a story’s outcome, while some are Minor, and factor relatively less. 1 Major Strength must be matched with either 1 Major or 2 Minor Weaknesses, and vice versa. Certain Strengths contradict with certain Weaknesses, and cannot be used together.

Starting characters may take up to 3 Major Strengths and Weaknesses, or any equivalent in Major/Minor ones. New Strengths and Weaknesses can be gained once every 3 Levels, and also may be awarded to the character by the GM, depending on how the game progresses (ex: a character may use a certain weapon or Gadget so often that he/she is later awarded the “Specialist” Strength for it)

These traits are primarily used for the purposes of role-playing, so each individual character feels distinct. A player should keep the character’s Strengths and Weaknesses in mind, as ignoring them can cause a character to miss out on awards from the GM.

Major Strengths:

Fearless- The character has nerves of steel, and is virtually impossible to intimidate or frighten (cannot be matched with “Yellow-Bellied”)

Lucky- The character always seems to have extremely favorable twists of fate (cannot be matched with “Unlucky”)

Specialist- The character is extremely adept with one particular weapon of choice (NOTE: player must specify)

Hardy- The character is able to withstand amounts of punishment far beyond what would be considered normal for his/her standard (NOTE: cannot be matched with “Fragile”)

Sneaky- The character is able to move silently and deftly, able to avoid detection (NOTE: be matched with “Clumsy”)

Inspiration- The character is able to motivate others through his/her own actions, making the group as a whole more difficult to defeat.

Quick Learner-
The character’s instincts make it easy for him/her to handle new things, such as handling Super-powers, utilizing new Gadgets, speaking new languages, etc.

Minor Strengths:

Zen- The character is able to handle his/her own emotions, and is at a state of peace and calm, even when under dangerous circumstances. (Cannot be matched with “Hot-Headed”)

Good Looks-
The character has an advantage in gaining influence over others, purely on his/her physical appearance (cannot be matched with “Ugly”)

Steel Trap Mind- The character has intense focus, and is almost impossible to distract from the task at hand (cannot be matched with “Flaky”)

Streetwise- The character knows the layout of Millennium City, either through various connections or experience in the city (cannot be matched with “Out-of-Towner”)

Silver Tongue- The character is a gifted persuader, and can talk his/her way out of virtually any situation.

Major Weaknesses:

Achilles’ Heel- The character has an obvious physical weakness, which can easily be exploited (NOTE: player must specify)

The character is a coward at heart, easily frightened or intimidated by others (cannot be matched with “Fearless”)

The character is extremely emotional, and therefore is quick to anger or break down in despair, etc (cannot be matched with “Zen”)

Enemy- The character has a standing rivalry with another Hero/Villain, and is propelled to defeat him/her regardless of the cost (player must specify)

The character seems to have the deck stacked against him/her, as fate never seems to work in the character’s favor (cannot be matched with “Lucky”)

Mercy- The character may hesitate to defeat a foe due to his sense of compassion, and while admirable, is left open for attack.

Fragile- The character cannot withstand as much damage as would be normal, and therefore is more liable to be incapacitated in battle (cannot be matched with “Hardy”)

Vow- The character has sworn an oath to himself/herself, and is driven solely to fulfilling that oath (character must specify)

Clumsy- The character moves like a landslide, constantly knocking things over or otherwise fumbling, which can prove disastrous in dangerous situations (cannot be matched with “Sneaky”)

Real Life- The character’s life out-of-costume is continually cutting into his/her work in the field.

Guilty Conscience-
The character is troubled by past deeds, and can easily be exploited thus.

Control Issues-
The character has difficulty controlling his/her abilities, and can prove just as dangerous to allies as enemies.

Minor Weaknesses:

Ugly- The character’s disturbing visage puts others ill at ease, making it difficult for him/her to gain influence over others when it is needed (cannot be matched with “Good Looks”)

Kid- The character’s young age makes it difficult for him/her to be taken seriously.

Flaky- The character has a short attention span, making it difficult for him/her to focus on the task at hand (cannot be matched with “Steel Trap Mind”)

Unflinching- The character is so stubborn about his/her beliefs that it is impossible to shake the character from them, even when is obvious that he/she is wrong.

