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Admit it, the movies that made you cry

Con Air - Family reunion with "How do I live" playing in the background.
It's emotionally manipulative to play that song in a movie, along with that damn "In The Arms of An Angel" lol
Katsumoto's death and Nobutada's death in The Last Samurai. Powerful scenes with incredible sound scores. I was wiped out after I saw that flick at the movie theater.

Oh wow, totally this. This part of the movie just tears me down.
Toy Story 2
Man of Steel
Rocky Balboa
that final scene in Warrior.

''I love you Tommy''
mufasa dying in Lion King and the aftermath

Julia Roberst Speech in the Normal heart

Rust Speach at the end of True Detective

and so yes those scenes in last samurai MAN I LOVE THAT MOVIE
Not a single movie has made me cry, but films have made me very sad, choked up, and near tears.

Forest Gump
Saving Private Ryan
Schindler's List
Toy Story 2
Toy Story 3
The Dark Knight Rises
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
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any animal death scenes usually get me.
the ending to Empire of the Sun gets me all the time.
Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows Pt II: After seeing almost a 24 hour marathon at the theatre of all the movies leading up to this opening night, it was an emotional roller coaster and it was the first movie I have ever cried in. Probably due to the fact that I was witnessing a chunk of my childhood end.

The Dark Knight Rises: Alfred. That is all.

That's pretty much it. I tear up a lot in movies, but it takes a lot for tears to actually come out.
12 Years a Slave
The Place Beyond the Pines
Blue Valentine
United 93
Some parts from TDKR
Schindler's List
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The death of Gwen Stacy, Peter visiting her grave, and him watching her speech. All of that hit me real hard.
The Shawshank redemption:Brooks life outside of prison.[YT]kotNxb2YApk[/YT]

The two towers:Theoden at his son's grave.[YT]d0Mtlklmna0[/YT] The end credits song doesn't make me cry bit I find the lyrics to Gollum's song to be sad.

Spider-man 2: The uncle ben scene[YT]iRJiF1lnGO8&feature=kp[/YT]

1. When Ralph wrecks Vanellope's car and she starts crying

2. When Ralph is falling towards the volcano while saying his mantra
The Abyss(when they think Bud is dead and then when they are reunited with him)

Prince of Egypt(the songs get me every time)

The Green Mile(too many to list)
Choked up at some scenes in The Crow, never cried at a movie though.
Teared up:

- The Shawshank Redemption
- The Pursuit of Happyness
- The Color Purple
- Rocky Balboa
- Armageddon
- Up
- Forrest Gump
- The Passion of the Christ

Cried my eyes out, nearly hysterically:

- Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3
While I didn't actually cry, being married for only 2 years at that point, Up was completely the wrong film to watch :D
Toy Story 3
Monsters Inc.
And yes.. The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Forrest Gump

Not a movie, but also: that one episode of Futurama (Jurassic Bark). Every. Goddamn. Time.
The scene in nutty professor where dave chappelle is giving it to the professor. Sad stuff especially if you've ever been bullied

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