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Superman Returns About Brandon Routh and Toby Mcguire

Weapon M

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May 2, 2003
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I just wanted to share my thoughts with Superman fans about something. I'm also asking my Spidey fans what they think about this as well..

About Brandon Routh, there's alot of charm to the guy. Everywhere I see him, everyone that has bumped into him. People that I know as well, say he's a very nice approachable guy. It's funny. I'm not one to judge good or bad on someone. But I cant help but be influenced alittle bit about the rumors people spread about how one actor is in person and how another actor is in person. Brandon Routh seems so humble and strikes me as a stand up guy, someone you could just chat with or make small talk to. I have only heard good things about him from so many places. But Toby Mcguire on the other hand, I've heard he's stand-offish, kind of brushes persons off alittle bit. I dont know if thats ever fair though at the same time, cause I've heard this about certain people and I've met them in person and they are really cool. Everyone seems to have their bad days. Same time, if you keep hearing it, then you know, you start to think, "damn is this guy really that effacing with people?" Almost makes you afraid of approaching the person.

I just think it's ironic that the guy that plays Superman, the most powerful unstoppable popular character in the world from another planet is described as so down to Earth and friendly, and the guy that plays a superhero that is everyday, down to earth, normal, hard-luck strikes people as so stand-offish.

What do yall think

Do you think it's well placed to be thinkin about this? or are those of you on the same boat? You think its fair to think of either of them along those lines?

Mcguire is studying a guy that is an everyday joe, hardluck, and is always broke etc... While Routh studies a character thats bigger then life, just perfect in everyway, yet he's the one that is always spoken about that is most friendly and welcoming. The other not as much.
Tobey Maguire has lived a rough life. He and his family lived out of thier car for a while, and he has admitted that it effected him. Maybe thats why he can seem standoffish. Just a thought.
It's an unfair comparrison. Tobey Maguire has been famous for years. He may be a bit more tired of being constantly approached than say someone like Brandon who is probably flattered and thrilled to finally be recognized, and is just hoping the public likes him in his upcoming film. Give him about 7 more years of blockbusters and critically aclaimed preformances and he may not seem so approachable.
Tobey Maguire doesn't like to talk.

Because his voice is so stupid.
WhatsHisFace said:
Tobey Maguire doesn't like to talk.

Because his voice is so stupid.
Although i don't mind him at all, and would even go so far as to call myself a fan of Tobey, this made me laugh. Thanks for the good time.
I heard Toby on Howard Stern twice...he comes off as a really nice guy just shy...he loves the SpiderMan history tho.

Routh has that middle America/Southern charm...it works for him being Superman.

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