The character is new to Millennium City, and therefore has not learned the ways of the city (cannot be matched with “Streetwise”)

Whether it through calamity or destiny, several people around the world of Millennium City have come into the possession of extraordinary abilities. Regardless of the means, many of these men and women have put their newfound Super-powers to use, either as Heroes or Villains.

Super-Powers are abilities that are non-magical in nature, yet still allow characters to do things that would otherwise be impossible. The actual extent of these Powers is determined by the amount of Ranks a player puts towards them. The more Ranks invested in a Power, the greater the ability.

Starting characters get 50 Ranks to distribute, and are awarded an additional 10 upon gaining a Level. Some more advanced Powers require a certain amount of Ranks placed first into a prerequisite Power to unlock.

In determining the actual extent of a character’s Power, players may occasionally need to refer to equations that involve the variables R or Y. In all cases, R is always equal to the amount of Ranks placed into that particular Power, and Y correlates directly to R. Y can always be found by consulting this chart:

1-5 Ranks: Y= 2
6-10 Ranks: Y= 5
11-15 Ranks: Y= 10
16-20 Ranks: Y= 25
21-25 Ranks: Y= 50
26-30 Ranks: Y= 100
31-35 Ranks: Y= 500
36-40 Ranks: Y= 1,000
41-45 Ranks: Y= 5,000
46-50 Ranks: Y= 10,000


Enhanced Strength-

The character is able to use force against incredible resistance, far beyond the means of normal human limitations. The character’s maximum strength is (SxRxY) lbs., where S= the character’s base Strength stat.

(Example: a Hero may have a Strength of 20, with 15 Ranks into Enhanced Strength, meaning that Y=10. Therefore, [SxRxY] is [20x15x10], meaning that the Hero would be able to lift a maximum of 3,000 pounds)

Enhanced Speed-

The character is able to move far more quickly than normal human limitations. The character’s maximum speed is (SpxRxY) miles per hour, where Sp= the character’s base Speed stat:

(Example: a Hero may have a Speed of 10, with 13 Ranks into Enhanced Speed, meaning that Y= 10. Therefore, [SpxRxY] is [10x13x10], meaning that the Hero’s maximum speed is 1300 miles per hour)

Enhanced Endurance-

The character is unnaturally durable, able to survive damage that could possibly cripple or kill a normal human. His/her body is its own armor, deflecting or absorbing extraordinary stress. The limit of the character’s endurance is determined by the following:

1-10 Ranks: Withstand Minor Injuries (cuts and bruises, 1st and 2nd Degree burns, etc)
11-26 Ranks: Withstand Major Injuries (punctures, broken bones, 3rd Degree burns, etc)
25+ Ranks: Limited Invulnerability*

*Limited Invulnerability depends on the equation (S+[3xE]xR), where S= the character’s Strength, and E= the character’s Spirit. Potential Damage (figured out by default equations) must be weighed against the total number; if the Damage total is less than the Endurance total, the Damage is ignored. However, although the character will not be hurt, he/she will still be knocked backwards.

(Ex: A Villain with a Strength of 10 and 11 Ranks into Enhanced Strength is attacking a Hero, and using the equation [SxRxY] yields a result of 1,100. The Hero’s Strength is 12 and Spirit is 17, with 26 Ranks into Enhanced Endurance. Using the equation [S+{3xE}xR] yields a result of 1,421. Therefore, the Hero is not hurt by the Villain’s attack.)

Enhanced Senses-

The character’s ability to see, hear, smell, feel, or taste is amplified. Each Rank placed into this Power is an increment equal to the peak of human sensory perception. That is to say, placing (R) amount of Ranks into Enhanced Senses will give a character senses (R) times as good as a regular human.

Size Manipulation-

The character is capable of making himself/herself larger or smaller (player must specify; each one counts as a separate power). By enlarging, the character can grow up to (Rx10) feet tall. By shrinking, the character can reduce himself to (1/[Rx10]) his/her normal size.

