Angels and Airwaves

I've heard one song. It's even less punk than Blink-182.
I've heard 'The Adventure' and I was indifferent to it; I didn't dislike it, but I read a few interviews where Delonge was saying that he was single-handedly going to save rock music w/ his band, and how A&A were the new beatles. :confused:

Personally, since the guy is making statements like that, I think he sounds like the nut from Oasis who thought he was John Lennon reincarnated. :rolleyes:
well, you can't say i didn't look for a thread on this topic.

i bought the cd today, i dont care if you call me a tool for it.

it's a great CD, and it's a great listen if you just lay there and take it in. it's not exactly emo, mainly because i don't feel like killing myself after hearing it. I listened to it and it gives off a hopeful vibe when you listen to it.

they weren't trying to be punk in the first place.
The Adventure and This Hurts (or whatever it's called) are the only two songs I enjoyed.
I really like "The Adventure" a lot, has a unique sound, a lot different from even the newest of Blinks stuff.
Blink 182 may have all been flash'n'pan, but I actually liked them. Their music was "FUN". Why the hell did they break up again?

Angels and Airwaves suck.
Transplants suck.
i was talking to a girl at work about this band tonight...she brought up the subject...said they sounded like they had some nice 80s new wave influence in teh sound, and that she was embarassed to be liking a band that had someone from blink in it. i laughed, then went home and listened to the Ventures.
I heard them a few months ago, thought it sucked major balls :)

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