A hero I invented


Nov 5, 2006
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Heres a hero I made....

The Cosmic Surfer

Real Name: Alan Jeffery

Occupation: None

Citizenship: America

Place of Birth: New York

Skin colour: Metal Silver

Biograpy: Alan Jeffery lives with his mum and dad in America, New york. He got his super, cosmic powers from accidetly falling into Toxic Waste. He saves England, Loves flying around the world, And his secret identity is keept safe with his beloved mother and father. He faces the evil Venom,Toxin,Magneto,Galacticus,Carnage, And Other villains. The ultimate hero almost died when toxins hand turned in a staber but the Hero's Life just got saved by his faithel hero friends, Spider-Man and The hero who almost killed spider-man but turned good in the end, The New goblin.

Alan has many best friends called: Jacob Olley, Mike stubs, And the girl if his dreams Sara Savil. Everyday, alan stares at the beatiful 15 year old girl who is the same age and dated birthday girl who has the hair as beatiful as the sunshine, Lovely blue eyes, And a little secret, She also has a crush on alan. When the reporter, Eddie Brock Heard of this he got so angry that he turned into Venom and kidnapped her. 2 Weeks later Alan got so worried that he had to find out what happened. When he did he got so angry that he fought venom into a deadly battle. The Cosmic Surfer fought well against venom and brought peace to Sara. Later on in the future Sara found out who The Cosmic Surfer was and had a strong urge to marry alan.

A villain called Nightmare (Created by donalthe3rd) soon found out who the super cosmic hero was. Nightmare started a hunt to track down alan for vengance. Cosmic surfer once fought Nightmare in a deadly battle but luckay The superhero won the battle. Nightmare grew even more powers as his pursuit of revenge got bigger and bigger. He hired some villains (Carnage, Venom, Toxin, Galaticus) To help kill the cosmic surfer. He had no chance of defeating the group, although some of super hero buddys helped him out to defeat the group.

One time When The Cosmic Surfer was flying around NY he could'nt believe it... A copy of himself called the Silver Surfer. As he met the silver surfer they both started to fight each other becouse they were identical. Later on the two twins joined each other to fight evil and save the world from chaos destruction. One time, The evil enemy nightmare turned into a giant by sucking toxic waste. The Cosmic Surfer and Silver Surfer Combined each other up and had a fierce fight. The two hero's one succesfully. Suddenly the Silver Surfer started to fly away and spoke: Alan... You are not alone... Then he flew into super space.

Known Relatives: Ben Jeffery (Father) Jenny Jeffery (Mother).

Group Affiliation: None

Super Hero Partners: Spider-Man, The New goblin (As a good guy) other.

Height: 5'5

weight: 130 pounds

Eyes: Brown

Hair: White

Powers: The Cosmic Surfer has cosmic like powers and Is made of metal (In transformination). He has a huge strengh leval which he can pick up 50 tons. He can also fly through building.

Likes: Flying around the world and fighting evil.

Enemies: Venom,Toxin,Magneto,Galacticus,Carnage, Other.
Thanks :yay: , Pity I don't have a pic for him though.
His powers sound similar to that of Silver Surfer, I'm not saying he's just like him but that their like his powers.
That's not really creating a character. You gave a name, very basic background information, and powers. Anyone can do that. Who is Alan Jeffery? What was his childhood like? Who are his parents? What's his personality like? Does he like Pepsi or Coke? Is he gay, straight, bi, asexual, or something else entirely? What's his ethnic background? What are his spiritual beliefs? Those are the kind of questions you have to answer if you want to create a character.
What colour is the Cosmic Surfer? - Black or silver?
But what about his history? How did he get his powers? What makes him become what he he is today?
Well like Harlekin said, its pretty useless to post someone who might I add is pretty much the Siver Surfer, if we know nothing about that character.
I love this Character. Great work Venom. Dude...you could be the next Stan the man Lee!
I certainly hope that was sarcasm on Zed's part.
I don't wanna explain.

So why don't you wanna explain your character? It seems like a lot of people want to hear more and it would be good to show us that this guy is not a rip-off of the silver surfer.
So why don't you wanna explain your character? It seems like a lot of people want to hear more and it would be good to show us that this guy is not a rip-off of the silver surfer.


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