(Ex: A Hero with 10 Ranks into Size Manipulation [Enlarge] can grow to 100 feet. Conversely, a Hero with 10 Ranks into Size Manipulation [Shrink] can reduce down to 1/100th his/her normal size)

Shape Manipulation-

The character is capable of morphing his/her body into alternate forms. This can be the ability to assume other people’s appearances, the ability to assume pre-set forms specializing in 1 specific area, or complete physical elasticity. The extent of a character’s shape-changing power is determined by the amount of Ranks placed into the Power:

1-10 Ranks: character can impersonate up to (Rx2) different people.
11-20: character can assume a Stat-specific alternate form, gaining a boost of (R) to that Stat for (R/4) turns (NOTE: always round down).
20+ Ranks: character attains complete elasticity, capable of stretching his/her body up to (Rx2) feet, and dodging up to (R) attacks at once.

(Ex: A Hero with 15 Ranks into Shape Manipulation can impersonate up to 30 different people, or assume a form to boost his/her Strength by 15 for 3 turns.)



The character is able to extend his/her mind to reach others, allowing the character to read thoughts and project his/her own. With this Power, the character can communicate with (R) people at a time, and can resist more advanced Psionic attacks with a power of (IxRxY), where I= the character’s Intelligence.


The character’s mind is capable of affecting the physical world, allowing him/her to manipulate surrounding objects. With Telekinetic abilities, the character is capable of lifting and controlling objects up to a maximum of (IxRxY) pounds, where I= the character’s Intelligence.

(Ex: a Hero may have an Intelligence of 14, with 12 Ranks into Telekinesis. Therefore, [IxRxY] equals [14x12x10], so the Hero can control up to 1,680 pounds)


The character’s mind is capable of reaching forward into time, viewing possible events to come. With this ability, the character is able to experience events (IxRxY) seconds into the future, where I= the character’s Intelligence.

(Ex: A Hero may have an Intelligence of 15, with 20 Ranks into Precognition. Therefore, (IxRxY) equals (15x20x25), so the character can see 7,500 seconds [that’s 2 hours and 5 minutes] into the future.)


The character is capable of gaining influence over others with mental control. He/she can manipulate up to (R) at once, provided that none of them have Telepathic abilities. Hypnotizing a Telepathic can be done with a psychic attack with (IxRxY) as its power, where I= the character’s Intelligence.

(Ex: A Villain with an Intelligence of 13 and 17 Ranks into Hypnotism wishes to Hypnotize a Hero with and Intelligence of 10 and 14 Ranks into Telepathy. Both Powers use the equation [IxRxY] to determine their strength, so it is [13x17x25] vs. [10x14x10]. The results are 5,525 to 1,400. Therefore, the Villain is quite easily able to Hypnotize the Hero.)


Energy/Elemental Manipulation-

The character’s body is able to tap into a certain type of energy field, be it electrical, magnetic, radioactive, etc; or can attune to one of the four basic elements of stone, water, wind, or fire (NOTE: player must specify: different types of energy/elements count as different Powers). Doing so allows him/her to wield this energy as a weapon, the strength and range of which is determined by the amount of Ranks placed in this Power.

The power of the character’s energy/elemental beams is equal to (PxRxY), wherein P= the character’s Potency. The range of the beams’ reach is equal to (Rx10) meters, and can spread out into a cone with (Rx2) meters as its radius.

(Ex: A Hero has a Potency of 11, and has 16 Ranks into Energy Manipulation. Therefore, [PxRxY] equals [11x16x25], meaning the Hero’s energy beams have a power of 4,400. Their range is 160 meters, and can spread into a cone 64 meters wide at its end.)


The character can instantaneously move from one place to another. The distance he/she can teleport is (R) feet, as long as the intended destination is within line of sight.


The character can become undetectable to the naked eye. He/she can remain invisible for up to (R/2) turns.


The character can pass through solid objects as he/she chooses. He/she can remain intangible for up to (R/2) turns. The character can also travel through liquids and gasses, but so can everyone else so that doesn’t necessarily count as a Super-Power.

Create Multiple-

The character can split into exact copies of himself/herself. He/she can create up to (R) multiples, and each one retains the character’s basic stats, but gets only a fraction of the original’s Super-Powers, divided by the amount of multiples created (NOTE: always round down).

(Ex: A Hero with a Strength of 8, 5 Ranks into Enhanced Strength, and 5 Ranks into Create Multiple splits off into 5 multiples. Each multiple retains the Strength of 8, but only receives 1 Rank of Enhanced Strength)

Defy Gravity-

The character’s body controls its own gravitational field, allowing the character control over his/her movements in free space. Simply put, this means the character might be able to jump great distances, glide instead of plummet, or even fly.

1-10 Ranks: Character can jump (Rx10) meters into the air.
11-15 Ranks: Character can slow his/her descent while in free-fall.
16-20 Ranks: Character can levitate his/her own body, but only while concentrating.
21+ Ranks: Character gains true flight, with a maximum altitude of (Rx100) feet.

(Prerequisite: 20 Ranks into Enhanced Strength) The character’s strength is so much that he/she can clear entire areas by generating shockwaves from a particularly powerful blow. These Shockwaves have a power equal to ½ of the character’s maximum strength (so, [SxRxY]/2) and a radius of (Rx2), where R= the number or Ranks placed into Shockwave.

Directed Shockwave-

(Prerequisite: 20 Ranks into Enhanced Strength, 5 Ranks into Shockwave) The character can not only generate powerful shockwaves, but also focus them in one specific direction so as to avoid hurting team members. These directed waves have a power equal to the character’s maximum strength (so, [SxRxy]/2) and a range of (Rx2), where R= the number of Ranks placed into Directed Shockwave.

Irresistible Force-
(Prerequisite: 25 Ranks into Enhanced Strength) The character is able to gain so much momentum that he/she cannot be stopped. The only way to stop or deflect the character from his/her course is by either meeting the character with greater strength or by having more Ranks into Immovable Object than the character has in Irresistible Force.

Immovable Object-
(Prerequisite: 25 Ranks into Enhanced Endurance) The character’s ability to absorb punishment is so great that he/she can deflect even the most powerful blows without flinching. The only way to knock the character off of his/her balance is by either penetrating his/her Limited Invulnerability or by having more Ranks into Irresistible Force than the character has in Immovable Object.

Sonic Boom-

(Prerequisite: 10 Ranks into Enhanced Speed, maximum speed greater than 769 miles per hour)- The character is not only able to break the sound barrier, but can also use that to create concussive blasts when speeding past opponents. The power of these sonic booms is equal to ½ of the character’s maximum Speed (so, [SpxRxY]/2), and can affect (R) opponents in the area, where R= the number of Ranks placed into Sonic Boom.

(Prerequisite: 20 Ranks into Enhanced Speed) The character’s mastery of speed allows him/her to create gusts of wind that can toss opponents into the air. Unlike Sonic Boom, it is stationary, but has a power equal to the character’s maximum speed (SpxRxY), and an area of (Rx2), where R= the number or Ranks placed into Whirlwind. These cyclones can be cancelled out by someone with more ranks into Elemental Manipulation (Air) than the character has into Whirlwind.


(Prerequisite: 30 Ranks into Enhanced Strength) The character’s amazing might crosses into a whole new level. Now, instead of using pounds as the standard increment, the character is capable of lifting (Sx[R1+R2]xY) tons, where S= the character’s base Strength Stat, R1= the number of Ranks added to Enhanced Strength, and R2= the number of Ranks added to Super-Strength.

(Ex: A Hero with a Strength of 24 and 36 Ranks into Enhanced Strength has a power of [24x36x1,000], and therefore is only capable of lifting 864,000 pounds, or 432 tons. Adding 5 Ranks into Super-Strength means that now his/her power is [24x{36+5}x5,000], and the Hero can now lift 4,920,000 tons, or 9.84 billion pounds)


(Prerequisite: 30 Ranks into Enhanced Speed) The character’s already-blinding velocity is accelerated exponentially. Now, instead of miles per hour as the standard increment, the character is capable of moving (Spx[R1+R2]xY) miles per second, where Sp= the character’s base Speed Stat, R1= the number of Ranks added Enhanced Speed, and R2= the number of Ranks added to Super-Speed.

(Ex: A Hero with a Speed of 21 and 37 Ranks into Enhanced Speed has a maximum speed of [21x37x1,000], and therefore is only capable of moving at 777,000 miles per hour. Adding 6 Ranks into Super-Speed means that now his/her maximum speed is [21x{37+6}x5,000], and the Hero can now move at 4,515,000 miles per second, or 1.6254 billion miles per hour.)


Mind Meld-

(Prerequisite: 20 Ranks into Telepathy) The character is not only able to join his/her mind with others, but create a psychic web that allows multiple people to communicate with each other. The psychic web can contain up to (Rx2) people, where R= the number of Ranks placed into Mind Meld.

Remote Viewing-
(Prerequisite: 15 Ranks into Telepathy) The character’s mind is capable of seeing things several miles away, allowing him/her to perceive trouble as it breaks. The character can view up to (Rx2) miles away, where R= the number of Ranks placed into Remote Viewing.

Psychic Possession-
(Prerequisite: 20 Ranks into Hypnotism) The character is capable of actually inhabiting another person’s mind. The Possession can last up to (R) turns, where R= the number of Ranks into Psychic Possession. It can be resisted by anyone with the Telepathy power, and then counts as a psychic attack with a power of (IxRxY), where I= the character’s Intelligence.


Energy/Elemental Shield-
(Prerequisite: 20 Ranks into Energy Manipulation) The character can warp a field of energy around himself/herself to form a barrier. This barrier has a power of (PxRxY), where P= the character’s Potency, and cannot be penetrated by any attack less than that number.

Energy/Elemental Construct-
(Prerequisite: 20 Ranks into Energy Manipulation) The character can focus his/her energy powers to create three-dimensional objects. These constructs retain the characteristics of the energy itself. They have a power of (PxRxY), where P= the character's Potency, and cannot be broken by any attack less than that number.

Energy/Elemental Absorption-
(Prerequisite: 20 Ranks into Energy Manipulation) The character can not only generate a specific type of energy, but also draw from outside sources to replenish or increase his/her existing power. He/she can absorb attacks from that specific energy up to (PxRxY), where P= the character's Potency. Anything more than that, however, and the character will be knocked unconscious.

Advanced Teleportation-
(Prerequisite: 20 Ranks into Teleportation) The character no longer needs his/her intended destination to be within line of sight. He/she can teleport up to (Rx10) miles in any direction, provided the character thinks about the destination. Alternately, he/she can teleport up to (R) people the maximum distance of a regular teleportation, provided the character is making physical contact with those people.

Perfect Multiple-
(Prerequisite: 20 Ranks into Create Multiple) The character can now create multiple that have an exact copy of the original’s Super-Powers. He/she can only generate (R/4) perfect multiples, however (NOTE: always round down).

Gadgets are devices used by Heroes or Villains for various purposes. Some are simple hand-held objects that can incapacitate a foe or help scale a building. Some are colossal mechanisms that can lay siege to a city or ward off monsters.

Characters can create Gadgets by combining items from the lists of Bases and Augmentations. The more advanced the Base it is, or the more Augmentations it has, the more Ranks it will cost.

Gadgeteers and Mad Scientists may be able to invent new Gadgets by adding new Bases and Augmentations not found on the lists. That is, of course, so long as they can explain the invention to the GM and get approval.


Bases are the initial Gadgets themselves. They may be something as simple as a grappling hook, or as advanced as a fighter jet. These are not particularly spectacular, as it is the Augmentations that make them unique.

Bases can be any of the following:

Hand-Held Bases:

Rope: 1 Rank
Grappling Hook: 1 Rank
Flashlight: 1 Rank
Net: 2 Ranks
Bolo: 2 Ranks
Darts: 3 Ranks
Boomerang: 2 Ranks
Lockpick: 2 Ranks
Smoke Bomb: 3 Ranks
Radio/Walkie-Talkie: 3 Ranks
Rebreather: 3 Ranks
1-Handed Melee Weapon: 3 Ranks
2-Handed Melee Weapon: 5 Ranks
Launcher (for Grappling Hook, etc): 5 Ranks
Heavy Launcher (for Net, Bombs, etc): 6 Ranks
Explosives: 7 Ranks
Hand-Held Computer: 10 Ranks

Armor Bases:

Gloves: 1 Rank
Boots: 1 Rank
Goggles: 1 Rank
Light Shin Guard: 1 Rank
Light Gauntlets: 1 Rank
Light Breastplate: 2 Ranks
Light Helmet: 2 Ranks
Utility Harness: 3 Ranks
Heavy Shin Guard: 3 Ranks
Heavy Gauntlets: 3 Ranks
Heavy Breastplate: 6 Ranks
Heavy Helmet: 6 Ranks
Tech Gauntlets: 10 Ranks *
Tech Breastplate: 15 Ranks *
Tech Helmet: 15 Ranks *
Tech Armor Suit: 25 Ranks *

*= Tech Armor includes 1 free Augmentation less than or equal to the armor's cost. Ex: Tech Gauntlets cost 10 Ranks; therefore, you can add a ray gun [usually costing 10 Ranks] for free.


Bicycle: 5 Ranks
Roller Skates: 5 Ranks
Skateboard: 5 Ranks
Hang Glider: 15 Ranks
Motorcycle: 25 Ranks
Car: 25 Ranks
Armored Car: 30 Ranks
Helicopter: 35 Ranks
Jet: 40 Ranks
Spaceship: 50 Ranks


Night Vision: 2 Ranks
Wireless Comm: 2 Ranks
Miniature Camera: 3 Ranks
Computer Uplink: 4 Ranks
Electrify: 5 Ranks
Propeller: 5 Ranks
Effect Poison (Specify): 5 Ranks
Effect Gas (Specify): 10 Ranks
Ray Gun (specify): 10 Ranks
Extra Limbs: 15 Ranks
Rocket Propulsion: 15 Ranks
Anti-Gravity: 20 Ranks
Force Field: 20 + [R] Ranks* (behaves like Limited Invulnerability)
Enhance Strength/Speed/Endurance: [R] Ranks* (behaves like corresponding Super-Power)

*=Only applies to Tech Armor

Magic is a force that is difficult to quantify, let alone actually use, yet the idea of it has become part of virtually ever culture in human history. While it is often difficult to determine fact from fiction when discussing the art of the otherworldly, the fundamental core of magic is simply to make the impossible happen.

The universe, according to those who claim to reach beyond it, is only one set of possibilities, one wavelength along an entire spectrum of reality. There are infinite other wavelengths apart from the one we know, and each one of them has a different set of possibilities. Magic, therefore, is the act of temporarily extending our wavelength so that it reaches into another, effectively pulling universes together for a small moment to gain a desired effect.

Obviously, stretching out the boundaries of our universe, even for just a second, can have dire consequences. The more that the wavelength is stretched to reach a specific other length, the greater the chances are of something from that wavelength reaching back. The dangers of creating merges between universes are incalculable, and it is therefore advised that the more extreme augmentations to the fabric of reality be used very, very sparingly.

In our universe, it is not possible for human beings to extend the wavelengths without some sort of augmentation. However, there are certain items scattered throughout the universe, which have, by one means or another, become more attuned to other wavelengths than our own. These can be solid objects, spoken words, virtually anything.


Magic Items are conduits that a character needs in order to reach into the different wavelengths of reality. The higher the character’s potency and the more Ranks the player puts into the Item, the more powerful the spells that can be cast. Items can have one specific effect or multiple effects, depending on how much the player wants to rely on said item. It must be noted, however, that if the Item is lost, the character cannot cast the desired spells.

In the case of Magic Words, these can only trigger one specific spell, but they can be used as often as the character is capable of speaking.


Since the art of Magic is essentially tampering with the fabric of reality, there are virtually limitless possibilities as to the effects of certain Magic Items. For the sake of simplicity, however, most Magical effects can be placed into the following:

the act of transforming one substance into another.

the act of deceiving the senses

the act of setting a permanent effect upon other items

The strength of these spells can be determined by the number of Ranks placed into them. Typically, the more Ranks placed into those spells, the larger or more powerful the effect may be.

Power Mimicry-
spells which are virtually identical to the abilities known as Super-powers. In the case of determining the spell’s strength, use the specified equation, replacing the stat with Potency.

Wave Shifting-
spells which extend the spell-caster directly into another wavelength. This can be extremely dangerous, as other lengths of reality are often unpredictable. The more Ranks placed into these spells, the better chance the character has of shifting directly into the desired wavelength.

Once a character is created, then he/she can be let loose to adventure into Millennium City. While being a text-based RPG allows far more creative freedom, there are still several things to keep in mind.

For the most part, the game operates on the same rules as every other RPG on the Forum. The basics can be learned by reading Twylight’s excellent RPG guides, which can be found here:


For the purposes of this RPG, however, there are a few other rules that should be observed:


The Character Creation contains a lot of different stats, powers, and spells that all have a certain numerical outcome. However, since there are no concrete rules about Hit Points, Mana, or the like, these numbers are mainly to be used as a reference than a steadfast rule. Keep them in mind while playing, but it is not necessary to continually run equations in the middle of a battle.

While they do not need to be Gospel, they also should not be completely dismissed. A character whose Strength score is clearly less than another’s should not be able to deal out crushing blows to the opponent, for example. These numbers are primarily to be referenced if the players seriously need to call a character’s abilities into question.


Millennium City was constructed for the sole purpose of giving players a large, active environment in which to live and participate. Rather than just “some buildings” that can be toppled over during a battle, please keep in mind just where in the city your character is, what is around you, and how much is getting trashed in the middle of the action.


One of the first things called into question when the RPG was proposed was what sort of subject matter would be allowable. Since the theme of the RPG is based around the Silver and Bronze Ages of comics, most ‘mature’ themes like excessive violence, substance abuse, and sexuality should be avoided, or at least treated with the proper sense of how serious those subjects can be.

Social issues like challenging corrupt authority, changing an unfair status quo, turbulence in politics, etc. are definitely allowed, since the Silver Age occurred during the height of the Cold War and these were very real issues to be addressed at the time. However, since comics were (and still are) a means of escapist fantasy, dragging real-world issues into the story should be more of the exception than the rule.

The basic rule of thumb to keep in mind is deciding whether or not it is something you would want your own kids to read. It doesn’t have to be patronizing, but it shouldn’t be a complete sensory shock, either.


This project started off originally as something that kind of tickled my fancy after reading a few issues of All-Star Superman. It became a labor of love, coming up with a whole world where the impossible happens every day, and good and evil are played out in loud Technicolor melodramas. More than anything, it reminded me of why I enjoy superhero stories so much.

If you enjoy playing this game, then I’ve done my job. If not, then there are plenty of other ways to keep yourself entertained, and I at least gave it a good shot. Whether this game takes off or falls flat on its face, I’ve done what I could to leave my mark. Here’s hoping you enjoy exploring the world of Millennium City as much as I enjoyed creating it.


-Andy Cayse


User's Screenname:

Why do you wish to join this RPG?

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Character's Hero/Villain Name:

Real Name/Secret Identity:





Stats: (Starting characters have 30 points which they may distribute)


Character Strengths:

Character Weaknesses:


Super-powers/Gadgets/Magical Items: (Starting characters have 50 ranks which they may distribute)

Power: ___ (Rank: ___)
Gadget: ___ (Rank: ___)
Magic Item: ___ (Rank: ___)

Please provide a brief sample post as your character:



The Citizen (Champion)
Eddie Brock Jr.

Doctor Rock (Gadgeteer)
Byrd Man

Captain Astro (Champion)
Andy C.


Avenger (Marauder)

Velocity (Speed Demon)
Oh Snap!​
I'll step out on a limb and hope I got this right...

User's Screenname: Eddie Brock Jr.

Why do you wish to join this RPG? It's like uber-CAH...with Silver Age goodness!

In two complete sentences, what can you bring to this RPG? I can bring a dedication to the concept that will be unparalleled. And my character will be oozing with Silver Age-y-ness!

Do you know how to post pictures? Is this RPG awesome?

Character's Hero Name: The Citizen

Real Name/Secret Identity: David McDonald is the newly-elected Mayor of Millennium City.

Backstory: Dave is the model American. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - at one time, our nation's capital. He is the oldest sibling in his family. He has a younger brother, Alan, and an even younger sister, Hailey.

In high school, Dave was the star athlete on his school's baseball team. He dated the head cheerleader, Katherine, for all four years.

Immediately after graduating, Dave joined the Army. He went to Europe to fight in World War II. When the war ended, Dave returned home. He married his high school sweetheart, Katherine.

Not long after, Dave entered into the crazy world of post-War politics. Now, he has reached the pinnacle of his career. He has won the mayoral race in his new home, Millennium City. Now, as he prepares to embark in the sea of politics, he will gain magnificent abilities that will help him save his city...in a whole new way.

Allignment: Hero

Class: Champion

Level: 1

Stats: (Starting characters have 30 points which they may distribute)
Potency: 0

Character Strengths:
Major: Inspiration
Minor: Good Looks

Character Weaknesses:
Major: Real Life
Minor: Unflinching

Super-powers/Gadgets/Magical Items: (Starting characters have 50 ranks which they may distribute)
Power: Enhanced Strength(Rank: 5x20x25), Enhanced Speed (Rank: 4x4x2), Precognition (Rank: 5x4x2), Defy Gravity (Rank: 22)
Approved. And thank you for providing the template for applications/character sheets.
I mean, since it hadn't been posted yet in this thread [Edit: it is now]
I might try and work up an app after I see how this all works out, Andge.
I'll try to get mine typed up towards the end of this week. *so excited*
User's Screenname: Catman_prb

Why do you wish to join this RPG?: I'm AGM aren't I?

In two complete sentences, what can you bring to this RPG?: AGMing goodness, or fairness, whatever. Also I can bring the first major villain.

Do you know how to post pictures?: Oui

Character's Hero/Villain Name: Avenger
Real Name/Secret Identity: Gc'Tann/ Glen Tann

Backstory: Gc'Tann was the son of the corrupt leader of the planet Taara. Gc'Tann's father spent vast amounts of time conducting experiments on the savages of the wasteland tribes. He invented many dangerous weapons through these tests. When the government was taken over by the wasteland tribes, Gc'Tann was sent into space by his father, so as not to face the punishment for his fathers crimes. On his long, isolated voyage through space, Gc'Tann almost went insane ffrom his anger at the tribes. However his father has left some of his weapons in the spacecraft. Gc'Tann took them, and swore that he would never be cheated out of anything again.

Allignment: Villain

Class: Marauder

Level: 1

Stats: (Starting characters have 30 points which they may distribute)

Character Strengths:
Minor:Good looks

Character Weaknesses:

Super-powers/Gadgets/Magical Items: (Starting characters have 50 ranks which they may distribute)
Tech Armour Suit - 25 Ranks
Enhance Strength - 21 Ranks
Computer Uplink - 4 Ranks
Sounds good, with one slight hitch: do you have any augmentations on your Tech suit (jets, lasers, etc)?

I also should've clarified that the Tech suit is supposed to be the whole thing, helmet and gauntlets included. So that'd give you 25 Ranks back to augment your suit. That part's my bad.

Anyway, lemme know what augmentations you're adding, and you'll be approved.
Ok, I'll just go edit it.
Edit: I've just edited it.
Allrighty then, you're approved!

Quick addition to the character-creation process: this isn't a necessary step by any means, but I'd kinda like to see what your characters look like. Creating a Micro-Hero would be a big help.

They're pretty easy to do. This site has a ton of them to reference from:


A little fooling around in MSPaint or Photoshop, and you've got your own guy. I do recommend modding it to your own design rather than just lifting someone else's.

Also, I'm going to be re-working the Magic system over the next couple of days, as it is woefully undefined at the moment. I hope the 'Gods & Men' guys won't mind too terribly if I adopt a couple of their ideas.
Allrighty then, you're approved!

Quick addition to the character-creation process: this isn't a necessary step by any means, but I'd kinda like to see what your characters look like. Creating a Micro-Hero would be a big help.

They're pretty easy to do. This site has a ton of them to reference from:


A little fooling around in MSPaint or Photoshop, and you've got your own guy. I do recommend modding it to your own design rather than just lifting someone else's.

Also, I'm going to be re-working the Magic system over the next couple of days, as it is woefully undefined at the moment. I hope the 'Gods & Men' guys won't mind too terribly if I adopt a couple of their ideas.
I tried to make one for the Citizen, but was unhappy with the results.

I'll try again.
Well, don't break your back over it. It's just an extra thing.

Anywho, still need at least 3 more characters for this thing to go active.
You mean as a secret identity, or purely as a spectator sort of character?

Either way, I'm good with it. As a matter of fact, the 'spectator' view would be pretty cool, in a Marvels sorta way. Just write up an application (I guess you can skip the super-powers portion, unless you wanna hook him up with some Gadgets) and you're good to go.

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